TRE UK® in Cambridge You Can Heal Yourself Workshop – 26th March 2020

March 26, 2020 in

Learn to Heal Yourself from Current or Past  Stress and Trauma and Build Resilience for the Future.

We are excited to be bringing our Workshop to Cambridge in Cambridgeshire.

With The Total Release Experience® (TRE) you will Discover with our 5 Step Programme you Natural Ability to Heal from the Past and Build resilience. Release symptoms from past or present Stress and Trauma for your Physical, Mental and Emotional Well-being.

The Total Release Experience® (TRE) Workshop will empower you with a simple relaxation process that activates your natural ability to profoundly reduce the impact of work and life stress on your physical, mental and emotional health.

In just 5 hours – You learn our simple, effective, 5 Step Programme that requires no-talking and no intervention.  You will be given everything you need to know to be confident and comfortable in this life-changing process.  You will be guided, empowered and have our support as you continue the practice in your own time and space.

Gaining this knowledge with our education and guidance you will be soon be taking back control of your health and wellbeing.   You will reduce your risk of stress-related illnesses caused by past or present stress and trauma and start building resilience for what is still to come in your future.

The Total Release Experience® Cambridge at the heart of Cambridgeshire. If you have to travel it will be the best investment in yourself in 2020.

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Here are some very common benefits enjoyed by those empowered with the Total Release Experience®:

  • Physical health improvements are quickly noticeable.  Including a shift of back, shoulder, neck and hip pain caused by a build-up of tension,  giving you far more mobility and flexibility.
  • Increased energy and motivation.
  • Shift the many other symptoms caused by stress-related illnesses e.g. Fibromyalgia, IBS, insomnia, headaches or high blood pressure.
  • As the head fog clears, concentration and focus are more profound.
  • Less anger, sadness, fear, and hatred is reduced with emotional stability, happiness, self-worth.
  • Recover from the pain of broken relationships, divorce, abuse, grief.
  • Improve work performance and productivity as creativity is enhanced as well as improved communications.
  • Eliminate the need for addictive substances or behaviours such as drugs, alcohol, excessive exercise, or gambling.
  • Improve your outlook on life as feelings of depression and anxiety lift.
  • Medications are reduced or eliminated.
  • Make peace with your past and have excitement for your future – not to mention a wonderful new ability to just enjoy the moment!

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You will leave this TRE UK® Cambridge workshop confident and comfortable in knowing How To Heal Yourself:

  • With a clear understanding of all aspects of the programme with a balance of theory and practice.
  • Feeling confident and comfortable with the Process so you are ready to start healing.
  • Able to manage this self-help practice with all the resources and ongoing support you need.
  • Feeling empowered, lighter, motivated, excited, inspired and hopeful.

At the TRE UK® Cambridgeshire Workshop you will receive:

  • All the information you need to trust this process.
  • Take-home resources.
  • 2 guided sessions building your confidence to begin your healing journey.
  • Inspirational stories of how lives have been transformed already with this simple technique.
  • A full understanding of what you can expect in the healing process and feel supported in the future.
  • Not to mention Hot drinks and light refreshments.


See google maps below.

The Total Release Experience® Cambridgeshire Workshop held is easily accessible from anywhere in Cambridge, Huntingdon, Witchford, Bury St Edmunds & anywhere nearby and in between.

You will learn how you can physically release the past and begin the healing process and How you can build Resilience for your future in a safe and supported environment.


Your place at this life-changing 5-hour workshop is

Only  £125.00.

Secure your place with a non-refundable Deposit of £30

Due to our focus on ensuring you get the best possible experience,
there are only 6 Spaces available at this workshop.

If you wish to freshen your understanding and enjoy the group experience of this powerful practice for all TRE UK® clients:

 Returners/Students/Other Concessions Please email or Call 01304 210167

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What Others Say:

‘It was excellent, powerful, enjoyable and safe.  Fascinating, it gives me hope for the future’.

‘I felt cared for not fussed over. Thank you’.

‘I feel that TRE UK has given me the tools to enable my body to release from my body’.

If you would like to purchase and reserve your place on the TRE UK® Cambridge, Cambridgeshire workshop press:

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or please call 01304 211 210167

Hemel Hempstead – 26th March

March 26, 2017 in

North West London TRE UK Workshop to learn the Total Release Experience.  This venue is accessible from M25, M1, A41 locations include London, Luton, Aylesbury, Milton Keynes and Watford.

Learn the natural way to heal from symptoms of stress, anxiety, trauma and PTSD.  We provide excellent tuition, support materials and ongoing after care.   This Workshop costs £90.00 for the day.  We provide refreshments.  We also offer discretionary concessions.

Hemel Hempstead – 12th February 2017

February 12, 2017 in

We look forward to adding this new venue near to North London to the Diary.  Easy access from A1,  M1, M25 and M40 and locations such as St Albans, Kings Langley, Luton, Milton Keynes, Oxford and London.  Learn the Total release Experience, a powerful, natural ‘No Talking’ practice for the physical release of symptoms from stress, anxiety, trauma and PTSD.Our Workshops will provide excellent teaching and support as well as all the appropriate materials that you can begin a home practice.

The cost for this Workshop is £90.00.  We offer discretionary concessions.

How Can I See Emotional Trauma?

June 21, 2013 in blog, Let the Energy Flow

 I was having a talk with friend about how the perception of trauma has changed. She was thinking of her grandfather, who even now sits in a cloud of his own thoughts and does not engage much with his eight children and nearly twenty grandchildren. The explanation she was given was always the same, “You know he never quite got over the war.”

 Today the idea of shell shock is outdated, and we know that a traumatic experience of any kind can have real power. The trouble is, it can’t be seen like a wound or a scar. So how do you know if you should seek help for it?

 There are several risk factors for trauma that often go overlooked. For example, if the trauma occurred in childhood it not only leaves a deeper trace, it also increases the risk of being susceptible to traumatic stress as an adult. Some violent natural occurrences like earthquakes, floods, or tornadoes can cause traumatic stress. A bad breakup or even what might seem like a normal physical injury might bring out these overwhelming and unpredictable emotions that leave you feeling stuck and drained.

 Who’s at risk? Again, children, or those who had a traumatic experience as a child are particularly at risk. Also at risk are those who are already under a great deal of stress, or whose stressful experience is a repeated one. 

 What will I feel like?  Many who have suffered from PTSD and similar stress issues speak of feeling empty, numb, or unable to cope with the normal ups and downs of life. You may also seem to be re-living the traumatic event day after day. Insomnia is also a common side effect.

The most important thing is not to ignore how you feel. You should also communicate, whether that’s to a diary, a pet, a family member or a friend. Step by step develop a routine of healthy behaviors, mindful of what makes you feel upset and uncomfortable and what makes you feel relaxed and safe.