Break Your Downward Health Spiral and learn the Total Release Experience® (The TRE) wherever you are in the World.

Learning this Powerful, Life-Changing practice to turn your downward health spiral around is now possible wherever you are.

Learn How To Heal Yourself - Wherever You are in the World.

The Total Release Experience®(the TRE) Programme

You can heal yourself! You just need to learn how!

You will discover your Ability to Heal Yourself from the Effects of Stress, Tension, Anxiety and Trauma.

It is simple and easy to learn. How to heal yourself through our 5 Step programme is a natural, no talking and positively life-changing practice. Once learned you are empowered to take control of your own mental and physical health like never before.

  • If you want to heal yourself from the debilitating symptoms of stress, anxiety, PTSD or have faced trauma in your life then this method as we teach it will be life-changing for you.
  • In the Total Release Experience® programme you will learn how to heal by releasing from your past and build resilience for your future.

 At the end of the Total Release Experience® Skype Course you will:

  • Have a strong understanding of how this simple yet powerful self-healing practice works. Our explanation is thorough and is accessible to everyone. 
  • You will have a very clear understanding of the programme so you will feel empowered to do your own practice. 
  • Feel comfortable in the process and confident to continue the practice in your own space and your own time.

You will receive:

  • Expert and experienced instruction and support.
  • The relevant resources with everything you need for your home practice.
  • Ongoing support whenever you need it.

The Course is taught over three sessions.

'It was excellent, Powerful, enjoyable and safe.  Fascinating, it gives me hope for the future'.

'I felt cared for not fussed over. Thank you'.

'I feel that TRE UK has given me the tools to enable my body to release from my body has given me'.

3 Sessions Skype Foundation Course only £ 210.00

Start to enjoy the many benefits of releasing symptoms of stress, anxiety and PTSD. Improve your  physical, mental and emotional well being.  

A Skype Clients feedback:

When seeking a therapy as a potential cure for any ailments I tend to ask myself:

  1. What particular therapy would be most appropriate.
  2. How do I know that the therapist I choose is going to be the best and most accomplished for the job?

Well, my answer to this is usually to ask myself ‘who teaches the therapists. Who do they learn from.’When TRE was recommended to my wife and myself I quickly established that the foremost teacher of TRE in the UK is Caroline Purvey. However, as Caroline lives and works in south-east England and we live in the north-west it was never going to work with a 500-mile round trip involved every week for each session. This is where Skype comes into it.

I was able to have weekly one to one sessions with the person who introduced TRE to the UK from the comfort of our own home. Over Skype Caroline was able to teach and watch as I attempted and performed each exercise, correct any mistakes and give personal one to one advice, ensuring that I learned to practice the TRE in the correct manner. It took me four sessions to learn and get it right although I understand this can differ from person to person.

Finally, you may wish to ask me, well did it work?

My answer……..YES.


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