The Total Release Experience® 

for Medical Trauma

The TRE for Medical Trauma

Learn the TRE to release symptoms of your held medical trauma. If you are reading this perhaps previous treatments for medical trauma did not have the healing effect you had hoped for. TRE UK® can teach you to release without the need to talk and without interventions.

Medical intervention is not anything any of us choose to go through, but when it is necessary we put our trust in the healthcare profession. Unfortunately, sometimes trust is not enough.  Medical interventions from dentistry, to surgery, can potentially lead to medical trauma.  Children are the most vulnerable.

TraumaYou may be one of those unfortunate enough to have found yourself traumatised from your experience, be that in treatment or aftercare.

Whatever experience, at whatever stage of your life you had it, whatever feelings and emotions it brings up every time you think about the experience, your general wellbeing is constantly being challenged.  With TRE there is no need to talk and there are no physical interventions.  

A client who recently wrote:

‘I had heard about TRE for stress relief on the build-up to my wedding.  I didn’t think I’d had any ‘trauma’ as such so I wasn’t expecting a dramatic release but as soon as the tremors started I began thinking about the birth of my first child which was extremely traumatic.  I became very emotional but the tears felt great, just an amazing sense of relief.  The traumatic birth and the surgery required afterward had resulted in a loss of libido due to fear of it hurting. After my second TRE session, my mojo returned (much to the amazement of my other half!) and just in time for the wedding! I continue to use TRE at home whenever I feel the need to release any tension and could not recommend it more.’  Jane – Traumatic Birth

 ‘I attended an all-day TRE UK™ Workshop in Bristol with Caroline where Deborah was also assisting.  They both made me feel very welcome and supported. I was nervous about being in a group but soon felt comfortable with other people in after an informative presentation on TRE.

 I had recently made full recovery after major surgery.  I was having problems with daily flashback and nightmares from the procedure.  I also noticed I was using shopping and sugary foods to fill a void which ultimately made me feel worse.  In the first session I was very worried about the flashbacks, however,  I had a completely heartwarming experience and my body felt physically warm and rejuvenated.

 In my later sessions at home and with attending Deborah’s group sessions I did experience some unusual imagery of myself as a child and also butterflies and moths. (I think the gentle core vibration of TRE reminded me of the way a moth might vibrate with their wings).  After three weeks I was experiencing lots and lots of flashbacks and I cried a lot and I felt scared that I didn’t want to do it anymore but I carried on and now they really have gone away and I am feeling much stronger and happier. I also found my weakness for shopping/snacking was more under control. I could definitely sense I had gotten rid of the bad psychological stuff.

 I found the Total Release Experience very easy to do at home with some calm music and candles, I would feel very warm and content directly after a session of tremoring.  I experienced tremors in my jaw and also the urge to take enormous breaths and hold them until I felt I could burst which was a miraculous experience for me as I have always suffered from a chronic lung condition.  I found it useful to do light research on TRE and the work of Professor Bessel Van Der Kolk on living with trauma. 

 Overall I feel lucky to have been given this knowledge of TRE, it is something I will continue to use the rest of my life.  It is very comforting to know I can do something to heal myself.’

 P Roberts – Flashbacks from Medical Procedures