TRE UK® Workshop Feedback

Read how others have started their journey of healing with TRE UK®.

‘Great day, well organised and informative.  Caroline is very attentive and knowledgeable.  She has a great way to explain the TRE UK programme’.

Great Day

‘Very enlightening experience to realise how you can allow your body to heal itself – thank you’  Natalie Newman – Awbridge

Heal yourself

‘Fascinating, inspiring Workshop.  I am excited’ Mike – Awbridge


‘I feel incredibly inspired and in awe of your passion to take this ‘Global’.  I have thoroughly enjoyed every part of my day.  Please, please, keep up the fantastic work.  I feel empowered and I have a sense of safety, moving forward with my new tools and skills you have given me today’  Julie Nicholas – Chippenham


‘A very informative day with excellent teaching in a fashion that didn’t hurt the brain! A truly life giving gift.  many, many thanks.’ John Watts – Cardiff


‘I have been trapped in the world of concepts, theories and words for far too long.  So I will try to be concise here.  This is a gift to life, for life, by life.  I have worked in a world of trauma for nearly 20 years. And i know one thing, this is the missing link that needs to be shared, and i want to be part of this gift for life’  Steve – Peterbourough

A Gift to Life

‘Absolutely great, really made sense.  Was great to hear and feel the energy in the room.  I experienced some really interesting feelings and have come away feeling great, positive and above all HAPPY!!’

Feeling so positive!
Mark F. KFRS

I have been looking forward to this Workshop as a chance to change my internal trauma.  I have not been disappointed in any way.  In fact the Workshop has delivered beyond my expectations.  I feel as though Daniel and Caroline have given me a gift to transform my life for the better. I will continue to spread the word for the good of society.

Changing my Internal Trauma
Sue H

I found the TRE UK Workshop great. It was like the session was speaking to me telling me to wake up, take charge and to release the traumas in life. I left feeling great, happy and light. Caroline presents the TRE UK program with love and understanding. I felt very supported from Caroline throughout the day especially when we did the practical. I would recommend each and everyone to contact Caroline at TRE UK. – Zee

Recommend to Everyone

‘I didn’t know what to expect, but after today I feel confident I have a way to release my stress from my body. A good day, I feel inspired to be able to help myself.’

Finding Confidence – Jenny

TRE is a secret weapon in todays world! I found Caroline very nurturing and inspirational; she does a very good job.

Franky Uzan

It was a very good day Caroline, Terry and Anna were very welcoming and professional. I didnt expect to actually have any reaction to the TRE experience but I actually cried for the first time in a long time. I would wholeheartedly recommend TRE to everyone who needs help with day to day problems.

Tony H

What a great day. No fuss, no blarney, just sound advice followed by solid practicals. I feel I have a tool that I can come back to again and again.

Caroline H

Awesome, well taught and empowering. Thank you deeply.

Gina S

Very interesting and enjoyable. Caroline, thank you for sharing TRE in such an authentic way and being wonderful you!

Jay B

Brilliantly competent, inspiring authentic delivery of the technique and theory. I leave feeling empowered that I can heal myself. I feel already some sense of equilibrium and peace that I havent experienced for months. I am really greatful for Carolines strength of commitment to share this technique.

Francesca S

Fab. Very thorough, informative, great attention to safety. Caring approach with practical compassion. Direct and clear support promised feels genuine and important. Carefully and thoughtfully delivered with good holding creating trust and allowing to focus on oneself.


Enjoyable, relaxing, inspiring and nicely held space of teaching and healing. Enjoyed the clear passionate teaching. Thank you.

Terry B

Wonderful! Straight to the point, everything was interesting and had a reaon. The environment was perfect, calm, supportive and it all made sense. My daughter came too and she is 9 years old, she felt at ease and understood it. Thanks so much for sharing this vital, self-help practice.

