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‘I wanted to share something that I found really strange (and positive!) but can only put down to practising the TRE.   I had a full medical carried out the other day as part of my health insurance policy requirements. For as long as I can remember, I have suffered with white coat syndrome and my blood pressure readings are always on the high side because of this. I have never had a reading below 130/85 and the one I had done prior to TRE, a few weeks ago, was 136/89! Anyway I explained this to the nurse on Wednesday and said that it’s more normal at home but always high when someone else does it and waited for the result. You know I’ve been anxious anyway as the practice has stirred up some stuff, so I was expecting it to be even higher but was shocked when he said that it was coming out at 121/79 which is almost bang on perfect blood pressure! (120/80) this has NEVER happened before and although it might seem daft, it’s significant to me. It means my internal workings are calmer and more regulated and this can only be because of the TRE.’

Reducing Blood Pressure.

I knew nothing about the TRE except that it could help with stress and past trauma. I kept an open mind! I felt I needed it as I was stressful, anxious, always rushed, feeling muddled, sometimes very tense. In fact, I would have tried anything. From the first session I felt a calmness there was less stress, more order, less anger, more patience, this could have been a coincidence but by the fourth week I definitely knew it was the TRE, my life seemed to be falling into place, suddenly I realised I was enjoying every day without the feeling of rush, rush, panic, panic too much going on, feelings of tension no longer there.

I have been getting things done at home that have been needing doing for years! I had occasions of sleepless nights, but they are now very restful. I also had moments of anxiety, and still do, but in time I am hoping these will continue to get less.

Caroline, in my opinion, was a very good teacher and was also very calming and reassuring. I will continue to practice TRE at home and hopefully, my life will continue in this way that I haven’t felt in many years. I realise so many people could benefit from TRE. I have a lot to thank Caroline for as I feel she has helped me change my life, and I am sure she will change many more.


Open Minded – Mary

I attended a six sessions with Caroline for TRE treatment. From the offset Caroline explained in simple and uncomplicated fashion what the treatment was about and what was included. Throughout the treatments she behaved in a calm and professional manner. She clearly monitored me throughout the treatment reassuring and ensuring all was well with me.

I found the treatments were very relaxing and breathing exercises very well explained and demonstrated. I found from the first treatment that I was sleeping very sound and I was feeling very calm in my life as though I was having more patience with some people or situations. These feelings have continued. Small changes in my life occur or I am more aware now so that I am sure if I continue with the exercises myself I will gain even more benefits.

Julie – Kent

TRE? Never heard of it until my mother wanted to practice on me, her eldest son. She knew I was under stress and all tense and asked me if she could try out her newly learnt therapy on me. Reluctant as I was in the beginning, thinking now I am going to have to concentrate on myself – I hate that! – I agreed!!.

I found TRE was a series of simple exercises that triggers your body to tremor and shake off tension, it is sorting out my bodies alignment and gives me just after a half an hour session an instant feel good factor, something interesting to talk about and with time I have experienced much less tension, less lower back pain and generally feel much better for it.

I have heard that it has helped others with some serious emotional and confidence problems and issues. The best thing about it is for me – that there are no pills, no external analysis of my mind just the body naturally sorting itself out.

Daniel – Germany

“My experience with Caroline was amazing. I have had continuing running anxiety and knots in my stomach. The first session I felt an uncontrollable desire to laugh out loud which I did! I trembled all over every week, strong movements, jerky etc. In particular my right arm moved more than the left and this was the arm that broke a year ago!

The third week was very emotional I actually went back to a trauma that happened as a child and I felt that I was that child all over again feeling lost and lonely and sad. The fifth week for two days after the ‘TRE’ I was very depressed and tearful for a few days. After the 6th week I feel happier and more positive and I have noticed great improvements in different aspects of my life.

Caroline was so calm and understanding. She explained everything so well. I cannot thank her enough for this experience and would recommend this to anyone who feels that they need help moving old anxieties. Thank you so much for the experience.”

Veronica D – Kent

I started the course with some scepticism and trepidation, but also intrigue as I knew nothing about the subject. There were three other strangers in the group, but this proved no barrier at all as Caroline skilfully and considerately lead us through TRE. We were very soon at ease with each other as we moved through the sessions and individually experienced different, yet similar, reactions.

At first it felt slightly unnatural, but not unpleasant and strangely enjoyable and each session varied considerably throughout, but almost from the beginning I felt calmer and found sleeping improved beyond measure. Initially my mood swings were quite dramatic, but they soon settled as I became more aware of the benefits of TRE and sensed when I wanted and needed to practice.

The exercises are easy and simple to follow and practicing TRE at home comes naturally. After just two sessions a strained muscle in my back had eased completely. TRE has left me feeling more relaxed and better equipped to face lifes challenges. It stabilises and enhances your well-being both mentally and physically. Even my husband has noticed a difference in me for the better! Caroline is right, TRE is a benefit for life.’

Lorna H – Kent

‘ I wish there had been TRE when I was teaching full time and bringing up three children. It would have helped so much. I was a little apprehensive before the treatment began but with the help of Caroline’s kind and reassuring manner, I actually began to enjoy it and looked forward to the next session. Tremors varied from week to week and quite often had an emotional effect relating to childhood sadness. However, I always felt comfortable with this release. I will continue the practice at home.

The benefits were almost immediate: Better sleep, less inhibited about lots of things, no headaches, more energy, a feeling of being centered and ready to listen. Since this experience, I’m sure I have had more moments of sheer ‘JOY’ in my life’.

Maggie – Kent

‘After Caroline had completed her initial TRE training I started having sessions with her. I had no pre-conceptions about the therapy and was pleasantly surprised to enjoy the treatments. The muscle tremors have occurred indifferent areas and have varied in strength with no two sessions being the same.

Right from the first treatment I have noticed positive changes in myself and several members of my family have commented on changes they have noticed – more relaxed, happier and more energetic. My sleep pattern has also improved.

Caroline is an excellent facilitator and her manner is always professional making me feel secure and safe every step of the way. Having trust in a therapist is a major part of what happens and at no time did I doubt Caroline’s sincerity and commitment. TRE has been a positive and enhancing experience that I would happily recommend.’

