Learn How To Heal yourself and Build Resilience In Dover Kent


Discover your ability to heal yourself of stress with the Total Release Experience® (TRE) foundation course.

Our courses and sessionsin Dover, Kent are an opportunity for you to learn how to release symptoms from your stress, anxiety, trauma, and the tension trapped in your body.

With our materials, guidance, and support you will have control and the confidence to take control your own healing process.

On the Dover foundation course or Workshop programme:

You will understand the process

You will feel confident and comfortable to practice in your own space and time

You will be able to manage your practice.

Dover Workshops


Our 5-hour workshop programme in Dover offers:

  • Full Presentation
  • Practice Sessions
  • Full set of Materials
  • Snacks and Refreshments

Our Standard Workshop price is: £ 97.00


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4 Session Foundation Group Courses:

Each session is about 1 3/4 hours.The four-session course Includes:

  • Full presentation.
  • 4 practical sessions.
  • Full set of materials.

Price: £ 100.00


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Regular Releasers

Regular 1 hour group sessions only if you have completed a workshop or 4 Session-Course.

These sessions are offered to:

  • Build regularity of practice
  • Enjoy group healing
  • Gain experienced support.

Prices: £15.00 per session or 4 Session Pass: £40.00

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