The Total Release Experience® 

for Accident Victims

The TRE for Accident Victims

Accidents are unpredictable. Accidents take us by surprise. Whether the accident occurred in the place of our home, leisure or work or as we travel – air, sea, road, or water – the severity can range from the minor to the horrific.

If we have been a victim or a witness of an accident we are left shaken and often traumatised as we try to recover from the physical, mental or emotional scars.

After the event the body is in shock, we internalise the feelings and emotions from the trauma. We may find we are always in fight/flight mode to protect ourselves as a result we can suffer from stress, tension and deeper anxieties.

The level of trauma can have serious consequences either short or long-term. Many accident victims develop PTSD. Learning  the TRE can help to heal those mental and emotional scars and release the deeper symptoms held in the body as a consequence of the accident.