A Life Tool

The Total Release Experience® is A Life Tool

Make no mistake the Total Release Experience® improves the quality of your life. There are many stressful situations in which you may have found yourself that perhaps you have had no control over. From the most stressful to the traumatic, we sometimes just find ourselves caught up in something over which we have no control.

Such events can go right back to childhood. The links below, are some of the key areas of life incidents or traumas you may have been caught up in that you may identify with. Many of our clients that have gone through their healing journey with our 5- Step Programme have noticed an improvement in all of the important dimensions of their life

From birth to adulthood you, like all of us can never escape the fact that life happens, however with the Total Release Experience® you can learn to manage the associated stress and anxiety that can follow from being held in your body for many years. Read more

Relationship Stress

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Young People

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Work Stress

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Victims of Crime

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