Who is the

Total Release Experience® for?

Who is the Total Release Experience® for?

TRE UK® has helped many, many individuals from all walks of life by teaching them how to safely, comfortably and confidently release symptoms from stress, tension, and deep anxiety.  Everyone has their own ‘story’ and the wonderful thing about doing the TRE is that they have not had to talk about or relive their experience/s. They have all learned that the body can heal itself with profound results.

The TRE is for ANYONE who wants to heal themselves from day to day pressures, trauma or PTSD and the associated, often debilitating symptoms. The TRE gets people on to a journey of healing or becomes a practice such that they can feel more balanced and resilient to deal with life issues. By learning this technique for a Total Release you will peel away the layers of tension held deep in the body. When learned in a supported environment you will start to change your life as you release the physical, mental and emotional blocks that stop you living your life as you would like to.

Proven to be particularly beneficial for everyone including:

  • Victims of Violence and Abuse (physical or mental).
  • Professionals e.g. Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians, Therapists, Emergency Workers, Police, Teachers, Managers.
  • Soldiers, Veterans and those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress.
  • Parents and Carers.
  • Students and Teenagers Under Pressure.
  • Sports People i.e. Footballers, Rugby Players and those in competitive sports.
  • Trauma victims for example – accidents, natural disasters, burglary, divorce, giving birth, losing a loved one.

In fact, there isn't ANYONE who would not benefit from accessing natures greatest gift of releasing.


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