Total Release Experience®

Frequently Asked Questions



The Total Release Experience® is growing in awareness and popularity as a natural yet profound way to find physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
Naturally, there are many frequently asked questions we share some of them. We want you to feel confident and comfortable enough to release stress and anxiety for yourself.  If you have questions do contact us at info@treuk.com

What do I learn to do?

The Total Release Experience® (TRE) is a self-help practice that empowers you to physically releases symptoms from stress, anxiety, overwhelm and trauma including PTSD. We teach you how to release with an empowering 5-Step Course adaptable to physical abilities. You are safely taught to evoke an innate tremoring response in a controlled and sustained way. You can safely and gently release symptoms of stress, tension, and trauma from the core of your body. An exciting discovery to heal on every level, bringing physical, mental and emotional balance.

What makes the TRE technique different as a release for stress, anxiety or PTSD?

The TRE® process activates an involuntary shaking in the muscles. An individual does not use the conscious control of their body or brain that most other relaxation techniques rely upon. It is a natural practice that is innate in every human being. So once learned safely you do not need to rely on anyone else to continue. However, we have a great support system in place for all our clients.

How will I benefit from the TRE?

From the first session, you know straight away that something is changing for you. The very process of letting your body do the talking and allowing and accepting the tremor mechanism brings a whole range of feelings that is different each time for every learner.

Notable benefits include:

  • Feeling lighter, more relaxed and peaceful
  • Less or no pain especially back, hip, neck, and shoulders.
  • More confident and in control
  • More clarity, focus, and concentration
  • Improved sleep and more energy

Do you show your practice on YouTube?

Definitely not and for good reason. get in touch we will tell you why!

Can I teach my children once I have learned?

Most definitely - we encourage it and share with you how.  It is the best parenting tool.

Do you work with organisations?

Most definitely. We already share with the Fire, Police and Prison Service.  Great benefits as it is no talking, cost-effective and empowers.