Sue S – Kent

‘Whilst I’ve certainly had my fair share of lifestyle traumas, I wouldn’t have considered myself as someone laden down with them day to day…for sure they pop up every now and again, but dont they all…

The best description for TRE is that it starts with ‘yoga like’ exercises, but then onto the floor to begin the TRE proper, lying on your back. I wont go into detail because everyone will be different and everyone will achieve differing outcomes. l noticed subtle changes at the outset but more remarkably as the weeks progressed, things just seemed to be happening in my personal life that I couldn’t put my finger on…day to day issues just seemed to disappear…nothing seemed to be going wrong and old issues just seemed to be washing away leaving room for a more focused and fresher outlook to be cast on everything.

During my final session I honestly felt like I was being purged of any physical and psychological ailments that had arisen from the week leaving me free to tackle the week ahead. TRE must be testament to the fact that it grabbed my attention enough and that it most definitely has a place in our modern hectic lifestyles’.

Darren – Kent

‘Having a conversation about TRE with Caroline about some personal issues (relationships problems and anxiety) Caroline suggested that TRE would help me to deal with a lot of issues that worry me. I signed up for six sessions. From the very first session I felt immense release, I can liken it to the valve on a pressure cooker being released.

Each session was different experience but I always felt relief and well being. The whole process was and is very beneficial. I can now practice at home and continue to keep the ‘feel good factor’. Caroline is an excellent teacher and guide, she holds a very calm and safe presence throughout the practice.

Sheila L – Kent

Through the classes with Caroline, I learnt techniques surrounding the very natural notion of tremoring and also learnt to practice this at home as well. The practice itself is hard to describe, nor would I want to as every single person who practices TRE has a different experience. However, the after effects I cannot talk about enough; within a very short space of time I found my sleep was so much deeper and I would wake feeling properly rested. I had far more energy and efficiency.

At work, however, I have noticed the biggest changes as my focus has improved hugely and my ability to manage workload and work smarter not harder, has been like nothing I have experienced before. My moods as well are far more constant which again helps in all areas of my life. Generally though it is a subtle rise of confidence and concentration that I have found most appealing. What is interesting though is that my only preconception of TRE was that it would possibly be a meditative technique that I could use after a stressful day. This is not it at all and this is where TRE is unique; it is meant to and has become as normal a part of life for me as exercising, eating and sleeping – rather than something used to try and fix something after it has happened.

The main reason why I feel I can recommend TRE is the authenticity of my experience which is confirmed by three main factors; that I came into this without any preconceived ideas, I had no desperate urge to find an ‘answer’ and, because of the predictability of my job and the stresses it brings, I can compare my behaviour and feelings to the ten preceding Septembers in my job. I would also add, as people suspect that anything in the context of TRE is for the deeply distressed and afflicted, that it is for EVERYONE. And by that I mean that whilst it has unbelievable results for people with huge psychological, emotional and physical problems, it can improve the quality of your life no matter how happy you are. Ironically, I did the course at the happiest point of my life and that’s what makes me want to write about it and recommend it as highly as I possibly can’.

Rebecca A – Kent

Carolines personal attributes as a teacher are alone sufficient to earn my unqualified praise and gratitude, and strong inclination to commend her TRE classes to others. She is sufficiently authoritative to secure her studentsconfidence, yet very tactful and friendly at the same time. Her class is not only a place of instruction where she imparts her skills with clear directions and demonstrations delivered both at group and individual levels, but also a convivial social gathering at which everyone is happy and at ease.

I avow that TRE, and Carolines impressive talent as a facilitator of learning, have resolved the debilitating physical symptoms that crushing grief had inflicted n me. The following were my two severest physical symptoms are now resolved.

I was suffering from what transpired to have been the classic symptoms of insomnia: very low energy levels, inability to walk normal pace, and shortness of breath when I attempted to speed up my walking pace. That all cleared without a trace after my first TRE session, and the two-day-long sleep that ensued. My GP concluded that I must have been unable to go through the entire sleep cycle, a fact that neither she nor I realised, and hence the symptoms of insomnia from which I had suffered. That sleep problem is now fully resolved, and my energy levels have returned to normal: I can now easily walk ten minutes a distance that I previously needed half an hour to cover; and whereas I found vacuum-cleaning too demanding a physical effort before TRE, I have since painted a room floor to ceiling, and sanded down two wooden chests of draws and applied a new French polish finish too them.

During my last TRE session, big movement tremors worked relentlessly on a knot to the side of the back of my right hip. That knot, and the slight stiffness I have long felt along my entire right side, and used to have treated by a physiotherapist, have since disappeared.

I warmly commend Carolines TRE classes to everyone. Her classes will bring comfort to people who are aware of their trauma-related physical and psychological problems, as well as to those who simply want to ensure that their bodies are optimally free of the adverse effects of stress.

Sophie Johnson – Kent

‘I had been suffering health problems for almost six years since catching a virus, which left me with chronic chest infections, collapsed lung – Pneumonia. After treatment with Anti Biotics and rest I eventually recovered from the Pneumonia, but continued with a complete lack of energy and had aches and pains every time I moved any muscles in my body, including my eyes. Iwas eventually diagnosed with a condition called Fibromyalgia, which is a name they give to people who present with aches and pains all over also with fatigue,( which I also had severely) and was told that I would have to live with and take pain killers, or Anti depressants which would numb the pain in my brain. I took neither, except the odd pain killer if the pain was too much on a long drive or after a long day or if doing more than I should have and then as the NHS had said there was nothing more they could do I stared considering alternative treatments, as I was feeling so bad.

I tried Bicom testing, pills, potions, detox, acupuncture and Anti Virals-(which did for some reason help at the time, but not for long). None of these had a lasting effect although the acupuncture did help reduce the pain all the time I was going. I was getting worse and by now my symptoms were developing into not only fatigue and pain, but also now stomach and bowel with no appetite and nausea. I had gone back to my NHS GP to ask for another look at things and she decided I was so ill that she would carry out head scan to check for tumors which were negative and then she referred me to a neurologist to check for Parkinsons disease, as the multi Symptoms were ticking the boxes. I had also developed a slight tremor in my hands.

Then whilst waiting for my referral I met Caroline Purvey at a mutual friends party. We got chatting and I confessed to feeling terrible most of the time and she suggested I may consider TRE I agreed to give it ago although I was very sceptical as I thought Yoga and mind type of treatments were for bored house wives! not somebody as ill as me. How wrong I was.

