The Total Release Experience® 

for Work Stress

The TRE for Work Stress

Are you suffering from work stress? You are not alone. Whether you are buried in paperwork, constantly having to meet deadlines and targets or get bullied/abused by authority, the pressures often become unbearable. Productivity suffers, and then you may find yourself off due to work stress, absent with stress, anxiety or depression. You may feel yourself spiralling deeper into a black hole and wonder how you will ever heal from it.

Many clients that come to TRE UK® have work stress. The service sector, self-employed or all levels of the hierarchy in business share similar symptoms. Despite medication or counselling, recovery can be very slow, from headaches to irritable bowel.

 THE FIRST SESSION of the TRE UK® stress management techniques has brought almost instant relief from stress. The release from TRE sessions soon rebuilds the confidence, energy, and enthusiasm that they once had.


‘I knew nothing about the TRE except that it could help with stress and past trauma. So I kept an open mind! I felt I needed it as running my own business as I was full of stress and anxiety. Always rushed, feeling muddled, sometimes very tense. I would have tried anything. But, from the first session, I felt a calmness. There was less stress, more order, less anger, more patience; this could have been a coincidence, but I knew by the fourth week it was the TRE. My life seemed to be falling into place suddenly. I realised I was enjoying every day without the feeling of rush, rush, panic, too much going on, feelings of tension no longer there.

Despite working hard in my business, I have been getting things done at home that needed doing for years! During the six weeks, due to work stress, I did have occasions of sleepless nights, but they are now very restful. I also had moments of stress and anxiety and still do, but I am hopeful these will continue to get less in time.

Caroline, in my opinion, was an excellent teacher and was also very calming and reassuring. I will continue to practice the natural stress relief from the TRE at home, and hopefully, my life will continue in this way that I haven’t felt in many years. I realise so many people could benefit from the TRE UK stress management techniques. I have a lot to thank Caroline for; she has helped me change my life, and I am sure she will change many more. Mary H – Kent