The Total Release Experience®

for Grief

The TRE for Grief

The practice of the TRE for grief can be a great support to those who suffer as they learn to cope with life on their own.

When we lose a loved one, we lose a part of ourselves. Be it a parent or child from natural causes or tragic circumstances we can find ourselves grief-stricken. Grief is painful. Our mind is in turmoil and our body aches from the deep emotional feelings when we suffer loss. Research shows that surviving spouses when the loss is from death they to can also die of a broken heart. Coping with tragedy and loss is sometimes more than one can bear.

A loss is not exclusive to death of a loved one but also from other life situations such as:

  • Losing a baby through miscarriage.
  • Loss of a partner or spouse through breakup or divorce.
  • Coping with retirement, or dealing with a loved one’s serious illness.
  • Coping with financial loss or having our dreams shattered.

The TRE is a powerful practice to help you to rebuild confidence and give you coping mechanisms for rebuilding from your loss.

‘I lost my partner in tragic and sudden circumstances. I was encouraged to do TRE in the first week. There was a lot of tears, but the overwhelming peace I found during the practice was a great comfort. It also helped me to deal with all the unpleasant tasks that followed in the process of letting go’