If life seems to be a downward spiral in terms of your physical, mental or emotional well-being then you can learn the Total Release Experience® (TRE) in the North West of England and start to turn your life around.

Your downward spiral is perhaps caused by work stress, grief due to the loss of a loved one, perhaps traumatic events, abuse on a mental, physical or sexual level and the cumulative effects of all that you have experienced in your life, since birth. There is no escape from the pressures of life.

Those that are on a downward spiral suffer from stress,anxiety, depression and other mental health problems, panic attacks, IBS, PTSD, CPTSD, at worst cancer, obesity, suicidal tendencies, stroke, heart attack or diabetes. Take a closer look at the Total Release Experience®. You can turn your life around by allowing your body to heal itself as many others have discovered.

It is not just our own life experiences that affect our health and especially our mental health but those of others that we deal with. This may be colleagues or our opposites in work and life. Which is, of course, extreme for those in the Military also still for the Veterans, Prison service, Police, Fire service, Medical professions and Carers. Teachers too have a very stressful job and we often see and hear how celebrities, politicians and some members of our Royal Family face mental health issues from life traumas and stressful experiences.

The Total Release Experience®will help you to heal and strengthen you as you build resilience to whatever life challenges you may be faced with in the future. 

Learning The Total Release Experience® will do three things for you:

1. Positively affect all six Dimensions of your Physical, Mental and Emotional Health and well being. It will also impact affect your work performance, your sociability and your spiritual well-being.

2. Regular practice will heal you from the past. Whether you have faced abuse, trauma, grief, failure, physical injuries, practicing the TRE works at the core and brings your body back into balance safely and systematically in the most natural way. A natural physical practice without the need for drugs, medicines, touch or talking. Please read our shared stories to hear it how learning this practice has helped others.

3. You will build resilience and be able to face what life throws at you in future - and none of knows what that might be . You will learn a practice for life 

You will find the practice as all our clients do:



Positively Life-Changing

Our TRE programme covers:

  • The 5 "R"s to effectively healing yourself and to build resilience - no talking, no interventions and no medicines.
  • Our experienced and expert tuition and support will guide you through this process as you begin your healing journey.
  • Materials and information are provided so that you understand the process and are able to manage your home practice to continue your journey of healing and build resilience.
  • Even if you are in a good place - you do not know how much better you can feel!

How to Learn The Total Release Experience® (TRE) in the North West of England

(Cumberland, Lancashire, West Moreland).

We provide the following options:

Regional Workshops North West:

Our regional workshop programme in the North West is the most cost-effective way to learn this practice:

Please see the regional workshop overview at the bottom of this page or visit our upcoming workshops overview for current locations, dates and prices.

Upcoming Workshops

Learn at home - Skype courses:

If you are not able to make any of our regional workshops, due to distance, health or other reasons, we are pleased to be able to provide you with the possibility to learn this life-changing practice from the comfort of your own home.

Please find out more about our Skype Course programme:

Skype Courses

Private Workshops for individuals or Groups:

In only 5 hours you can learn this powerful practice that will be life-changing for you, your family, your team. Whoever you wish to learn this powerful practice with we can tailor our programme to your own group and location.

For more details, please visit:

Private Workshops