Emma B

Very interesting and mind provoking. I feel my body was definitely getting the experience, very profound. Caroline – you are a genuine professional and trustworthy. Thank you


Very professional and I totally agreed with everything you said, obviously very well informed. Good addition to everyones lives. Thank you for a great experience.

Jan W

Consolidating, encouraging as this is my second Workshop. Same helpful reminders at the way I had got into this. Caroline means what she says and when I have struggled with my practice she has been solidly available and reliable to help me through and to continue.

Cathryn H

Really enjoyed the Workshop and very glad i attended. I felt like it further explained why TRE is so good to do and how it can help. I am so glad I found out about TRE UK – Thank you


I was somewhat apprehensive about it before the Workshop. But Caroline made me feel at ease and I was able to relax and go with the flow. I experienced anger, tension and also deep relaxation. I can feel how helpful TRE will be for me and Ill definitely keep it up. I believe everyone would greatly benefit from TRE.


Fascinating! I really didnt know what to expect but was at that point where I knew I needed to try to get to the bottom of how |I was feeling. I do believe I have just started on the right path to doing just that! I feel inspired that I am on a journey to help myself be the best me.


Fantastic, very informative, a great experience.


I found today super. Comprehensive without overwhelming. Time flew. Carolines knowledge, experience and delivery was a pleasure to listen to.


Excellent – Im excited about the changes possible – very clear-comfortable environment for release. Feels like potential for change.


Interesting – makes sense – Understand the concept. Well presented – you are clearly an advocate and enthusiastic.


The Course is enlightening. Some deep traumas came up but the support from Caroline was brilliant so it felt safe.


I know this is going to be beneficial to me. Incredible experience. Excited to find this. Thank you


Clear, concise, well organised. Very encouraging, compassionate, great practice experience

Carol – Yoga Teacher

I found today super! Comprehensive without a overwhelming info overload. Time flew and the interactivity of the practice worked well for me. Carolines knowledge and experience and delivery was a pleasure to listen to. I look forward to staying connected.


Truly enlightening experience, first time I have ever had the opportunity to release trauma from the physical body. I have let go of some things physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I have been looking for something to release suppressed trauma and emotions, I feel I have found it. I found Caroline to be very inspiring and knowledgeable as well as helpful. Great team and wonderful hosts. So greatful you bought this to the UK. Thank You.’


Very positive. It has given me the reason to continue my own practice. It is good to realise that ones own health and well being depends on self-responsibility


Inspiring and ticking a lot of boxes for me about how our body/mind functions.


Extremely powerful and fulfilling. A great release. Very professional and caring

Kat – Exercise Therapist

TRE feels like a home coming. I want to cry tears of joy and gratitude for having learnt this process of releasing stale energy that no longer serves me. I feel truly blessed. Now begins the process of shedding my past wounds and evolving my true authentic self.

Carrie Pa

My Total Release Experience today has been excellent. Already feel pristine, clear in my mind that it is the way forward to release me from my anxieties. very informative and attentive. Thank you so much Caroline

Sharon – Ptsd Sufferer

Amazing, life changing


Excellent, clear, concise information, presented in an easy to follow format. Physical experience sessions conducted in a safe and knowledgeable way. Thank you, really great.

A L Mind Body Coach

I have felt safe and supported in Carolines hands. The presentations & exercises were clearly presented. I felt calm and able to open to what I was experiencing. I am looking forward to continuing the practice at home

Rob – Web Designer

I was very nervous about coming – particularly to be part of a group (which is not something I would even consider) but my body has been shaking too long for me to ignore. I felt safe, guided, supported and dear. I didnt feel judged rather I felt a piece of puzzle that was meant to be there. I now anticipate giving up the trauma stuff to make space for living

Charlotte – Teacher

Very good experience. Very clear and made me discover things about me and my body I didnt know

Lou – Choreographer

Very informative, supported, straight forward and well explained. Good balance of theory and practice.

Anne – Therapist

Excellent – clear, warm and to the point. Great practicals.

