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We offer the perfect solution with our complete stress-management course

A Solution for Mental Health help and Physical and Mental Well-being in Organisations and the Service Sector

Our Vision: To sustainably reduce global suffering to sustainably increase global growth.

' Leadership is not a matter of authority; it is a matter of influence. A true leader teachers others to understand more, motivates them to be more, and inspires them to become more.'

Michael Josephson - Former law professor and attorney

“This new sense of calm I have has stayed with me, and I can truly say that it has helped me to be more ‘selfish’ in a good way - I am less of a people-pleaser with my clients, feeling less pressured giving myself the space I need to remain centered and in control. My colleague says that she has noticed the difference in me too - I am less reactive - I feel this too.

Anxiety in the Workplace Comes With A Cost!

2020 was a year that rocked the world.  All in the Business sector feel the pressure one way or another. But, when working to survive and thrive in these turbulent times, there is no place in your life for stress and anxiety.

Staff dealing with stress oft5en leads to absenteeism, and others are under more pressure as they have to pick up the slack. Costs increase, and performance declines!

Who is leading the way?

As the leader of an organisation, how well can you lead when you are fire fighting because of your physical, mental, and emotional health issues? What is the performance of your business, whether you have 5 or 5000 employees when they all have their stress levels to deal with?

Now there is a simple, effective, sustainable and affordable solution. Would it surprise you to know that you can release the symptoms from stress and start to live and love your life again? How would you like to sleep, feel energised, motivated, focussed and in control? How would you like your team to feel the same? Imagine the benefits for your organisation; everyone can work with a new focus and calm. Imagine being around others who are no longer complaining of back, hip, neck and shoulder pain or coping with gut problems, tiredness, panic attacks, and seeking anxiety help.

Empowering yourself and others to release from their body with no talking, touching, or medication is the ultimate innate solution for wellbeing. That’s why our complete online courses are different. TRE UK® is the ‘whole package, which is at the core of its uniqueness and effectiveness.

With over nine years of experience delivering our life-changing 5-Step programme globally, you can rest assured you are in the best of hands. In addition, the process has tremendous and exciting implications for overall physical, mental, and emotional health for you and those you work with or lead and manage.

It is part of our vision and mission to contribute to sustainable global growth. So we offer competitive rates to organisations that look to take the lead and allow their employees to discover for themselves that health and wellbeing is their responsibility. They like you can soon improve physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing with a simple, empowering weekly routine in the privacy of your own space and in your own time.

With this new life tool, you and your staff can take back control of your wellbeing without relying on talking therapies or drugs.


What Are You Waiting For?

'No one can heal you as you can heal yourself. You cannot 'talk' tension out of the body. Prescribed medications only mask the root of the problem, and self-medication creates further problems and only masks the underlying issues. Ignore it - there is a very high price!'

Our method works and could be the powerful solution to release the mental health pain and anxiety you seek.

Caroline has a wealth of experience with individuals she has worked with globally. The programme has been adopted by organisations including Fire and Rescue, Police, and Prison Service.

We often hear, “I have dealt with my stress. I don’t need it!” But how do you know that? Stress is held in the body’s muscle memory and is something you can’t avoid. So ask yourself – have you dealt with it or just blocked it? We continue to face stress as part of life. Statistics show that we only tend to cope. Many that insist they have dealt with their stress discover years on that they have been holding it. As one client said:

‘If you think you feel ok, you don’t know how much better you can feel!’

At TRE UK®, we understand that money doesn’t grow on trees for small businesses, and we do our absolute best to work with you to help you access this life-changing information. Compared to alternative therapies that do not or cannot release the cause of your symptoms or need ongoing financial commitment over many weeks or months, our method represents real value. What price do you put on your health and happiness and that of your teams? We want your business to survive and thrive. We, therefore, offer package prices to suit the size of your organisation. Please contact us

Ask yourself what can YOU do to take responsibility?

Overcome anxiety

Whatever you are going through in business at this time, we have a solution for you.

Our Online Courses are convenient and supportive with ‘to the point education that is accredited by the FHT and recommended by professionals.

“The health of employees is a significant factor in an organisation’s competitiveness. So more and more employers realise that keeping people at work and, getting them back earlier from absence, is enormously important for their business.

“Healthy employees can be up to three times as productive as those in poor health. They experience fewer motivational problems, are more resilient to change and are more likely to be engaged with business priorities. Companies must have systems in place which recognise this and which place employee health provision at their heart.”

Iain Laws, Managing Director, UK Healthcare & Group Risk at Jelf

'I honestly felt like I was being purged of any physical and psychological ailments that had arisen from the week leaving me free to tackle the week ahead.'

'The best thing about it is for me - that there are no pills, no external analysis of my mind just the body naturally sorting itself out.'

Solution for anxiety in organisation


For Organisations and the Service Sector

                 The Ultimate Support for Staff Well-Being                         Empower Your Teams

Solution for anxiety in charities, schools and universities


For Charities, Schools and Universities

                       The Ultimate Support for Staff Well-Being                        Empower the Vulnerable and the Next Generation


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Schedule some time with us to find out more