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I purchased the Total Release Experience Independent Online Course 4 weeks ago and boy, am I glad I did as it has made a significant difference in the way I feel in both body and mind. The reason I decided to go ahead was that whilst I am very good at changing my mindset to a positive one, I realised that I still constantly felt butterflies in my stomach from the daily stresses of life. To be honest, I wanted a break from that constant underlying anxiety.

The course is extremely informative, explaining what we are doing and why we are doing it, as well as what to possibly expect, although everyone will, of course, have a different experience depending upon their past life experiences. My first release was an interesting experience. I didn’t know what to expect but found myself bursting into tears for no apparent reason 3 times during the Release, which was fine. Afterward, I felt a noticeable sense of calm but carried on with my day.

It wasn’t until the evening that I realised that a significantly bad experience that had been on my mind constantly throughout quiet times of the day for the past 3 weeks - well, I hadn’t thought about it at all throughout the day – weird but wonderful! The sense of peace was still with me. The following days I experienced bad dreams, but Caroline was there on the phone for whatever reassurance I needed, and these passed within 4 nights.

This new sense of calm has stayed with me and I can truly say that it has helped me to be more ‘selfish’ in a good way - I am able to be less of a people-pleaser with my clients, meaning I feel less pressure and I give myself the space I need to remain centered and in control. My daughter says that she has noticed the difference in me too - I am less reactive - I feel this too. From a physical point of view, prior to beginning this practice I had pain in both of my elbows on a constant basis for over a year. I thought I had arthritis and had even had injections in them previously. However, now almost miraculously, the pain has almost gone. Coincidence? I think not.

I will definitely continue my Release practice and I would say to anybody thinking about it - please just go for it. It could change your life.                Claire Smith

'After having tried other therapies, mainly ones involving ‘talking’ which haven’t been successful I decided to give the Total Release Experience a go. I was unsure what to expect but have been utterly impressed with the sessions and feel relaxed. At one point my heart started racing which I linked to a pregnancy-related problem and was relieved it passed and I felt better instantly like the problem and worry had dissipated. 10/10!' 

‘I wanted to share something that I found really strange (and positive!) but can only put down to practicing the TRE. I had a full medical carried out the other day as part of my health insurance policy requirements. For as long as I can remember, I have suffered from white coat syndrome and my blood pressure readings are always on the high side because of this. I have never had a reading below 130/85 and the one I had done prior to TRE, a few weeks ago, was 136/89! Anyway, I explained this to the nurse on Wednesday and said that it’s more normal at home but always high when someone else does it and waited for the result. You know I’ve been anxious anyway as the practice has stirred up some stuff, so I was expecting it to be even higher but was shocked when he said that it was coming out at 121/79 which is almost, bang on perfect blood pressure! (120/80) this has NEVER happened before and although it might seem daft, it’s significant to me. It means my internal workings are calmer and more regulated and this can only be because of the Total Release Experience Process.'                         Clair -  Reducing Blood Pressure. 

My journey with TRE UK began at a point I was suffering from very high anxiety problems, Panic attacks etc. I approached it with an open mind, I left feeling totally revitalized and much happier.
I now have the knowledge to continue practice at home, which I have been doing.
After a few Home sessions, I started to experience the detox process, which Caroline explains will happen, so its nothing to be worried about. For me, I felt a sense of sadness, followed by tears (even though I didn't know why I was upset), but all these symptoms flushed through very quickly and I felt much better after. As Caroline explains, emotions may surface and the body is releasing what it no longer needs. Don't allow the detox process to deter you from continuing your own Releasing journey. Detox can flush out the body after a few days, even weeks, as your body heals from within. Caroline is always on hand to advise and help you through.
Panic Attacks are now very rare, and very brief if they do surface. For me personally, I feel TRE has helped me get back to a calmer state of body and mind. Caroline is a wonderful woman, you will only benefit from her guidance. You have more to lose by not learning, this experience will change your life.                 Steve - Anxiety and panic

'After attending classes, in order to learn the method behind Total Release Experience, I started to practice on a regular basis at home. It took a while before I finally released tension ( because of the sheer amount). The more and more I did I was starting to feel release Lighter, I suffer from complex Post-Traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and since practicing TRE as a daily routine I have slept so much better with fewer nightmares, the depression (Darkness) has lifted, I have more patience and less anger.
Caroline who runs the sessions and workshops was very polite. When I first attended sessions I was petrified (Anxiety problems) but she made me feel so relaxed and she was very welcoming. I would happily recommend this to anyone.'                                          Nick Crane - Anxiety

'I can honestly say I’m now a different person. I do not have chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, or anything else holding me back now. I have energy, calmness, enthusiasm, and a spark for life and if I ever feel any of these are slipping away from me, I have the tools to redress the balance again and am actively using them to do just that now. Thanks for introducing me to the Total release Experience  and being part of my journey back to wellness.'                                  Cathy -  Chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression

'I have been through a divorce after 45 years of marriage to an abusive and controlling husband. Approaching my 70th birthday I have been suffering from sleepless nights for 7 years and repeated bouts of depression, unexplained stiffness in joints, and headaches.
My yoga teacher introduced me to Caroline's work. At first, I did not really know what I was letting myself in for. I embarked on a series of sessions not knowing what to expect.
After session one I was more relaxed and sleeping better. By session six I had started to feel my mood had improved. Christmas was approaching and I was coping better than I had done in years. I was feeling more motivated for life and less self-indulgent with lots more energy.'
Audrey - Abusive partner and divorce

