Your Frequently Asked Questions


Questions Are Important

The Total Release Experience® is a natural yet profound way to find physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

We get asked many questions, and here we share those most frequently asked. We want you to feel confident and comfortable enough to want to discover the power of your own body to release symptoms of past stress, overwhelm and trauma. We want you to heal from your anxiety and depression and end your necessary suffering. If you have any questions, do contact us at

There is no such thing as a silly question.

What exactly do I learn to do?

The Total Release Experience® (The TRE) is an empowering self-help physical practice to release symptoms of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and trauma, including PTSD. We teach you how to release through our 5-Step online course without talking, medication or touching. Our programme is adaptable to support any physical limitations. With our education and guidance, you are safely taught to evoke an innate tremoring response in a controlled and sustained way. As a result, you can safely and gently release stress, tension, and trauma symptoms from your body's core: make an exciting discovery and start the process of healing on every level, and discover physical, mental, and emotional balance.

What is different about our TRE technique?

The TRE® process activates an involuntary shaking in the muscles. An individual does not use the conscious control of their body or brain like other relaxation techniques. It is a natural practice that is innate in every human being. So once you have learned, you soon discover you have a tool for life and a life tool.

How will I benefit from the TRE?

From your first session, you will know that something has changed for you. Letting your body do the talking and accepting the tremor mechanism will bring a whole range of different feelings each time for every learner. However, as you progress through weekly practice, you start to feel free of the physical, mental and emotional pain that has held you back.

Notable benefits include:

  • * Feeling lighter, more relaxed, and peaceful.
  • *  Less or no pain.
  • *  More confident and in control
  • *  More clarity, focus, and concentration
  • *  Improved sleep and more energy

Why do I feel afraid to start?

We fully understand that the very idea that your body can vibrate sounds scary. However, just like dogs shake to let go of their fear, you can do the same. The joy is at TRE UK®; we have years of experience.   We ensure you have all the education, guidance and support you need as you start the whole process.  We want you to trust your body, for it is the safest place you have to live.  Like so many others, you wonder what you were worried about once you start.   Ironically the Psoas muscle you learn to release from is where your fears are stored - a catch 22 situation. We are there to hold your hand and take the worry away.

If it works so well, why doesn't it cost more?

Our prices are soon to rise, for like every other business, our costs are rising too. So enjoy the fact that you can discover something powerful and empowering that will serve you for life for a small fee. The Total Release Experience® programme only with TRE UK® has Accreditation, validation, and years of experience. With Caroline's No 1 bestselling book 'Save ChangesFeel It To Heal It', you can read powerful stories shared by clients. We back up what we offer. We also take pride that every morning, we ask ourselves 'how many we can support today to discover their freedom?  - not on how much money we can make.  

But can it help me?

For over ten years at TRE UK®, we have been blessed to work with clients who have approached us asking that question.  There was always only one way to find out - let's do it and see!  We can now say, 'yes, it will, ' thanks to all those beautiful people that trusted us.'  Those with heart, breathing, gut problems, and conditions including Fibromyalgia, Parkinson's, stroke, cancer or suicidal tendencies, and C/PTSD have all seen great results. But, if you never do it, you will never know!

But can it help me?

Our customers love the comfort that comes with six-months free support. Our dedicated support forum makes interacting with us hassle-free and efficient.

Why do you not show your practice on YouTube?

What we teach at TRE UK® is one of the most powerful healing practices your body can do. Your body and your back story are unique to you. How your body releases is unique to you too.  Therefore how one body releases is not the same as another.  Our experience is such that we know It eliminates fear and expectations, for neither is helpful. Your healing journey is, or anybody else's is not predictable.  Enter the process with an open mind and trust your body to release and do what is best for you.

Can I teach my children?

At TRE UK®, we encourage and support all parents and guardians who have started their healing journey to teach their children to do the same. We provide the tools and the support. It is the best parenting tool they can give so that their children do not carry childhood stresses and traumas into their adult life.  Children love it, and we love it too when families work together and heal together. 

Do you work with organisations?

Yes, we do, including the Fire, Police, and Prison Service. The benefits to organisations is phenomenal.  A great leadership tool and team building programme. Popular because it requires no talking.  Highly cost-effective, empowering, and can be done in the workplace or in the privacy of one's own time and space.  Ideal as a solution to mental health, including schools, Charities, universities, and care homes.

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