The Total Release Experience®

for Trauma and PTSD

The Total Release Experience® for Trauma and PTSD

Professionals highly recommend the Total Release Experience® for Trauma and PTSD. They share their views.

Exposure to Trauma

“Exposure to trauma excites survival which has a transient, necessary and beneficial effect in short-term acute stress reactions but, if that survival energy becomes trapped in mind and body, then it creates ongoing strain which we recognise as hyperarousal, flashbacks and other intrusive images of the trauma and a host of ways to avoid reminders we call avoidance. These are the core features of PTSD, fuelled by trapped energy from the trauma’s original impact, which has never been released.

The Total Release Experience® is a natural method of releasing that energy from the mind and the body and eliminating the symptoms of PTSD and, in my experience, it is very effective…and…we didn’t invent it.. we observed it in other species who use it in the natural world as a way of preventing the development of their PTSD.”

Professor Gordon Turnbull Wg Cdr RAF Rtd, Consultant Psychiatrist – World-leading expert for PTSD

The Total Release Experience® is an exciting treatment..

“The Total Release Experience® is an exciting treatment for the release of trauma energy trapped in the body. Despite years of international research in the field of trauma, evidence shows that talking therapies alone are not enough to recover someone from a traumatic event. However, despite the evidence talking therapies are the primary source of treatment used in the UK. Without removing trauma energy that is trapped in the body, a person will not fully recover, and continually talking about one’s trauma has the ability to re-traumatise them and, in some cases, can make a person worse.

The energy releasing programme delivered by TRE UK®, once learned, has the ability to slowly process trauma safely at a pace a person can cope with. It is a healthier, more direct way of releasing trauma that is held in the body. TRE UK® has developed this technique to a high standard, not found anywhere else. Having worked with TRE UK® now for many years, I have seen the benefits of this treatment and the release and relief this can give to clients’ suffering the debilitating effects of this syndrome.’”

Mandy Bostwick MSc, MA, MBACP, ISSTD – Specialist Trauma Psychotherapist

Going Through Trauma..

Going through trauma is an unimaginable experience that only you as a victim can know. From birth through childhood and old age, living with the trauma prevents any real quality of life. If you are living with trauma, maybe you feel you will never recover. Releasing your body’s tension and anxiety can help you with that recovery in support of other modalities.

The ‘no talking’ technique has brought a release and a sense of hope to many who suffer the chronic effects of trauma.

Shared feedback:

‘I really wanted to thank you for that experience at the time. I felt very supported by you as a facilitator and the other members of staff in the room. It was refreshing for me to experience your containment, grounding, and safety skills, such important skills when dealing with trauma. I felt held, and I felt safe, something that was very important to me at the time. I also appreciated your encouragement to go into the emotions, not something that every facilitator is comfortable with, and I appreciate your sensitivity to my vulnerable feelings.’ FC