Let's Make a Difference Together.

Sharing the Practice of we can all Heal ourselves from the Effects of Stress and Trauma is full of miracles, fulfilling and inspirational moments.


Are You Healing Yourself from Your Past?

Do you want to make a difference by showing others what you already know?

Would You like to build your Future Sharing a powerful Life-Changing practice?

If you have learned the Total Release Experience and are already noticing profound changes in your life and You are ready to show others how they can heal themselves.

We are excited about joining with you to make a difference to those you will with you.

Training to Share a Life-Changing Programme.

Our focus is that you are ready, confident and active sharing that we can heal ourselves from the past stress and trauma fast but confidently and comfortably. 


Because the world around is suffering and the news does not stop talking about how individuals and society are struggling with mental and physical issues. Together we can help more people turn their lives around than alone. - We have a simple, easy to do but powerful way forward to share!

Why You?

We believe in you!  We may not know you yet! But we know that once you learn how to share the knowledge that we can all heal ourselves you will positively impact and empower your family, friends, colleagues, and the people you know and connect with.

We want to make sure that you deliver the message that builds trust and confidence in our own human natural ability.

When should you start?

Why wait?  The course is ready! Every day wasted means that a person you may know faces a life-situation that can be the end. Others are impacted and the ripple effect can be destructive as we so often read and hear. 

This practice can make a profound difference fast and with our suppport, you can make a big difference simply and easily. 




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Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday: 9am - 5pm
Friday: 9am - 3pm
Saturday - Sunday: CLOSED

Two Options at the End of the Training

Learn and Create Your Own Message

Ideal for Medical practices, Healers, Yoga Teachers, Psychologists and other professionals who would like to use the knowledge and provide a course to enhance and strengthen their own core programme.

Once your training is completed you will be equipped to integrate the message into your core programme.

We offer additional services to adapt the Total Release Experience® programme to your own branding and messaging.  Saving you time and resources to recreate the programme and ensuring your course participants gain profound benefits and the power of the programme. 



Total Release Experience® Partner

Ideal if you wish to make a difference with a tried and tested programme. Fully tested and ready to go. A great platform to make a difference on the side of your regular work or to create a new role with the workplace.

On completion of the training you will be ready to deliver 3 session courses to individuals, groups and online.

Our support team ensures you have materials, resources, and a tried and tested system to deliver the programme How to Heal yourself with a simple and easy to apply business system.

You will be fully supported by the Total Release Experience® management and after-care team so that you are not alone and those you share with are in experienced and safe hands.