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Discover FREEDOM from physical, mental and emotional pain.

A transformational day

TRE UK®  Workshops

It is appreciated you may prefer a Workshop experience. 

If you have a group of family, friends, or work colleagues (minimum 6)  that would like a bespoke workshop please contact us.  

Wednesday 10th August 2022

Venue: Eclipse Yoga Centre for Wellbeing, 1-3 Waterloo Crescent, Dover, Kent CT16 1LA

Time: 10.00 - 16.30

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The all-inclusive Kent Workshop is £250

N.B. Places are limited

Workshops provide:

Full Education

We pride ourself on providng excellent education to ensure you have a full understanding of the programme.

We give you all the guidance and advice yso that you feel comfortable and confident to move forward with a life-tool and a tool for life.

Support & Guidance

We give you full support and guidance with the practical sessions. You will be part of a shared experience and discover the power of your body and how unique releasing is to you. 

Resources for Life

We ensure you do not have to remember the content of the day. You will leave with all you need to support your future practice and be able to revisit resources including guided audios for Releasing. 

After Care Support

We know from experience that as you continue with the programme you will have questions, maybe even concern. We will share with you the different support options that will be available for you. We want to reassure you do not walk away and feel you are on your own. 


A Day To Remember

Arrive with an open mind, and discover something new to put in your healing tool-box.  You will feel empowered, and leave feeling different to when you arrived.  You will not be disappointed, for your body is a miracle.  It will be a day you will never forget.


We want you to have a great day. To feel comfortable in a supportive environment. We provide tea, coffee, light snacks and fruit.   It can be hungry work! 


Reflections From
Fiona C

'This Workshop has given me hope that I can heal from PTSD and the turbulence it brings. Thank you very much. '

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Reflections from
Saram Maslen

'Fantastic Workshop - I'm looking forward to saving money on all the other therapies I use to survive. Can't wait to see what the future holds'. Thank You'.'

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Reflections From

‘Very enlightening experience to realise how you can allow your body to heal itself – thank you’  

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Reflections From

‘A very informative day with excellent teaching in a fashion that didn’t hurt the brain! A truly life giving gift.  many, many thanks.’ 

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