Founder & CEO of TRE UK®
Practitioner and Operations Manager

TRE UK® was established in the UK in 2011 by Caroline Purvey. She shares her amazing story of synchronicity and how she came to find herself in South Africa to learn the practice with her clients. She vowed as the only UK participant, to return and 'make it happen' in the UK. As the practice was unheard of she made it her mission. Caroline has since evolved the work to share the ‘Total Release Experience®’ technique around the country. She has shared the TRE with many who suffer from symptoms of day to day stress, tension, anxiety or from deeply held trauma and complex PTSD helping them on to their path of healing.

Caroline trained with David Bercelli and trauma prevention. Caroline has always respected his work.  She has developed the work and created a programme from her many experiences with clients and professionals over the past seven years.   Many of whom she has worked with continuously over a regular period of time. Clients are struck by her passion and sincerity. She travels miles around the country to deliver Workshops so that as many as possible can learn in a safe, supportive and well-held environment this practice that is for self-help release from stress, anxiety or trauma. She now works closely with her team of practitioners who share the same passion.

Caroline & Daniel now work closely to support clients and their trained Practitioners all over the UK. We as a team are committed to getting our message out there so that many people can improve physically, mentally and emotionally by integrating this simple and powerful practice into their life.

Caroline's practitioner training programme is the only Accredited course of its kind, nationally and internationally. Attendance at Workshops carries CPD points for professionals.

Our Values:

Pure and simple.

Freedom - Personal Growth - Integrity