The first week was a bit scary for me, as I was in so much pain just lying on the floor and had no suppleness for the exercises at all. I managed to do them and gradually found out that they were very gentle and you could increase them if and when you felt it possible. I came away feeling not much different than before although I did feel calmer and felt very slightly less tired and in less pain.

By week two I was still feeling slightly better, but I put this down to being in a group environment where I could share my concerns and not be made to feel I was wasting peoples time, as when I visited my GP on the many occasions I had. The exercises were not too difficult at all and also thought it could be these helping me to feel better and not so much the tremoring. After this class I felt a bit better again on top of the first week and I actually found myself with less pain and more energy. I had now got a serious detox going on, obvious from the stuff passing out of my body and my stomach that was bloated until I started TRE, was now less and the pressure and pain in my solar plexus had reduced by far. My appetite had started to return and I was not feeling sick or anxious anymore. During the week I was able to do so many things I had not been able to do since being ill, and my memory was beginning to function again.

Week three I was still improving with all of my symptoms and my muscles were becoming less painful and my energy was still returning more and more. I had patience with he kids and my boss had noticed my creativity returning at work. I was still having a serious detox going on and had to stay close to the loo! My Urine before treatment was dark yellow despite drinking plenty of water each day and now this was returning to normal. I did not have the feeling of being dehydrated and I felt like drinking more fluids naturally. My eyes were starting not to hurt anymore, before just looking at people I had to drop my gaze after a short time, as the muscles behind my eyes would hurt so much. I could not cope with light very well and struggled to see in normal light as it hurt my eyes. This was improving and my night vision was coming back too. I could turn my head without pain now and my injured back was not hurting as much at all. I was also sleeping better and some nights managed to sleep for seven hours without waking, unheard of for many years.

Week four, all my symptoms were nearly a thing of the past although I still had a serious detox going on. My whole self felt different and I became emotional at times during the class as I was so happy to be feeling better and was sad I had wasted so many years of my life being ill. I found myself sad for my family and sad about friends and family I had not been able to support as I would have liked to and found myself angry again about an assault where I was nearly kicked to death by a soldier and his friends when I had gone to help them.

Week five my stomach was settling down now which was a relief! Week Six again all symptoms better still and I was feeling so energised, focused and well it was incredible. I had started all sorts of projects abandoned when ill, both at home and at work and was breezing through them! I continue to be well and have found the whole experience incredible but find if I do not do some TRE at home, weekly at least, my stomach can soon build up some pressure and become problematic.So for me this has given me my life back, my family their dad back and my friends their cheeky happy go lucky mate back!

I recommend this to anybody with or without problems as it is fun and liberating.’

Gary Harrison – Kent

One day my wife came home with some information and a phone number from one of her friends on TRE. At the time I had been suffering from depression and stress due to long term injuries from serving in HM Forces, which over time had brought on problems with my lower back.
I Phoned Caroline and my journey into TRE started. Over the six weeks we were taught how to bring on the TRE through initially very simple exercises. I was amazed at the progression from the first session. During the TRE sessions I felt many emotions and feelings come up and became more positive as the weeks went on. This reflected also more importantly in my well being outside of the centre in day to day life for example being more tolerant of my 19 year old teenage son to dealing with solicitors when going through the process of selling my house. My sleep patterns were also improved. I am feeling very upbeat and positive.

Caroline is an excellent teacher and is always to hand either during the sessions or when away from the centre and can be contacted either by phone or e-mail for emotional support. I would definitely recommend TRE to anyone who holds onto hidden issues.

Rob Walters – Kent

I started my 6 week course at the beginning of January 2013. I had no idea what to expect, but having got to know Caroline as my yoga teacher, I trust her completely.

My first session was amazing in lots of ways. I have been holding on to so much emotional and physical baggage for my entire life! I found the first session really draining. Each person in my group seemed to experience something different. I felt very angry and upset for the next 3 days. This was unusual for me because I am normally a happy soul! After the initial “down” things picked up quickly and have continued to do so. I feel more calm, confident and able to deal with stressful situations in a much better way. It’s definitely surprised my colleagues at work!

It’s as if a great weight has been lifted from me. Things I have been dwelling and worrying about, have faded into the background. I have confronted and dealt with people and problems which have been bothering me. Something which I have been side stepping for far too long.

The next 5 sessions were not so dramatic for me. No “downs” afterwards, just a very positive feeling. I have continued to practice at home and feel the benefits of doing so. It’s an ongoing project…..

It’s worth every penny. Give it a go!

LJG – Kent

After a year or so of suffering with PTSD, anxiety and panic attacks and being seen by doctors who simply prescribed medication to suppress what was happening to me, my partner told me of a course which was being run by her yoga instructor Caroline. This was my first introduction to TRE!

I was a little apprehensive at first which in turn caused me to panic! I wanted to know more, but in my stomach the knots began. Wanting my life to return to normality, my partner signed us both up to start the six week course. I can remember the drive to the class with my partner… trying my best to keep a brave face, but inside I was a nervous wreck!

Arriving at the class, being greeted by Caroline and having a little chat set my mind and stomach at ease. The first part of the class, to me, was almost yoga in it’s stretching!
Caroline guided the group through each stage reassuring us that we were in a safe environment and we could let ourselves go with whatever our bodies chose to do. Once I’d relaxed thanks to having my partner there and Caroline’s calming instruction, I felt a calm from deep within and was able to switch off from the world around me, but remain grounded at all times. Almost from the get go I started to feel the tremors. At first short gentle swaying only in my legs up to my waist. It was strange at first but once I had decided to let myself go it be came very enjoyable.

The first session was over so quickly and at the end I felt almost torn between exhausted and strangely empowered! The weeks to come brought back memories and thoughts – some good and some not so!

As the sessions went on, I was able to share my experiences and thoughts with the group, who where becoming close and almost a little family as we all went through our journey together. In a matter of weeks I was able to tremor deep from within my core and up through my body, after which my mind and body where recharged and ready to deal with what ever should come my way! I found myself doing things without a thought or worry and when I did panic I was able to tremor my fears away!

