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Leran the natural, physical, 'No Talking' approach to stress, tension and anxiety release.



The Total Release Experience®

Self-help - Empowering - No Talking
Effective relief from symptoms of your stress, tension, anxiety, IBS, depression, addiction, pain and much more. Improves sleep, enhances concentration, focus, energy, mood and more. Builds resilience.

The Total Release Experience® (TRE) is a simple to learn yet powerful self-help physical practice that releases symptoms of stress, anxiety, tension, trauma and PTSD from your body. The practice initiates your body's innate physiological ability to release in a mindful, controlled and sustained way.

Easy to learn and we teach you well. Our training Course is accredited and our Workshops carry CPD points for professionals. You can learn in our popular Workshops, on Skype, 1-2-1 or short courses. Contact us today and change your life.

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How will you benefit from the TRE?

We have worked with many, many people from children students, professionals, military, and service sector to confidently tell you, you will feel different from your first session. There are many benefits when the symptoms of stress start to release in this natural practice that is innate in us all.

OK, it takes courage when you embark on something that is unfamiliar to you and you have to want to change. We support you every step of the way so you can feel; more energised, focussed, calmer. Eliminate stress and tension, less or no back/neck pain, better sleep. Depression lifts, blood pressure comes down and much more. Read what our clients have shared

 The feedback from our Workshops highlights just how powerful the body is.  No talking, no meds.  Just your reptilian brain taking over so just like animals we can let go and move on. It is very exciting!


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Shared TRE Stories

People all over the UK are talking about the TRE for stress release. Want to find out why?

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Where to learn the TRE®

We teach empowering Workshops at various UK locations - find out where.

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About TRE UK®

Welcome to our website, we would like to share with you who we are, our story and what we want for you.

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  • “TRE is a secret weapon in todays world! I found Caroline very nurturing and inspirational; she does a very good job.”
    Franky Uzan
  • “It was a very good day Caroline, Terry and Anna were very welcoming and professional. I didnt expect to actually have any reaction to the TRE experience but I actually cried for the first time in a long time. I would wholeheartedly recommend TRE to everyone who needs help with day to day problems.”
    Tony H
  • “What a great day. No fuss, no blarney, just sound advice followed by solid practicals. I feel I have a tool that I can come back to again and again.”
    Caroline H
  • “Awesome, well taught and empowering. Thank you deeply.”
    Gina S
  • “Very interesting and enjoyable. Caroline, thank you for sharing TRE in such an authentic way and being wonderful you!”
    Jay B
  • “Brilliantly competent, inspiring authentic delivery of the technique and theory. I leave feeling empowered that I can heal myself. I feel already some sense of equilibrium and peace that I havent experienced for months. I am really greatful for Carolines strength of commitment to share this technique.”
    Francesca S
  • “Fab. Very thorough, informative, great attention to safety. Caring approach with practical compassion. Direct and clear support promised feels genuine and important. Carefully and thoughtfully delivered with good holding creating trust and allowing to focus on oneself.”
  • “Enjoyable, relaxing, inspiring and nicely held space of teaching and healing. Enjoyed the clear passionate teaching. Thank you.”
    Terry B
  • “Very interesting and mind provoking. I feel my body was definitely getting the experience, very profound. Caroline – you are a genuine professional and trustworthy. Thank you”
  • “Very professional and I totally agreed with everything you said, obviously very well informed. Good addition to everyones lives. Thank you for a great experience.”
    Jan W
Did You Know? We have been teaching our life-changing practice in the UK for over six years now! Book confidently with us TODAY