TRE for Wellbeing

TRE for Wellbeing

Total Release Experience®

… for natural stress release

  • TRE is a simple yet effective process that allows the activation of neurogenic muscle tremors in the core of the body.
  • The tremors can run from the sacrum to the cranium.
  • A simple self-help practice to learn – with full after support available.
  • Just as animals tremor to release stress so can humans.
  • Tremoring is innate to all of us.
  • TRE UK® teaches the technique in a safe and supported environment. 
  • Participants are empowered to make TRE part of their routine to keep self-regulating for continuous healing.


wellness-illnessDid you realise that trapped energy from stress, tension and anxiety can result in illness, dramatically affecting life, work and play?

Stress, Tension and Anxiety accumulated from everyday life circumstances and more traumatic events over time can make you ill.  Symptoms can include: Depression, increased emotional reactions, poor concentration increased smoking, alcohol consumption and behavioural changes.  This can create a downward spiral leading to deeper anxieties which can impact our well-being on a physical and psychological level.  If unchecked we risk relationships being destroyed, careers failing and unfulfilled dreams.

We teach the simple pre-exercises and give guidance and support as the body releases through the natural tremoring process.

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TRE UK® offers private/Skype or group sessions and Workshop Events.