Suzy – Therapist

Marvellous! I didnt know what to expect and having now experienced TRE believe that it will have a profound effect.

Marisa – Clinical Psychotherapist

Very interesting, I feel that I have found the missing piece of the jigsaw of healing my body and creating a grounded balance and relief of stress.

Deborah – Ex Military

Brilliant – just what I was looking for/needed for myself personal and for my working life. Big thanks – would like to do more with you.’

Sue – Physiotherapist

I was glad I found something to just release my pent up energy. This is exactly what I need. Thank you for all your help and support.

Gudran – Holistic Therapist

It was educational, enjoyable, frustrating and lots more! Im happy that I came. I valued Carolines grounded approach very much. I will carry on with the practice. Its time to reconnect to and trust my body again. Thank you for spreading this and giving hope to people in prisons of their anxieties and depression.


Easy to learn, very enjoyable, profound, able to release loads.


Very interesting. Feeling confident to go home and continue on my own. Thank you.’

Carol – Retired

Excellent! Two very different experiences and both good. Feel like I have had a massive workout/release


Even a days Workshop, produced noticeable changes both physically and emotionally

Dan – Support Worker

It has been the most extraordinary personal experience I have ever had! I am so pleased that it had an immediate effect on me – profound. This is exactly what I have been looking for to integrate a natural process within my practice. Very professionally presented in all respects.

Sue – Wellbeing Specialist, Coach

It was exactly what I needed. A surprisingly blissful experience to go through tremoring. A welcome relief and release. I think you are extremely generous with your knowledge, support and how to hold space. Beautiful.

Cat – Hypnotherapist

Not only did it open my mind but it opened my body too. I felt for the first time that not only do I have a name but I am a person and I am Michelle. It released feelings of stress, trauma, relaxation, pain, sadness and anger. I also realised I am actually allowed to relax, be at one and look after myself. I would definitely recommend this to others.

Michelle – London

Rewarding and beneficial. An excellent education, it was really good to be able to learn about how your own body works and to learn how to interpret what is happening with your body. I enjoyed the informal approach as well as how approachable you were. I like how it can be adapted to everybody.

Corrine – Bio Pshycologist

I am delighted with it. I have come across the tremoring once before in remedial massage and loved the connection back to that and the delight knowing my body knows exactly what to do to help itself. Very professionally presented and executed, particularly taking care of us as we release to keep us safe. felt very safe. Thank you for your excellent attention

Susie – Therapist

Very Good – Caroline was very supportive as usual. The other members of the group were open and friendly – a good atmosphere enabled me to relax more. Caroline is extremely professional and is as good as her word when she says she is fully supportive at any time.

Fran – Medical Receptionist

Uplifting and positive. excellent tutorial and presentation.


New experience, powerful, releasing, feel tired and relaxed – great. Was a bit nervous at first and did not know what to expect, but felt comfortable and welcomed by the environment.

Rs – Teacher

It was such a relief that there is something that helps release tightly held emotions and trauma. After training as a therapist and being in therapy for many years, I know the root cause but just could not release from the body. The pace was wonderful. Your presence very reassuring. Felt very held and safe. Thank you very much Caroline, I shall certainly keep up the practice.

Kb Therapist

An emotional, eye opening experience and a very useful life skill.

Sam – Firefighter

Fascinating, surprising and relaxing. Felt like a deep meditational experience

John – Engineer

I really enjoyed this day I will definitely continue at home. Thanks very much for your expertise and looking after us during the session.’

Tina – P A

I feel it was very powerful and I am amazed by it

Sue – Bath

I was totally unexpecting and deliberately didnt research TRE. Glad I didnt it is phenomenal. Feels like a neuro-detox. Thank you. A powerful tool which should be taught in schools

Annie – Homeopath

A most extraordinary experience. I felt in very safe hands throughout.

