LONDON – 28th January 2017

January 28, 2017 in

This is our firstWorkshop of 2017 in Bromley.    Close to Bromley South Station, it is easily accessible.  There are a few parking spaces at the venue.  We also welcome returners who want to refresh their practice to maintain optimum health.  We look forward to our next visit.  The cost of the Workshop is £90.00.  We do offer discretionary concessions.  Why not prepare for a stress-free 2017?  Book before December 20th and pay 2016 prices.


Dates for 2017

Saturday 25th March

Saturday 20th May 

Saturday 9th September

Saturday 11th November

Saturday 16th December

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Stress and Anxiety – A High Price to Pay.

March 5, 2014 in blog

I sat down recently to with a nice cup of tea to read my local paper.  I was shocked and saddened from just reading the front page.  Two main stories, the first of a mother ‘fearing’ for her child’s life every day they cross the road which is notable a black spot for speeding cars.  No doubt living every day nurturing that fear and feeling stressed in the process.  The second and most disturbing was that of a young married man aged 22 who took his own life after suffering a rocky patch in his marriage as well as struggling to find work.  He had few friends and almost became reclusive.

Most likely the stress of not finding work put pressure on the relationship.  After drinking too much New Year he assaulted his wife and then attempted to take his own life.  He was then given a suspended jail sentence.  His worsening situation clearly became too much. 

 His story is not unique.  All the time we read of young people taking their own life, because living becomes too much.  The stress and anxiety builds for them to such a level that there seems no way out.  I have had people come to TRE who suffered deep stress, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.  After releasing with TRE they no longer have those thoughts, the stress and anxiety passes and life seems much brighter.

TRE allows us to release deep symptoms of stress and anxiety in a vary natural way; we can self-regulate and bring about balance and a better sense of well being.   It is sadly too late for the young man in my town, if only he knew there was another way.

Somethings are never easy!

June 10, 2013 in blog, Let the Energy Flow

If everything in life was easy I guess there would be no sense of excitement, thrill, achievement or  satisfaction that often comes with the result of effort.  From running that 5K to the marathon, from achieving our smallest goals to passing exams or giving birth.

Somethings we choose to do and others we just find that life has just thrown our way, such as dealing with relationship breakdown, financial problems, accidents or abuse.   At times nothing seems to make much sense  and we need to question why we seem to be being tested when we have to  to overcome unforseen obstacles, 

Whatever hoops we have to jump through to get where we need to be we often don’t notice the impact it all has on our emotions and physical state.  Stress kicks in and that knot in the abdomen starts to make itself known.  Sleep deprivation, headaches, flaring temper as we are put under pressure are just some of the things that happen to us that are not always obvious until someone else points it out.  

The more traumatic the event the more our emotional and physical body pays the price. Illness can develop and so it goes on.  Such cliches as ‘what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger’ or ‘nothing comes easy’, ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ or ‘all sent to try us’  are OK but unless we keep the symptoms of  stress  in check then the outcomes can be quite undesirable.  Worse still with trauma or PTSD.  There are ways to release and lots of support and help available for those that need it from breathing, meditation, a raft of alternative, complimentary and conventional therapies to tension release and trauma prevention exercise.  

Although some things in life are never easy whatever we go through good, bad or indifferent whether we have chosen it or not, it may not always feel like it but  we can pull through.   But unless we help ourselves or allow ourselves to be supported in the process when necessary, life will never be the same.   Somethings are  ever easy but there is always a way forward so that the price paid is not too high.

It made me think!

March 15, 2013 in blog, It made me think!

We’re all chatting in the living room amused by the antics of my adorable curly haired one year old grandson.  Suddenly it all happened so quickly, he turned, missed his footing and fell, catching his eye on furniture.  

Within seconds, with blood pouring from the wound, his Mum screamed, his Dad came running through and in blind panic they set off to hospital.   Of course lots of toddlers fall and start to collect their little scars.  But the scars go deeper and not just for the victim.  Every time we encounter distressing situations – and nothing worse than seeing your child hurt – we contract inside our body.  The scars of the event are not just on the outside, we start to build our holding pattern of all things that overwhelm us throughout our life.   I saw the hurt on the parents’ faces, I could feel their anxiety.  

It made me think if all those events in my life as my children were growing.  Their falls their scrapes, their moments of upset when things did not go as planned, their broken toys,  bones, friendships, romances, the loss of their beloved grandparents and others, their moves from home and so the list goes on.  Practicing TRE has released many of these ‘vicarious traumas’ from my body.  I can talk about them now without having to revisit the anxieties and feel those tears well up as they used to. 

The more I release the more it makes me think about what others are holding from a lifetime of buried, overwhelming events.  As I watch two young parents who have just moved country to be back in the UK to feel safe as their child grows up – and that has not been without its dramas –  I am glad to be sharing TRE to ensure they learn to release as they go.

It has made me think what a wonderful organism the human body is and how once learnt we really do have the power to heal ourselves –  we just have to want to.