In the beginning I could have never dreamt of having such wonderful results and once again I’m doing the simple things that most would take for granted and now I’m getting my life back! Caroline all along said TRE is a tool you can take through life, and I have to wholeheartedly agree! I’d like to thank Caroline for all her guidance and my partner for standing by me and taking this journey with me!

If you have any doubts about TRE, put them aside and give it a go with an open mind!

KG – Kent

Caroline had mentioned TRE to me on a few occasions after yoga classes and I was intrigued. I have tried numerous therapies in the past, both verbal and physical, so am always keen to learn more about such things. Everyone has their troubles along life’s path – big and small – but learning to deal with them and manage the emotions that come with them is usually the key to happiness. I had had a traumatic few years with having to manage a very stressful job, a relationship breakdown and a young child. I also suffered regularly with lower backache and permanent tiredness in the past, so I was willing to try anything that might make a difference. My partner had also been suffering with panic attacks, so I thought it would be a good thing to do together and support each other through the experience.

Having signed us both up for TRE, I began to wonder if I was doing the right thing – the thought of bringing out old and painful memories was not something that I relished! However, I set my fears aside and tried to approach it with an open mind. The first session was the most bizarre as I had not really known what to expect, but by the end of the second session, I had learnt not to expect anything – no two sessions were ever the same. Sometimes I had mild tremors, sometimes frantic ones – sometimes these were accompanied by memories or images of the past, other times nothing… I occasionally felt sad, sometimes I felt happy, but after each session I felt different.

Initially, I had quite severe mood swings (which thankfully my partner was also experiencing!). It was quite unsettling to burst into tears at home for no apparent reason, but that was part of the deal that Caroline had warned us about. I also found that I was sleeping more deeply and, for the first few weeks, I had the most vivid dreams. These were usually quite calming, happy dreams, but I also had scary and upsetting dreams which unsettled me… I even had a dream about doing TRE! However, all of the dreams made me realise that some of the memories that I had been suppressing were being processed in a way that talking therapies had never done. Since doing TRE, I have experienced less lower back pain and I have found myself better able to cope with difficult and stressful situations. I am managing my work better and am finally getting a good balance between work and home.

Caroline is a careful and supportive instructor who made the whole class feel at ease – I am not sure I would have felt comfortable practising TRE with anyone that I didn’t trust, but Caroline’s honest and encouraging approach made the experience very enjoyable.
I have been recommending TRE to lots of my friends and those that have tried (or are trying) it have already agreed that the benefits are well worth it, so put any preconceptions aside and give TRE a go… there is nothing to lose and so much to gain!

NP – Kent

Always eager to try new experiences, I signed up for a TRE course, wondering what was involved!

From the onset it was obvious that this was a serious undertaking. The six sessions were led by Caroline in the company of other course participants. We learned and shared together, in a welcoming, safe environment. From the first session I noticed a feeling of calmness and my sleep pattern improved. These and other benefits continued as the course progressed.

I really do feel empowered with the knowledge of TRE that I now have. This is a self–help tool which will enable me to cope in a positive way with the many and varied aspects of life that are sometimes less than welcome!

Gill C – Kent

I had been having nightmares after experiencing trauma in 2000, when our home in Nigeria was attached and torched with us inside. Cognitive therapy sessions had not been totally successful.

I have felt the difference after the TRE sessions and will definitely continue them. My awful nightmares are less and have changed in pattern. From a negative victim being pursued to a more positive creative nature-however bizarre some of them are. My sleep at night (and occasional afternoons) are more restful.

I would definitely recommend you to my friends or any one with stress or a mid post traumatic disorder.

Dr Eli Babajiya Mama – Kent

As a scientist, I was very skeptical about TRE before starting. In the past, I had tried to get rid of stress, anxiety and phobias in many different ways. None helped me thoroughly and I still had to deal with tensions and phobia which were growing.

I became interested in the TRE because it was a hope that it would reach very deep inside the roots of these disorders in a non-talkative manner. All I knew before I started was that a session would consist of a set of physical exercises that would trigger shaking and shivering as the body releases tensions.

Probably for the first time ever, I decided not to do any research (on the Internet) about TRE before I wanted to make it an unprejudiced physical and an emotional experiment.

The first 3 sessions were very disturbing and produced no expected effects. But and it is a big BUT, most of the recurrent body pains that I had, such as backache, happened during these first sessions and additional support through foot and back massage, Caroline released tensions and blocking points. My backache has disappeared since, after so many years of recurrent pain.

During these 3 sessions, Caroline built a trustful relationship. In my case, it turned a key as I have built over the years an ivory tower around myself to hide any emotions or feelings.

During the fourth session I cried as a young boy which is, as far back as the bad things that were done to me. For the first time in my life, I could accept that what happened to me was not only bad but unacceptable. It was the first time in 15 years that I could cry again.

During the Fifth session, I had to face my worst phobia up to panic. Again Caroline took control to ease it off but without stopping the expulsion of the anxiety. Some of the anxiety was coming from breathing and lungs issues; again supporting through foot massage Caroline unblocked points, and for the last 10 weeks I feel really better in my breath. It is now slower and deeper.

Over the years, I have ignored pains and aches in my body as I have ignored unacceptable facts from my childhood. For years I have cut myself and others from my emotions and I have kept my feelings and my wrath inside. Today I feel like a plane crash survivor rediscovering little by little, the happiness of being alive, listening to my emotions and caring to my pains that tend to disappear smoothly.

I feel I have a truly powerful tool to deal with stress, trauma, and tension whenever it may come. TRE has helped me greatly with getting rid of past trauma too, a very calming and cathartic, cleansing therapy for mind body and spirit! It has also helped me stop comfort eating and, as a result, I have lost half a stone since starting the course. I sleep deeply on average 6 to 7 hours per night since the end of TRE compared to 4 to 5 hours max (of bad sleep) for the last 12 months before TRE.

My TRE sessions are over but I will go for maintenance sessions in the future. I would definitely recommend TRE to anyone feeling tensions, chronic anxiety, stress or phobia. What you could lose at most (which I doubt) is the price of 6 sessions. What you could earn is a passport to a better life. TRE is a secret weapon in today’s world! I found Caroline very nurturing and inspirational; she does a very good job.


