What is TRE?

We Learn From Animals

The natural, somatic response to over-excitement or fear is to tremor. Studies on animal behaviour show how tremoring protects them from psychological & physical damage after a frightening experience. Humans too have this built-in mechanism to tremor. To release from the body in this way is necessary to return homeostasis (balance) to the body and mind after shock or stress.

Have you ever had the experience of being unable to control overwhelming emotions? Maybe your lips quivered, your legs or hands shook involuntarily. This tremor sensation is the body’s most organic method of releasing tension that has become charged within the system. Such tremoring or shaking has been and still is seen as a pathological weakness. As a consequence, we freeze or suppress the response, maybe resorting to medication, drinking or drugs instead.

'Psychogenic tremors in humans, much the same as the instinctual tremors in animals, is the natural response of a shocked or disrupted nervous system attempting to restore the Neuro-physiologic homeostasis of the body'Feldman, 2004; van der Kolk, & van der Hart, 1991)

You can empower yourself like so many others to return to homeostasis by reconnecting with what nature gave us all - just like animals!  In our empowering and healing programme, you start immediately to heal from the past and begin to build resilience. Feel the difference as your body releases.


How YOU Can Benefit

Our clients have shared so many wonderful benefits that include;

  • Feeling more resilient
  • Improved sleep
  • Less pain (back, hips, neck, shoulders and Fibromyalgia)
  • No more IBS
  • High Blood Pressure normalised
  • Better communication and more confidence
  • More focus and ability to concentrate
  • No more anger, sadness or fear
  • So much more too....
Time for Change

Whatever your occupation, nationality, or gender, call us for a consultation and more information. Time NOW to start to take control of your own well being. No one can heal your body like your body can heal itself. How exciting is that!  

  • ‘I would recommend the Total Release Experience to EVERYBODY, man, woman, and child. It is a thoroughly effective technique which is empowering and healing. It is not always easy to do, it can be challenging when it brings up memories we have forgotten and seem illogical to those who want to pin down how it works, but the rewards in trusting your body through this work are so immense, that it is simply a gift that none of us should live without’  Leia Bristol University Student

Let Us Help

We understand with something new - just how you feel.  Like diving off the top board into the pool for the first time of course it is a scary option, but once you have done it - exhilarating.  This is safe and you will be supported to comfortable in your own body.  Then let the healing begin.