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The Total Release Experience®

We Learn From Animals

The natural, somatic response to over-excitement or fear is to tremor. Studies on animal behaviour show how tremoring protects them from psychological & physical damage after a frightening experience. Well here's the thing - we are all animals, as David Attenborough once said 'we are animals in clothing'. We learn from animals in as much that as humans we too have this built-in mechanism to tremor. To release from the body in this way is necessary to return homeostasis (balance) to the body and mind aftershock or stress. Animals and humans cannot prevent trauma, nor can trauma be prevented. but whatever one goes through in life the body has the mechanism to release it.

Have you ever had the experience of being unable to control overwhelming emotions? Maybe your lips quivered, your legs or hands shook involuntarily. This tremor sensation is the body’s most organic method of releasing tension that has become charged within the system. Such tremoring or shaking has been and still is seen as a pathological weakness. As a consequence, we freeze or suppress the response, maybe resorting to medication, drinking or drugs instead.

'Psychogenic tremors in humans, much the same as the instinctual tremors in animals, is the natural response of a shocked or disrupted nervous system attempting to restore the Neuro-physiologic homeostasis of the body'Feldman, 2004; van der Kolk, & van der Hart, 1991)

You can empower yourself like so many others to return to homeostasis by reconnecting with what nature gave us all - just like animals! The Total Release Experience® Course enables you you to immediately start to heal from the past and begin to build resilience.

About The Total Release Experience®

The Total Release Experience® is a 5-Step programme that empowers learners to find physical, mental and emotional symptoms from stress, anxiety, overwhelm and trauma. We learn from animals and just like animals, we release from the Psoas muscle deep in the body. It is the 'fight/flight' centre. where emotions and fears are stored. Learn to release from this muscle and you too can enjoy a new freedom. Become empowered and function at a more optimum level when free of the physical, mental and emotional symptoms that have manifested as a result of holding on to them. More questions answered here.