Clients Share Workshop Feedback 


‘Very enlightening experience to realise how you can allow your body to heal itself – thank you’  Natalie Newman

Heal Yourself

‘Great day, well organised and informative.  Caroline is very attentive and knowledgeable.  She has a great way to explain the TRE UK programme’.


‘Fascinating, inspiring Workshop.  I am excited’ Mike

‘Enjoyable, relaxing, inspiring and nicely held space of teaching and healing. Enjoyed the clear, passionate teaching. Thank you.’ Terry B


‘I feel incredibly inspired and in awe of your passion for taking this ‘Global’.  I have thoroughly enjoyed every part of my day.  Please, please, keep up the fantastic work.  I feel empowered, and I have a sense of safety, moving forward with the new tools and skills you have given me today – Julie Nicholas


‘A very informative day with excellent teaching in a fashion that didn’t hurt the brain! A truly life giving gift.  many, many thanks.’ John Watts

A Gift For Life

‘I have been trapped in the world of concepts, theories and words for far too long.  So I will try to be concise here.  This is a gift to life, for life, by life.  I have worked in a world of trauma for nearly 20 years. And i know one thing, this is the missing link that needs to be shared, and i want to be part of this gift for life’  Steve

Feeling so Positive

‘Absolutely great, really made sense.  Was great to hear and feel the energy in the room.  I experienced some really interesting feelings and have come away feeling great, positive and above all HAPPY!!’

Beyond Expectations

‘I have been looking forward to this Workshop as a chance to change my internal trauma.  I have not been disappointed in any way.  In fact, the Workshop has delivered beyond my expectations.  I feel as though Daniel and Caroline have given me a gift to transform my life for the better. I will continue to spread the word for the good of society.’

Finding My Confidence

‘I didn’t know what to expect, but after today I feel confident I have a way to release my stress from my body. A good day, I feel inspired to be able to help myself.’ Jenny

Cried for the First Time

‘It was a very good day Caroline, and Terry were very welcoming and professional. I didn’t expect to actually have any reaction to the Release Experience but I actually cried for the first time.’

Secret Weapon

‘This is a secret weapon in today’s world! I found Caroline very nurturing and inspirational; she does a very good job.’.

Recommend to Everyone

‘I found the TRE UK Workshop great. It was like the session was speaking to me, telling me to wake up, take charge and release the traumas in life. I left feeling great, happy and light. Caroline presents the TRE UK program with love and understanding. I felt very supported by Caroline throughout the day, especially when we did the practical. I would recommend each and every one of you reading this to contact Caroline at TRE UK.’ – Zee

No Blarney

‘What a great day. No fuss, no blarney, just sound advice followed by solid practicals. I feel I have a tool that I can come back to again and again.’

Thank You

‘Awesome, well-taught and empowering. Thank you deeply.’  Gina

‘Very interesting and enjoyable. Caroline, thank you for sharing TRE in such an authentic way and being wonderful you!  Jay

I can Heal Myself

‘Brilliantly competent, inspiring, authentic delivery of the technique and theory. I leave feeling empowered that I can heal myself. I already feel some sense of equilibrium and peace that I haven’t experienced for months. I am really greatful for Caroline’s strength of commitment to share this technique.’

Caring Approach

‘Fab. Very thorough, informative, great attention to safety. Caring approach with practical compassion. Direct and clear support promised feels genuine and important. Carefully and thoughtfully delivered with good holding creating trust and allowing to focus on oneself.’


‘Consolidating, encouraging as this is my second Workshop. Some helpful reminders of the way I had gotten into this. Caroline means what she says, and when I have struggled with my practice, she has been solidly available and reliable to help me through and motivate me to continue.’ Cathryn

Family Support

‘Wonderful! Straight to the point, everything was interesting and had a reason. The environment was perfect, calm, and supportive, and it all made sense. My daughter came too; she is 9 years old; she felt at ease and understood it. Thanks so much for sharing this vital self-help practice.’  Emma