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The TRE Is a Life-Tool and

a Tool for Life

The Total Release Experience®

The TRE is a life tool. Make no mistake. The Total Release Experience® improves the quality of your life. There are many stressful situations in which you may have found yourself that perhaps you have had no control over. From the most stressful to the traumatic, we sometimes find ourselves caught up in something we have no control over.

Such events can go right back to childhood. The links below are some of the key areas of life incidents or traumas you may have been caught up in that you may identify with. Many of our clients that have gone through their healing journey with our 5- Step Programme have noticed an improvement in all of the important dimensions of their life.

TRE is a life tool

From birth to adulthood, you, like all of us, can never escape the fact that life happens, however with the Total Release Experience®, you can learn to manage the associated stress and anxiety that can follow from being held in your body for many years.

  • The TRE is a simple yet effective process that allows the activation of neurogenic muscle tremors in the body's core. A simple self-help practice to learn. At TRE UK®, we want you to know full support is always available should it be needed at any time once you have learned the practice with us.
  • How can I heal?

  • Just as animals tremor to release stress, so can humans. Tremoring is innate to all of us.
  • TRE UK® teaches the practice in a safe and supported environment. Our clients are empowered to make the TRE part of their routine to keep self-regulating for continuous healing.

TRE for Life

Did you realise that trapped energy from stress, tension, and anxiety can result in illness, dramatically affecting life, work, and play?

Stress, Tension, and Anxiety accumulated from everyday life circumstances, and the more traumatic events over time can make you ill. Symptoms can include Depression, increased emotional reactions, poor concentration, increased smoking, alcohol consumption, and behavioral changes. This can create a downward spiral leading to deeper anxieties that can impact our well-being on a physical and psychological level. If unchecked, we risk relationships being destroyed, careers failing, and unfulfilled dreams.

Stages of life bring different phases in health and well-being too. From menopause, and this includes men too.

We teach you the practice tailored to your needs and physical ability, and we also give guidance and support as the body releases through the natural release process.

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