Secret Weapon – Franky Uzan

I have been through divorce after 45 years of marriage to an abusive and controlling husband. Approaching my 70th birthday I have been suffering from sleepless nights for 7 years and repeated bouts of depression, unexplained stiffness in joints and headaches.

My yoga teacher introduced me to TRE. At first I did not really know what I was letting myself in for. I embarked on a series of six sessions of TRE not knowing what to expect.

After session one I was more relaxed and sleeping better. By session six I had started to feel my mood had improved. Although my body had felt achy and in some pain, Christmas was approaching and I was coping better than I had done in years. I was feeling more motivated for life and less self indulgent and lots more energy. I continue to do TRE 2-3 times a week.

Greatful client

The Tale of Two Toms

I had been a long serving soldier and since leaving the army had continued to work as a private security contractor in one conflict zone or another. My story is a very typical one, a few close shaves here and there, I had lost some good friends along the way and had seen an unhealthy amount of human carnage.

Also very typically I believed I had taken it all in my stride, I signed up for it, earned some good money along the way and led what many would consider to be an interesting and varied life, so why should I complain?

But there was clearly a price to pay. In my case recurring nightmares, heavy drinking, being highly irritable and perhaps the most damaging of all, I had a disturbing sense of guilt that hung over me like a dark cloud. I must stress this guilt was about nothing that I could specify. I had served with distinction in the military and had a sound reputation in civilian circles. I believed I had always operated in a moral and ethical manner, and prided myself on being the protector, not the assassin.

Was I suffering from PTSD? I didnt know, but as I pondered the question, I made a chance meeting with an old army buddy who had been officially diagnosed with it and had received counselling by the military. (He clearly still had a severe drink problem and was going through a very acrimonious divorce, which obsessed him) He told me of the incident which he believed had caused his PTSD. It is not my intention to make comparisons here, as trauma is relative, but I had suffered numerous incidents of a similar nature, one which resulted in me being seriously injured.

Whatever was wrong with me, I felt I needed to resolve the issue, spurred on by the fact that I had broken up from another relationship, my drinking was getting out of hand, I couldnt get motivated about work and I could feel myself on a downward spiral. I had been in this dark place before, but I had always managed to keep it together and come out of it in the past. But this time it was different and I was conscious of the fact I really needed to talk to someone and moreover I needed some practical assistance.

I scoured the internet and found a number of organisations and options for those suffering with PTSD. However my biggest concern was having to re-visit my experiences, some which I didnt feel I was at liberty to discuss with anyone.

Purely by chance I came across TRE. There was something about its simple approach that resonated with me. No re-living events, no long term processes, no drugs, just some key exercises and you get a tool for life. It all seemed too good to be true. Im a bit of a sceptic and not a believer in The Panacea, but the idea that the body and mind heals itself if allowed to has always been a concept I could relate to and something Id had personal experience of.

Also by chance I had recently moved to an area where one of only two practitioners in the UK was delivering the program. Given the relatively small cost, I thought it would have been madness not to give it a try. So a little apprehensive I turned up at my first session with Caroline Purvey and I am so very glad I did.

She is a no nonsense sort of person, and reminded me somehow of a kindly Sergeant Major I once served with. (Sorry Caroline, I dont have many female comparisons!) Perhaps I should clarify, whilst she is undoubtedly feminine, she is, to use a military term, Firm, Fair and Friendly. Translated, she was to the point, balanced in her view and kind, the key attributes of a good leader and someone who I immediately felt I could trust.

Perhaps the most poignant comment she made was that the development of TRE had involved the study of animal behaviour. She mentioned a Zebra escaping from a Lion and how it would stand and shake once it realised it had survived to graze another day. By chance (and there seemed to be a lot of chance events at this time in my life) I had witnessed that very same thing having just come back from a job in Africa. Suddenly TRE made a lot of sense.

Clearly trembling has some purpose and I also came to the realisation that to do so in my chosen profession was looked upon as a sign of weakness and to be avoided at all costs, particularly by leaders. However frightened one might be, The stiff upper lipmust be maintained and we must soldier on! OK, as a professional soldier I also realise the importance of this where the metal meets the meat, but what works for us as soldiers, does not mean it will work for us for the rest of our lives.

OK, to cut to the chase, what did TRE do for me? After the first session I noticed an immediate improvement in my ability to carry out day to day tasks. Before, everything seemed like an uphill struggle and often the simplest set back would cause me to get extremely agitated. Not anymore.

Midway through the program I began to look at people differently. Whilst I have never been a very tolerant person, now I could at least accept others faultsand move on without getting upset myself. I also found I was cutting away from negative influences around me, but with no remorse or bad feeling.

By the end of the course I was a different person. The old Tom was gone, along with the heavy drinking, nightmares and above all that pervasive feeling of guilt. I believe it was this sense of guilt that was at the heart of the issue. Why the guilt? Who knows? Some may suggest its Survivors Guilt, although it may also stem from something in my childhood which was a very bumpy start in life to say the least.

The bottom line is I dont think it actually matters, as our lives can become increasingly complex, perhaps one might never get to the root of the problem. What does matter is the feelings of guilt are no longer there, my life is back on track and several months on, even close friends have commented on how Ive changed for the better. It is clear to me I have Sergeant MajorPurvey and TRE to thank for that!


As a 17 year old student, stress of work and study would often get the best of me and I would suffer from insomnia. I started TRE not really knowing what it was, but decided that I had nothing to lose by trying it out as nothing else was working for me. I was very pleasantly surprised to notice drastic changes in my sleeping pattern shorty after beginning the sessions. I was able to sleep much more, therefore making me less tired during the day and so making me feel more energised overall.

I was better able to cope with my workload and exam pressures. I know that some people may be sceptical, or may not want to try something they don’t know, especially at my age, however I would highly recommend TRE because the results could truly improve your daily life as they did mine.

Paula – Kent

Weird! Enlightening! Amazing!It has freed me from so many emotions and helped me to regain my sense of self. It’s definitely a tool for life and I highly recommend it.

Katherine – Kent

I approached TRE because I felt stiff and tense on one side of my body. I had read about TRE as a tool for recovery; however I really didnt know the roots of my trauma or was aware of the anxiety or stress in my life. After my first three sessions I became physically ill with various aches and pains but I began to understand that these were what I suffered during my authoritarian childhood, one in which I was constantly told off, bullied into a state of fear lest I offended or did wrong. As a result I became emotionally insecure, restricted, held back in life and relationships.

