Shrewsbury – 18th March 2017

March 18, 2017 in

We look forward to sharing the Total Release Experience again in this lovely Shrewsbury Venue.  Just off the A49 there is plenty of parking and this venue is easy access from Wrexham, Wolverhampton, Telford and Birmingham.


Dates in 2017:

8th July

18th November

Surrey/Sussex – 10th January 2016

November 3, 2015 in Events

The TRE UK™  Workshops are an opportunity for you to learn

the Total Release Experience technique

in a safe and supported environment.

           You will learn:

  • The background to the technique.
  • The physiology behind the process and why it is a safe and natural way to heal the body from held tensions and anxieties.
  • The process through two practical sessions.
  • The benefits that can come from regular practice.
  • How to manage home practice.


   You will receive:

  • Relevant materials.
  • Drinks and light refreshments.
  • Full support during and after your practice.

This Workshop is  to be held at  Newdigate Village Hall, Kingsland, Dorking RH55DA

Time: 11:00 – 16:00

Cost: As this is the first Workshop of the year enjoy our 30% special discounted rate. You pay £56.00 instead of £80:00  

There is accessible parking at this venue.

If you would like to Register for this Workshop you can do so HERE or please CALL 01304 211 994

2016 Dates:

Saturday 2nd April

Saturday 9th July

Saturday 15th October

Shaking with Fury! TRE in the the Daily Mail

June 30, 2013 in blog, Press Releases

Shaking with Fury!

TRE in the the Daily Mail

We love to share stories from client’s who have had their life changed with TRE UK™

Recently Catherine shared her story in the Daily Mail on how Caroline of TRE UK™ helped her get over her acrimonious divorce. You can read more about Catherine Downey and her TRE UK™ experience.

Let the Energy Flow.

April 27, 2013 in blog, Let the Energy Flow

It never fails to make me smile the way events just seem to come together without explanation.  You think of someone and they phone or mail you.  I thought of someone recently, a paramedic whose name I had written on a list to speak with about TRE.  I had not seen this person for over a year.  That very day I walked into the supermarket and not only was this person standing at the customer service desk at the front of the store but was facing the door at the precise time I walked in!  How does that happen.   

I was in Germany recently doing further training with David Berceli. On the train back to the airport I hesitated before taking a seat as many were reserved, but I sat down anyway.  A gentleman sat down next to me and was not worried I was in his window seat.  We had a great chat about the German culture and life in Dubai where he lived.  I was interested as until recently my brother had lived there for some years.  He then recommended me a book to read.  When I alighted the train to take a look around the city there was a stand not 100 yards from the station and guess what they were selling the book!  Yes, I did smile to myself. 

 Energy is making these connections and I have a lifetime of examples I could recall and share.  As a Yoga teacher and TRE practitioner I am always working on not just my energy but to assist in the unblocking of discharged energy in others.  If energy flows I believe we become open and if we are open we can be positive about what we want.  If we are positive about what we want and think about it – we should not be surprised when it appears.