The Total Release Experience®  for Young People

The TRE for Young People

If you are a young person reading this then you may be interested to know that the TRE can be a very useful technique for you to learn. From the stress of study and exams to dealing with relationships, bullying or abuse, you can release the tensions you are probably starting to hold in your body before they build up and create bigger problems.

You may not be eating properly or sleeping well, maybe you worry a lot or perhaps you suffer bouts of anger or depression. The circumstances that have brought you to this page are your own but the resulting trauma of your experiences is something shared by many.

Other young people who have done the TRE have found great release. The RE requires no talking or medication. It is a natural process that once learned will become a fantastic support for maintaining well-being in your life.

Duke of York’s Royal Military School

The TRE UK® team recently worked with 31 students at the Duke of York’s Royal Military School to support them in coping with exam pressure.

"I have been excited and delighted to have been part of the TRE UK® pilot programme for schools and working alongside Caroline and her team. We are now in the second year of offering the TRE programme to our year 11,12 and 13 students. We have seen some great individual results in terms of resilience and emotional stability and we are now starting to offer it as a therapy to other students who are showing symptoms of anxiety. We have been so impressed that a good number of our staff have also learned the technique. I would thoroughly recommend this course to you and your students. Caroline is an excellent teacher who presents a complex yet simple concept in a very down to earth and engaging manner."Alison Kehaya – Vice Principal Boarding Health and Welfare. 

"Last academic year it was evident that numerous senior students on the run up to their summer examinations had begun to display signs of anxiety and stress. The levels of anxiety were very high in some, which before long was impacting greatly on the student’s everyday routines. After some consideration, we invited Caroline and her team from TRE UK®

to provide a one day workshop for selected y11 students but predominantly was offered to y12 – 13. I was inspired by the outcome. I watch several students take back control and regain their academic drive which they put into practice while preparing for their exams. These students come results day in August were pleased by their overall performance and achieved grades that they did not think they would have had several months prior.

Following on from this, we have offered two workshops to students this year and also some short booster sessions to continue to promote positive well-being which empowers our students for the current exam period and also when they face other challenges in life."Jen Norman – Housemistress and Head of PSHE

Student’s comments from the day:

‘It was a very unique experience that is very difficult to put into words. It has definitely enabled me to relax more in a way I couldn’t before and walk away feeling much better about myself.’

‘It was pretty weird. I entered a state of calmness and almost fell asleep but was at peace with myself. Then almost felt emotional as past events and the build up from that became clear. It was a relief to let them go.’

‘I feel as if a large amount of weight has been lifted at first I was a bit scared. However, I have found it an enjoyable experience.’

‘It was different but a good different. I felt tremors in place that I didn’t realise that were there. I felt fresh when I did it and new. I also felt like I was the only one in the room and I found my own place. I felt emotional but good because it was saying be confident and go out there and be you.’

‘This experience has given me a key to start something new in my life. After building up an emotional wall I have finally found something that will help me knock it down. The hardest problem I face is feeling empty or disconnected to myself and this has helped me to release my pains.’

‘After today’s session, I feel much stronger mentally and emotionally. It’s something new I’ve never done before and I don’t regret this new experience.’

‘I found this experience unreal, you can’t really explain the experience of TRE and its effect on you until you do it yourself.’

‘It was a totally new experience. Nothing like I expected it to be. Its helped me a lot and I can see it continuously helping me more in the future.’

‘After today’s experience, I felt like a massive weight had lifted off my shoulders.’

‘It was strange, but In feel like what I’ve learnedfeel today will help me now and in the future.’

‘It was something completely different to what I was used to. I now feel fresher and I didn’t feel stressed out nearly as much as I previously did.’

‘I felt relaxed and calm once I’d finished. I also felt tired. I felt more physically and mentally relaxed as a whole. I also finished the day tired but very beneficial.’

‘I felt a lot more relaxed by the first session and by the second session I was a lot more happy and motivated to do work. Also , ny pain in my body left me.’


‘ Before doing TRE, I found that a lot of things got to me. Exams, work, and all manner of stressful situations would have me freaking out and having panic attacks which would often stop me sleeping, which would in turn make matters worse. I’d tried a lot of different ways of trying to control it but couldn’t.

I heard about TRE from a concerned family member and at first, I was a little unsure and a little sceptical. But I had nothing to lose and went ahead with my first session. It was a little weird to start off with but if you just go with it, it really pays off. I had positive results from week one.

Having now completed the initial course, I feel totally different and I’m a lot better than I used to be with stress, anxiety and general negativity. I haven’t freaked out about anything in ages and it’s the best feeling in the world to be able to just get on with my life and not have to deal with all the things I’ve suffered with for a long, long time – especially with my GCSEs rapidly approaching and having to make choices about sixth form.’

Matthew – Kent

‘As a 17 year old student, stress of work and study would often get the best of me and I would suffer from insomnia. I started TRE not really knowing what it was, but decided that I had nothing to lose by trying it out as nothing else was working for me. I was very pleasantly surprised to notice drastic changes in my sleeping pattern shorty after beginning the sessions. I was able to sleep much more, therefore making me less tired during the day and so making me feel more energised overall.

I was better able to cope with my workload and exam pressures. I know that some people may be sceptical, or may not want to try something they don’t know, especially at my age, however I would highly recommend TRE because the results could truly improve your daily life as they did mine’.

Paula – Kent