As I understood this the remaining three sessions marked a big change in me as these traumas have been discharged to be replaced by a feeling of strength and contentedness, self-confidence and understanding of where other people are coming from. Others have noticed a change in me which has been dramatic in some senses. TRE has taught me to value my fellow human beings for who they are – Im not scared of them anymore and most of my relationships have become more loving because they are not based on fear.

As I continued to discharge the energy things have changed in a big way, the expression of gratitude, joy in relationships instead of emotional neediness, I am physically stronger have improved posture, low back pain improved and I feel restored to my authentic self.

TRE is an invaluable tool for life which is easy to learn, Caroline is a wonderful teacher who creates a safe environment for the practice of TRE.

Dear Caroline,

I was away on a Qigong Retreat. Several people noticed the change in me, for one person it appeared dramatic! And most of all my teacher noticed! My practice has become enriched by my TRE experience and I felt more connected, calm and collected with
greater trust in my own abilities. I have lost my fear of doing the wrong thing! Again thank you for your wonderful inspiration and I look forward to seeing you a bit later for a top up.

Best Wishes


Valerie – Retired

After having tried other therapies, mainly ones involving ‘talking’ which haven’t been successful I decided to give TRE a go. I was unsure what to expect but have been utterly impressed with the sessions and feel relaxed. At one point my heart started racing which I linked to a pregnancy related problem and was relieved it passed and I felt better instantly like the problem and worry had dissipated. 10/10!

Laura – Somerset

I am so glad I came to a TRE workshop! My experience was surprising and I certainly felt a huge release of tension already. I feel energised and happier, amazing after one session. Thank you. Caroline is a huge inspiration. A lovely lady who made the session very comfortable, relaxed and motivating.

Jamie – Somerset

I can honestly say I’m now a different person. I do not have chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression or anything else holding me back now. I have energy, calmness, enthusiasm and a spark for life and if I ever feel any of these are slipping away from me, I have the tools to redress the balance again and am actively using them to do just that now.
Thanks for introducing me to TRE and being part of my journey back to wellness.

Cathy – Cambridge

I originally joined one of Carolines Yoga classes. I had seen TRE on her website but the yoga class initially seemed less threatening. I hadnt attended any activity outside of work since 2006 so it was a big step for me to take. After a number of weeks attending the yoga class I felt exhausted and unable to continue but thought I may consider TRE in the New Year. I e-mailed Caroline explaining my situation and later that day I had my first TRE class.
Ive been stuck in a cycle of self-destructive behaviour since the age of 15 (Im now 33). Initially I struggled with anorexia; moving into bulimia; into cutting (self-harming); to compulsive shopping and online gambling.

My history is complicated but to keep it short. My Dad has suffered mental health problems most of my life and because of this I was a withdrawn and compliant child and an easy target. The main trauma was being targeted by a gang of boys at secondary school. I was sexually assaulted nearly every day at school for 3 years at its worst being gang raped on 4 occasions. Sexual bullying is such a taboo subject. The school branded me hypersensitiveand my Dad unable to cope with it emotionally disowned me. Whilst the sexual assaults came to light while I was at school I wasnt able to talk of the gang rapes until 18 months ago. This was compounded by losing my Gran to cancer at the age of 15 and my Dad suffering a heart attack and cardiac arrest two weeks before my 17th birthday. I felt like I was being punished for what had happened.

Ive felt like Ive been on a mission to prove everyone wrong. Those who branded me hypersensitive, those who said I would never get a qualification, to those who said I would never hold a job down. Whilst my personal life has been nearly non-existent I have managed a successful career but I felt I was going through the motions of daily life and not really living. I felt like I was stuck in a bubble unable to reach out and connect with anyone or anything. Id been in different talking therapies since I was 15 and tried anti-depressants on 5/6 occasions which just made my symptoms worse. I began seeing my current counsellor 2 years ago, who is a trauma specialist, using EMDR.

The EMDR really helped me move forward but the TRE has helped me take another step forward; to reconnect with my body and find my voice. I used to be physically unable to move and often unable to speak when experiencing flashbacks. I am calmer and less over-whelmed on a day to day basis and my sleep pattern has improved. I feel more alert and more able to connect and interact with people. In a way TRE is like waking up and coming out of a fog; the world seems brighter. TRE also helped me whilst making a significant career change. Id been stuck in my job for 9 years, burning out after the first 2, but still battling on. For the first time Im making a choice for me.

Physically I have hypermobile joints which required surgery on my knee which subsequently caused my lower back to become unstable. The pain and stiffness has definitely eased somewhat since doing TRE. I was suffering regular headaches and reflux both of which have reduced since doing the TRE. I also suffer with vaginismus because of the assaults I suffered (yet another taboo subject) but Im hopeful the TRE will help with that too – only time will tell.

Although there were males present in the group with Carolines reassurance that I was safe helped me through. Even when difficult memories came up I still felt better overall. All I really want to say is that I thought things could never get better and that I was an unfixable freak. I gave TRE a chance because Id got nothing to lose and I gained a valuable tool to help me take control of my future.

Dear Caroline

Just a quick note to let you know I’m okay after the recent session. Well a lot more than okay. I know you never know what will happen with TRE but that was such a powerful experience on Thursday. I do have a dissociative disorder and due to that I have different “parts”. I fought against it for a long time. Facing up to and processing the trauma memories has been challenging but in the last 3-4 weeks one specific “part” disappeared. I have been struggling with another “part” but it was like we made peace in the TRE session on Thursday. ‘She’ seems to have gone too now.

It’s really hard to explain what it’s like but the main thing is I have always thought of myself as “She”. The major change is that I’m now able to think and feel for myself. I feel, I think, etc, which is so different. It’s challenging. There had been improvement before but since Thursday it has been very different. My head is usually noisy but it’s not now. I’ve never experienced a quiet stillness like Thursday brought about.

