The Total Release Experience®

for Relationship Stress

The TRE Stress Relief for Relationship Problems

For an endless list of reasons, relationships can and do go wrong. They may end in arguments, fights and, in many cases, severe abuse and cruelty.

Relationship Stress

Perhaps you have found yourself in this situation or one that is similar. You may well be familiar with the emotional impact of your circumstances. However, you may not realise that there has also been an actual physical reaction that may prevent you from moving forward as your body goes into defence mode to protect you—symptoms of stress, tension, and anxiety build. Before you know it, you feel mentally drained and physically unwell.

The Total Release Experience® Programme empowers you to release the unpleasant symptoms of stress, tension, and anxiety without talking or relying on medication. As a result of our stress management techniques, sleep improves, concentration and clarity of thinking are better, and one feels more confident and hopeful of recovering from past experiences. In addition, the stress relief outcomes can help either rebuild a broken relationship or detach from it and move forward to live a more balanced life.

I have been through a divorce..

‘I have been through a divorce after 45 years of marriage to an abusive and controlling husband. Approaching my 70th birthday, I have been suffering from sleepless nights for seven years and repeated bouts of depression, unexplained stiffness in joints and headaches.

At first, I did not know what I was letting myself in for. So I embarked on the TRE UK® stress management course, not knowing what to expect.

After session one, I was more relaxed and sleeping better. By session six, I had started to feel my mood had improved. Although my body had felt achy and in some pain, I was coping better than in years with Christmas approaching. I felt more motivated for life and less self-indulgent with lots more energy. I continue to do my TRE 2-3 times a week.’

Grateful Client – Kent

Caroline had mentioned..

‘Caroline had mentioned the TRE UK® Stress Management Course to me on a few occasions, and I was intrigued. I have tried numerous verbal and physical therapies, so I am always keen to learn more about such things. I had a traumatic few years of managing work stress, a relationship breakdown, and a young child. I also suffered regularly with lower backache and permanent tiredness in the past, so I was willing to try anything that might make a difference. My partner had also been suffering from panic attacks, so I thought it would be good to do it together and support each other through the experience.

Since doing the TRE UK​​® natural stress relief programme, I have experienced less low back pain and have found myself better able to cope with difficult and stressful situations. I am managing my work better and am finally getting a good balance between work and home.

Caroline is a careful and supportive instructor who made me feel at ease – I am not sure I would have felt comfortable practising TRE with anyone I didn’t trust. However, Caroline’s honest and encouraging approach made the experience very enjoyable. As a result, I have recommended the TRE UK ​​® stress relief techniques to lots of my friends. Those who have started already agree that the benefits are well worth it, so put any preconceptions aside and give the TRE a go… there is nothing to lose and so much to gain!’

NP – Kent

Children Are Victims in Relationship Breakups

At TRE UK®, we have worked with many adults suffering from stress and anxiety as the past catches up. Their body years later remembers the tension held from early childhood when they had no escape from listening to shouting, arguing or witnessing assault as parents and couples fight.

Their young bodies remain in freeze when in a stressful or traumatic situation. The tension gets stored in their muscle memory and builds as they go through life. Tension manifests as physical, mental and emotional imbalance leading to anxiety and mental health problems preventing them from living the life they should be l ing. If you had to endure a childhood dealing with your parents’ breakup, do not be surprised if your suffering today results from your past experiences.

At TRE UK®, our  Course supports you in releasing and healing from your past as you build resilience.