Recover From Abuse and Bullying

Our Why

  • 1 billion children suffer some form of violence each year; that is 1 in 2 children.

  • 1 in 3 children aged 11-15 suffered bullying in the past month.

  • 1 in 4 children under 5 lives with a mother who is a victim of intimate partner violence.


Children and mental health

‘Adults who experience 4 or more Adverse Experiences in childhood including physical, mental and emotional abuse are:

  • 7 times more likely to be involved in violence either as a victim or a perpetrator

  • 30 times more likely to commit suicide.tor

Let Us Support you to Recover From Abuse and Bullying

There is much in the press on childhood abuse.   Studies have shown that when a child endures bullying and abuse, it leads to adult illness. The tension from stress and anxiety held in the body for many years takes its toll. It causes anxiety disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, IBS, physical aches and pains, and much more. You can find out more here.

No one should have to endure abuse and bullying, either physical, mental or emotional. No one should carry their pain for the rest of their life.Abuse

At TRE UK®, we are helping many adults worldwide recover from the effects of an abusive childhood. They have found release with our unique Total Release Experience® Programme.

We know that you can heal too. You will be surprised at how quickly you can recover and be free of your past.   Why not get in touch and let us share how we can best support you – because you deserve to know freedom.

A Client Shares

‘I originally joined one of Caroline’s Yoga classes. I read about her programme on her website, but the yoga class initially seemed less threatening. However, I hadn’t attended any activity outside of work since 2006, so it was a big step for me. After several weeks of attending the yoga class, I felt exhausted and unable to continue. Still, I thought I might consider doing the Total Release Experience through TRE UK® in the New Year. I e-mailed Caroline explaining my situation, and I had my first session later that day.

I’ve been stuck in a cycle of self-destructive behaviour since I was 15 (I’m now 33). Initially, I struggled with anorexia; moving into bulimia; cutting (self-harming); compulsive shopping and online gambling.

My history is complicated, but to keep it short. My Dad has suffered mental health problems most of my life, and because of this, I was a withdrawn and compliant child and an easy target. The major trauma was being targeted by a gang of boys at secondary school. I was sexually assaulted nearly every day at school for three years. At its worst, being gang raped on four occasions. Sexual bullying is such a taboo subject. The school branded me ‘hypersensitive’, and my Dad, unable to cope with it, emotionally disowned me.   Whilst the sexual assaults came to light at school, I couldn’t talk of the gang rapes until 18 months ago. This was compounded by losing my Gran to cancer at the age of 15 and my Dad suffering a heart attack and cardiac arrest two weeks before my 17th birthday.   I felt like I was being punished for what had happened.

I’ve felt like I’ve been on a mission to prove everyone wrong. Those who branded me hypersensitive, those who said I would never get a qualification, to those who said I would never hold a job down.    Whilst my personal life has been nearly non-existent, I have managed a successful career, but I felt I was going through the motions of daily life and not living. I felt like I was stuck in a bubble, unable to reach out and connect with anyone or anything.   I’d been in different talking therapies since I was 15 and tried anti-depressants on 5/6 occasions, which worsened my symptoms. I began seeing my current counsellor two years ago, a trauma specialist using EMDR.

The EMDR helped me, but the Releasing helped me take another step forward; to reconnect with my body and find my voice.   I used to be physically unable to move and often unable to speak when experiencing flashbacks. I am calmer and less overwhelmed on a day-to-day basis, and my sleep pattern has improved. I feel more alert and more able to connect and interact with people. It is like waking up and coming out of a fog; the world seems brighter.   It also helped me whilst making a significant career change. I’d been stuck in my job for nine years, burning out after the first two but still battling on. For the first time, I’m choosing myself.

Physically I have hypermobile joints, which required surgery on my knee which subsequently caused my lower back to become unstable. The pain and stiffness have definitely eased somewhat since I started Releasing. I was suffering regular headaches and reflux, both of which have reduced. I also suffer from vaginismus because of the assaults I suffered (yet another taboo subject) but I’m hopeful the practice will help with that too – only time will tell.

Although there were males in the group, with Caroline’s reassurance that I was safe helped me through. Even when difficult memories came up, I still felt better overall. All I want to say is that I thought things could never get better and that I was an unfixable freak. But, I gave the TRE a chance because I’d got nothing to lose and gained a valuable tool to help me take control of my future.’           

4 Months Later

Dear Caroline

Just a note to let you know I’m okay after the recent session. Well, a lot more than okay. I know you never know what will happen with every Release, but that was such a powerful experience on Thursday. I have a dissociative disorder, and due to that, I have different “parts”. I fought against it for a long time. Facing up to and processing the trauma memories has been challenging, but in the last 3-4 weeks, one specific “part” disappeared. I have been struggling with another “part”, but it was like we made peace in the session on Thursday. ‘She’ seems to have gone too now.

It’s really hard to explain what it’s like, but the main thing is I have always thought of myself as “She”. The major change is that I can now think and feel for myself. I feel, I think, etc., which is so different. It’s challenging. There had been an improvement before, but since Thursday, it has been very different. My head is usually noisy, but it’s not now. I’ve never experienced a quiet stillness like Thursday brought about. Thank you. 

Another Client shares

Hi Caroline

Well, it’s been an eventful few days.  I was more settled on Saturday but Sunday, things started to fall apart again.  I’ve struggled for a long time with a memory from my childhood that I thought couldn’t be real/was my imagination.  I spent hours Sunday afternoon on the internet trying to find out if the place I remembered was real without any success. 

Yesterday afternoon I went back there.  I’ve been back previously but never managed to get out of the car.  Yesterday I did get out of the car and followed the footpath and found it was a real place.  It’s horrific to remember what happened there, but too the sense of relief is overwhelming.  I’m not imagining these horrible things and places.  I’m plain exhausted today, but I feel like a huge weight has been lifted.  For the first time, I actually do feel/know I’m not bad and that I did nothing wrong.  I can’t describe what that feels like. 

 I know I’ve still got a long way to go, but I never thought I’d be able to explain to anyone what happened that night and be believed.  NC

‘Since learning TRE with Caroline  I have gone through changes that have been astonishing.  I seem to make people nervous because they can see I am just not the same person. what I have noticed includes…
Reduced hypersensitivity, reduced anger, more movement in my shoulders, and ability to do many things which I originally feared.  Not needing to talk about things  anymore, being able to deal with emotional pain more easily, having more of a sense of purpose for the future, increased productivity in work and being able to release resentments easily these are just some of the things.
There is a side of TRE that is a bit scary for me right now. I have realised as the process progresses, suddenly the world is becoming a really different place.  As my body is changing, so is my behaviour and how I think.

Suddenly I am not any more people and situations I was comfortable with as my outlook is rapidly changing. Events are not happening like they used to anymore. People react to me differently.  it can be a bit anxiety-provoking sometimes, but I guess it’s fear of the unknown and I know it’s all positive change.   I am anticipating it could be a bumpy ride through!’  

Terry – London

Every on has a choice.  We hope you are inspired by what our client’s share.  Never give up hope, because if you think you have tried everything you have one thing left to try!

Your health is our concern.  We know we are living our best life and are passionate about you living yours.  Whatever you have been through or are going through, you have the power to change all that today. 

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