N C – NHS Manager

As a 17 year old student, stress of work and study would often get the best of me and I would suffer from insomnia. I started TRE not really knowing what it was, but decided that I had nothing to lose by trying it out as nothing else was working for me. I was very pleasantly surprised to notice drastic changes in my sleeping pattern shorty after beginning the sessions. I was able to sleep much more, therefore making me less tired during the day and so making me feel more energised overall.
I was better able to cope with my workload and exam pressures. I know that some people may be sceptical, or may not want to try something they dont know, especially at my age, however I would highly recommend TRE because the results could truly improve your daily life as they did mine.

Paula – Student

Before doing TRE, I found that a lot of things got to me. Exams, work, and all manner of stressful situations would have me freaking out and having panic attacks which would often stop me sleeping, which would in turn make matters worse. Id tried a lot of different ways of trying to control it but couldnt.
I heard about TRE from a concerned family member and at first, I was a little unsure and a little sceptical. But I had nothing to lose and went ahead with my first session. It was a little weird to start off with but if you just go with it, it really pays off. I had positive results from week one.

Having now completed the initial course, I feel totally different and Im a lot better than I used to be with stress, anxiety and general negativity. I havent freaked out about anything in ages and its the best feeling in the world to be able to just get on with my life and not have to deal with all the things Ive suffered with for a long, long time – especially with my GCSEs rapidly approaching and having to make choices about sixth form.

Mathew – Student

I am someone who has suffered from anxiety for over 20 years. I have been to see every conceivable alternative therapist to help alleviate it, from acupuncturists, herbalists, nutritionist, the list is endless. I heard about TRE through a friend who read a blog post by Tim Ferris who mentioned it. I thought I would give it a go because the principle of it sounded very logical to me.
I tried to do it at home following videos online and I thought I was experiencing TRE. It was only when I went to one of Caroline’s TRE Workshops a few weeks later did I realise the dramatic differences it can make to being shown correctly. I experienced TRE for the first time in her session and it was like opening a flood gate of emotions to me. Without talking, TRE opens up a valve to allow trapped emotions out – this is exactly what happened with me.

I have been doing to TRE for over 3.5 months now and I have come a long way. I actually feel like I am carrying around less emotional baggage and this in turn is helping my body truly heal. I cannot recommend Caroline and TRE enough.

Mike – IT Specialist

Since learning TRE with Caroline I have gone through changes that have been astonishing. I seem to make people nervous because they can see I am just not the same person. what I have noticed includes…
Reduced hypersensitivity/Reduced anger/ More movement in my shoulders/ability to do many things which I originally feared / Not talking about I think is wrong with me all the time anymore/ Able to deal with emotional pain more easily/more sense of purpose for the future/increased productivity in work/Able to release resentments easily these are just some of the things .

There is a side of TRE that is a bit scary for me right now. I have realised as the process progresses suddenly the world is becoming a really different place. As my body is changing so is my behavior and how I am thinking. Suddenly people and situations I was comfortable with I am not anymore as my outlook is rapidly changing events are not happening like they used to anymore and people react to me differently it can be a bit anxiety provoking sometimes I guess its fear of the unknown but I know its all positive change. I am anticipating it could be a bumpy ride though!

Terry – London

After attending classes, in order to learn the method behind Total Release Experience I started to practice on a regular basis at home. It took a while before I finally released tension ( because of the sheer amount) . The more and more I did I was starting to feel release Lighter, I suffer with complex Post-Traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and since practicing TRE as a daily routine I have slept so much better with less nightmares, the depression (Darkness) has lifted, I have more patience and less anger.

Caroline who runs the sessions and workshops was very polite. When I first attended sessions I was petrified (Anxiety problems) but she made me feel so relaxed and she was very welcoming. I would happily recommend this to anyone.

Nicholas Cane – Ashford, Kent

It was a strange and difficult time and the TRE was definitely as beneficial to me as it was to my daughter Sally! The whole experience was extremely calming and filled me with hope that the body/mind is able to heal itself. Caroline has created a lovely positive, unchallenging and supportive space in the centre.
I felt very vulnerable and about Sally’s recovery and future but Carolines quiet support and acceptance of her condition made me feel brave and hopeful. Thank you for that Caroline! It meant the world to me. It felt like an oasis of sanity in what was a chaotic, frantic and upsetting time. Caring for someone experiencing acute psychosis is a scary and bewildering undertaking. I had always felt uncomfortable with medication as the solution but was told by the professionals there was nothing else they were aware of that would help.

Talking therapies would have been useless as Sally had delusions and was not able to express herself clearly (although if you knew her you would recognise themes and concerns in her rhymes and metaphors). TRE however was perfect because it does not need words or concentration or focus. It just happens……amazing! I know it helped us both so much.

Sally is very well. She has just completed her first year of Uni and is off the anti-psychotic drugs she had been prescribed. Thank goodness! She is a better person post psychosis. She is less guarded and cynical. She is more caring and easy going. It is so much more than I dared to hope for. I truly thought I had lost her forever and every time I watch her laughing and enjoying the moment I am filled with wonder and deep pleasure at her recovery. Joan – Kent

Joan – Kent

‘For some time I felt that day to day life was having a detrimental effect on my health. Being a busy working mum I tend to over think every situation and would challenge everything I wasn’t happy with.This caused me to be stressed and anxious. It also caused me to have heart palpitations and I would have trouble sleeping. I found out about TRE when I started attending yoga classes with Caroline. I attended six weekly sessions and experienced something new each time.

I can honestly say TRE has helped me to re-balance my life and helped me cope better with day to day stresses. I would recommend TRE to anyone in similar situations. I now practice TRE 2 or 3 times a week at home and continue to feel the benefits!


My journey with TRE UK began on September 20th 2014 with Caroline at a Bromley workshop. At that point I was suffering from very high anxiety problems, Panic attacks etc.
Approaching it with an open mind, Caroline runs the group through the basis of TRE and the impact held energy has on the body and mind. It all seemed to make sense in relation to my own symptoms and feelings. Then came the 1st session of TRE, pre trigger exercises which Caroline demonstrated before I followed. Then the real magic began, 30 minutes of really good tremors followed, the body takes over, and I followed Carolines advice and allowed my body to do what it needed to do. After the group discussed their own experiences, of which mine were feelings of exhilaration and a real sense of a high. The 2nd session, I experienced more relaxed breathing. Overall after four and a half hours, I left Bromley feeling totally revitalized and much happier.

