Practitioner-led online course for stress release

Making The Right Choice



Your Learning Options

Before You Choose

You Are Not Alone

When you learn with us you are not alone. It is important to know that. Starting anything new can be scary - let's face it!  We know that and understand it. Our programme is designed to allay your fears.  Although the learning experience is in your own space we are there to provide support should you ever need it on your healing journey.

We Offer Flexibility

Choose the programme that feels right for you. We want you as we do all out clients to learn to adopt the Total Release Experience® as a life tool and tool for life. We want you to feel empowered so your healing journey is transformational like it is for others. We can offer flexibility if you want it. One or more online session. Face-to-face private  experience for one to ten.  

Please note that with rising costs our prices will be increasing on 1st June.

Please ask about our Payment Plans and Concessions.

Option 1

Online Course

This option is for you if you are ready to start letting go of your physical, mental and emotional pain from past stress, overwhelm or trauma.

Our unique programme ensures that you have all you need to ensure a safe and supportive healing journey back to you! Discover the power of your own body to heal, and you will have a tool for life and a life tool.

Why Choose TRE UK?

  • * We share over 16 years of experience.
  • * Over 30,000+ hours of client practice.
  • * Validated Data by CCU.
  • * FHT International Accreditation.
  • *  Clients receive full support.
  • *  No #1 bestseller book 'Feel It To Heal It.' 
  • *  100% money-back guarantee.
  • *  The Programme is unique to TRE UK​​®.
  • *   We serve clients globally.  
  • *  Fantastic Testimonials.
  • +  Recommended by Drs and Therapists.
  • *  99% improves wellbeing on every level.
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Option 1 - Online Course



  • * 4 Module Course
  • * Full Education
  • * Ongoing Support
  • * Guided Audio Sessions
  • * Confidence Building
  • * Support Journals
  • * Grounding Tools
  • * Comparison Report/s
  • * Downloadable Resources
  • * Life Time Access
  • * Optional 1-2-1 Supported Sessions



Option 2 - Practitioner-Led Online Course



  • * 4 Module Course
  • * Full Education
  • * Ongoing Support
  • * Two initial practioner-led sessions
  • *  Confidence Building
  • *  Guided Audio Sessions
  • *  Grounding Tools
  • *  Support Journals
  • *  Comparison Report/s
  • *  Downloadable Resources
  • *  Insights and Inspiration
  • *  Life Time Access
  • *  Optional 1-2-1 Supported Sessions
  • *  Optional App Download

‘My patient has transformed after just 2 sessions. I’ve known her for 20 years and hardly recognised her calm voice!’ GP A Graham

We are confident that you will release before completing the 5-step programme that we offer a 40-day money-back release satisfaction guarantee!