'As a scientist, I was very skeptical about the TRE before starting. In the past, I had tried to get rid of stress, anxiety, and phobias in many different ways. None helped me thoroughly and I still had to deal with tensions and phobia which were growing. I became interested in the TRE because it was a hope that it would reach very deep inside the roots of these disorders in a non-talkative manner.Probably for the first time ever, I decided not to do any research (on the Internet) about the TRE as I wanted to make it an unprejudiced physical and an emotional experiment.
The first 3 sessions were very disturbing and produced no expected effects. But and it is a big BUT, most of the recurrent body pains that I had, such as backache, happened during these first sessions and additional support through foot and back massage, Caroline released tensions and blocking points. My backache has disappeared since, after so many years of recurrent pain. During these 3 sessions, Caroline built a trustful relationship. In my case, it turned a key as I have built over the years an ivory tower around myself to hide any emotions or feelings.
During releasing sessions I cried as a young boy which is, as far back as the bad things that were done to me. For the first time in my life, I could accept that what happened to me was not only bad but unacceptable. It was the first time in 15 years that I could cry again.  I had to face my worst phobia up to panic. Again Caroline took control to ease it off but without stopping the expulsion of the anxiety. Some of the anxiety was coming from breathing and lung issues; again with Caroline's support, I felt an 'unblocking'. Since then I feel really so much better in my breath. It is now slower and deeper.
Over the years, I have ignored pains and aches in my body as I have ignored unacceptable facts from my childhood. For years I have cut myself and others from my emotions and I have kept my feelings and my wrath inside. Today I feel like a plane crash survivor rediscovering little by little, the happiness of being alive, listening to my emotions and caring to my pains that tend to disappear smoothly.  I feel I have a truly powerful tool to deal with stress, trauma, and tension whenever it may come.  The TRE has helped me greatly with getting rid of past trauma too, a very calming and cathartic, cleansing therapy for mind body and spirit! It has also helped me stop comfort eating and, as a result, I have lost half a stone since starting the course. I sleep deeply on average 6 to 7 hours per night compared to 4 to 5 hours max (of bad sleep) for the last 12 months before.
I would definitely recommend TRE to anyone feeling tensions, chronic anxiety, stress or phobia. What you could lose at most (which I doubt) is the price of the course. What you could earn is a passport to a better life.  The TRE is a secret weapon in today’s world! I found Caroline very nurturing and inspirational; she does a very good job.           Franky - Childhood trauma

'I had been having nightmares after experiencing trauma in 2000 when our home in Nigeria was attached and torched with us inside. Cognitive therapy sessions had not been totally successful.
I have felt the difference after the TRE sessions and will definitely continue them. My awful nightmares are less and have changed in pattern. From a negative victim being pursued to a more positive creative nature-however bizarre some of them are. My sleep at night (and occasional afternoons) are more restful.
I would definitely recommend you to my friends or anyone with stress or a mid-post-traumatic disorder.'                                       Dr. Eli Baba - PTSD

'After a year or so of suffering from PTSD, anxiety and panic attacks and being seen by doctors who simply prescribed medication to suppress what was happening to me, my partner told me of a course that was being run by her yoga instructor Caroline. This was my first introduction to the Total Release Experience!
I was a little apprehensive at first which in turn caused me to panic! I wanted to know more, but in my stomach, the knots began. Wanting my life to return to normality, my partner signed us both up to start the course. I can remember the drive to the class with my partner… trying my best to keep a brave face, but inside I was a nervous wreck!   Arriving at the class, being greeted by Caroline and having a little chat set my mind and stomach at ease. Caroline guided the group through each of the 4 steps reassuring us that we were in a safe environment and we could let ourselves go with whatever our bodies chose to do. Once I’d relaxed thanks to having my partner there and Caroline’s calming instruction, I felt calm from deep within and was able to switch off from the world around me, but remain grounded at all times. Almost from the get-go I started to feel the tremors. At first short gentle swaying only in my legs up to my waist. It was strange at first but once I had decided to let myself go it became very enjoyable.
The first session was over so quickly and at the end, I felt almost torn between exhausted and strangely empowered! The weeks to come brought back memories and thoughts – some good and some not so!
As the sessions went on, I was able to share my experiences and thoughts with the group, who were becoming close and almost a little family as we all went through our journey together. In a matter of weeks, I was able to tremor deep from within my core and up through my body, after which my mind and body were recharged and ready to deal with whatever should come my way! I found myself doing things without a thought or worry and when I did panic I was able to tremor my fears away!
In the beginning, I could have never dreamt of having such wonderful results, and once again I’m doing the simple things that most would take for granted and now I’m getting my life back! Caroline all along said it is a tool you can take through life, and I have to wholeheartedly agree! I’d like to thank Caroline for all her guidance and my partner for standing by me and taking this journey with me!
If you have any doubts about the Total Release Experience put them aside and give it a go with an open mind!'  KG  - PTSD, Anxiety and panic  

'One day my wife came home with some information and a phone number from one of her friends on the TRE. At the time I had been suffering from depression and stress due to long term injuries from serving in HM Forces, which over time had brought on problems with my lower back.
I Phoned Caroline and my journey into TRE started. On the programme, we were taught how to bring on the TRE through initially very simple exercises. I was amazed at the progression from the first session. During the sessions, I felt many emotions and feelings come up and became more positive as the weeks went on. This reflected also more importantly in my well being outside of the centre in day to day life for example being more tolerant of my 19-year-old teenage son to dealing with solicitors when going through the process of selling my house. My sleep patterns were also improved. I am feeling very upbeat and positive.
Caroline is an excellent teacher and is always to hand either during the sessions or when away from the centre and can be contacted either by phone or e-mail for emotional support. I would definitely recommend TRE to anyone who holds onto hidden issues.'      Vic - PTSD