I now had the knowledge to continue practice at home, which I have been doing.
After a few Home sessions of TRE, I started to experience the detox process, which Caroline explains will happen, so its nothing to be worried about. For me I felt a sense of sadness, followed by tears (even though I didnt know why I was upset), but all these symptoms flushed through very quickly and I felt much better after. As Caroline explains, emotions may surface and the body is releasing what it no longer needs. Dont allow the detox process to deter you from continuing your own TRE journey. Detox can flush out the body after a few days, even weeks, just allow the body to heal from within. Caroline is always on hand to advise and help you through.

I began to know my own limits, on how much TRE was enough for me do a weekly basis. I now do 1 session a week of 20 minutes, which allows the continuation of detox and helping to ease my own anxiety. Panic Attacks are now very rare, and very brief if they do surface. For me personally I feel TRE has helped me get back to a calmer state of body and mind. Caroline is a wonderful woman, you will only benefit for her guidance. You have more to lose by not attending , this experience will change your life.

Steve H London

I want to say thank you for the TRE sessions that I had with you. I found them very beneficial for my Fibromyalgia and Ehlers Danlos. I really feel that my life has been so much more positive since attending the course. The fibro “flair ups” have been minimal and mentally I am much stronger. I regularly practice the TRE at home and will continue to do so. Susan – NHS


Hi to anyone interested in the Total Release Experience!! I’ve just completed my 6th Session of TRE!! I was introduced to TRE by my daughter who also attends weekly sessions with Caroline! I’m so glad that she informed me of Caroline’s classes. I have a genetic disorder called Ehlers Danlos-it’s a connective tissue disorder and since connective tissue covers 95% of our bodies it’s a multi-symptom disorder; doctors in general have little knowledge of the condition of which there is no cure!! I wish I’d known of TRE years ago!!!! Since attending group sessions I and my husband have noticed a big difference in my well being overall! I’m less stressed, less anxious, happier ( as TRE actually is helping), sleeping better than I have in the past 10 years! I feel that my pain has decreased to a more manageable level and my concentration & energy levels have improved and I have far fewer “Foggy Heads”!

All in all, TRE is helping me to manage my condition and hence to improve my quality of life!! My husband said “we’re laughing more”!! TRE is something I’d recommend to anybody for any issues at all whether it’s health issues or just the need to “Unwind”!!! The NHS are missing out on a treatment for many, many, ailments & conditions!

Thank you, Caroline, and thanks to Theresa too!!!
Very best wishes, Maggiex :))


I attended a one day TRE-UK introduction course in Dover with Caroline in late October 2014, and have practised these exercises faithfully since—usually twice a week, quite often three times a week, and never less than once a week.
My intent was to de-stress: I had developed various stress symptoms while following through repairs to my previous home following a river flooding. Once the stress had `set in’, I could not shake it off, and IBS was the worst of it. I kept the IBS at bay with herbs prescribed by a TCM doctor (Traditional Chinese Medicine), but had not been able to find a way to throw it off altogether.

It was an unexpected, and most welcome, surprise therefore, at the end of November 2014–ie only a month after I attended my time with Caroline and learnt the practice to find the IBS had gone altogether ie I did not need Chinese herbs any more to control it. More than a year has passed since, and I have never had a return of the symptoms. This is remarkable, and more than likely, it seems to me, due to release of stress in the PSOAS muscle which is the core aim of the technique. All people with an IBS problem need to be aware of the possibility that the Total Release Experience gives of permanent release from the ‘prison’ of this unpleasant illness.

With all thanks . JPG. Cumbria

Ian, Veteran

Would just like to say how much I have enjoyed my TRE sessions. You have such a calming ability to make people feel relaxed and safe at all times. I have noticed (alongside my dietary changes) that my IBS and stomach problems have not been so aggressive as usual. I have learnt many transferable skills which I will use to help me process things better.
You explained things very well which made me understand why and what I am doing and the reason for doing it. Thank you again and wish you all the best, Im sure you will do a fantastic job as a TRE UK™ Practitioner and help hundreds of people in the future.

James – Project Manager

‘It has taken the fullness of time for me to realise just how much of a resource this technique is for me, or should I say for my long-suffering body. I have had IBS for ten years now, and in the past few weeks, I was hit with an unending cycle of it for the first time in a long time. I knew exactly why it was happening – anxiety relating to life events and internal processes – but that didn’t make it any better. So I turned to the TRE. It really is like flicking a switch! All I have to do is put in the time, be open to it, let it happen. and my body will heal itself. Wonderful! I still take a lot of my mindfulness practices and feel the two complement each other very well. I’m so pleased, however, to have this in my back pocket – thank you.

LOS Oxfordshire

I was extremely nervous, to say the least about my first TRE session. As it turned out I really shouldnt have worried. It was a very unusual but pleasurable experience. Although initially, I had some very unpleasant dreams after the TRE, this didn’t happen every time. Since I have finished my 6-week course I have continued with TRE 2 – 3 times a week. It’s something I look forward to doing as I feel very calm afterwards and am definitely benefiting from it AND I’ve joined a gym just for ladies!

CG Oxfordshire

Marisa, since my last TRE session I have felt much more able to deal with my situation and have noticed that I am far more relaxed mentally and physically. My back has been a lot better and have found your sessions both in therapy and TRE to be of great help. Have just done my exercises this evening and been lucky enough to have a sauna steam afterwards, so feeling clean relaxed and ready for meeting tomorrow. Cant believe that I feel so much more empowered to deal with my difficult situation.

EM London

I have just completed my sixth session of TRE and I cant believe the difference it has made to my life. I have always struggled with anxiety and now I know from the course that my body was holding a lot of tension and trauma. I feel like a new person with a new body that is not holding onto stress anymore. Marisa made me feel very relaxed and safe from the beginning. I found the exercises easy to follow and the vibrations that my body felt during the session was a pleasant sensation. I experienced a sense of feeling light and was giggly throughout the session. After each TRE session I always felt very relaxed, content and calm. Since finishing the course I have noticed that my body feels more balanced which has dramatically reduced my anxiety and my stress levels have practically disappeared. It is such a lovely feeling knowing I have TRE to use as a tool to help me for the rest of my life. Thank you.

SH Warwickshire