Dc Wiltshire

Fascinating, accessible. Supported, well held space. Confident of continuing care from TRE UK. I think a mystery touris ahead!

Anna – Chiropractor

Different, calming, good to let go and not be in control. Thank you.

Becky – Marketing Executive

Informative, constructive. Well boundaried, interesting and a revelation. Very good value for money. I appreciated Carolines warm hearted teaching and confident approach.

Annie – Trauma Therapist

I wasnt sure what to expect. I found it all very positive. Made me calmer, less tense and warm – like Id been sleeping in the sun. I felt emotionally stronger

Jo – Underwriter

Amazing teacher – no judgements and allows you to trust your own limits. No pressure. Calming, enlightening, relaxing.

Cassie – Underwriter

Interesting and enjoyable. Relaxing and a nice environment and atmosphere. I felt very comfortable in the situation of which I was unsure of at first.

Charlie – Creative Director

Most enjoyable. Good to do it in a group environment. A nice experience, very friendly and informative.

Michael – Sports Therapist

Fascinating and hopeful, definitely feels like something is happening or at least starting. Most hopeful I have felt in a long time trying to deal with my PTSD.

T R – Psychotherapist

Releasing on both a physical and mental level. I feel the process has enabled me to let go of old trauma.


Interesting, releasing. Sound system that has a rational theoretical base.


Surpassed my expectations which rightly or wrongly had from trying to do it myself at home. I learnt more from Caroline today then I imagined. I feel much more at peace now, but I realise it is only the beginning. Thank God for Caroline…. and Im not even religious. But thank you so much for bringing TRE to the UK

Mike – Designer

Empowering. Extremely helpful. Works hand in hand with Hypno – Analysis. A very relaxing and powerfully blissful way of releasing, or processing experiences or emotions. I found this a revelation for the release of trauma, as well as maintenance of emotional and physical well being. Have tried everything. Caroline is amazing. Very understanding and honest.

Michelle – PTSD Sufferer

I was apprehensive at first but felt at ease as the group was friendly. Caroline is easily approachable. The experience was educational, relaxing and energising.

Mel – Designer

An enlightening day that has given me a tool for the rest of my life. Thank you.

Andy – Teacher

Feeling Calmer and relaxed. Well taught.


Felt well supported, even before I came to the Event.

Li – Teacher Support

Excellent, well-paced, sensitive, informative. Small group felt very safe.

Ginny – Traumatic Stress Specialist

Enlightening! Feel elated and calm at the same time. definitely beneficial.


Life changing for me. Easy and amazingly simple once you have had the proper tuition in the technique.

Christina – Air Stewardess

An unravelling experience in the physical body, not unpleasant, just different, with a delightful sense of release and relaxation afterwards.


I found it to be really safe, I was really apprehensive when I came along as to what it would be like but I feel calm and spacey. I feel this is a turning point for me.


Amazing! I cannot wait to continue. Thank you so much. I feel positive for the first time in 20 years.


Liberating and lovely to find something completely new and non talking. Very relaxed and practical, sensitive, gentle and personal. Thank you.


Very calming and reassuring. Very informative. Thank you.

Claire C

Very informative. In-depth explanations and description of technique. Caring and supportive. Thank you.


Amazing – I think a huge load has already gone. I am so glad I came.

Maralyn H

From the moment I arrived and received such a warm and friendly welcome, I felt at ease. Throughout the whole day I felt that I was in very safe, kind, caring and competent hands, and was able to totally relax.


I have really enjoyed the workshop. Very powerful tool to use and I already feel the difference! I came in with doubts if this was going to work and left truly impressed. Teaching methods are very professional and easy to understand. All questions answered and practice was very smooth. I recommend this workshop to anyone who finds it difficult to deal with everyday stress, not just someone who had major trauma in their life.


A day to learn a new way of releasing stress.  I am greatful to have been guided to find you by my Dr.  Denise Woodhouse

Denise Woodhouse