The Total Release Experience®

 for Health Issues

The TRE for Health Issues

Learning the TRE has been a real help to clients either waiting for a diagnosis, recovering from illness or uncertain about their future.

Health IssuesGood health is the most important thing we can have in life. Sometimes our body shows symptoms that we sometimes get concerned about. Until we are diagnosed we worry and consequently build stress and tension in our body. If the worry has been for nothing it is always a relief physically and emotionally.

To be given a diagnosis of a health issue that may be catastrophic adds a different and more intense pressure as we feel vulnerable, unsure and frightened. Family members as well as those who havehealth issues can also be under strain. and suffer stress and anxiety too.

If you have health issues then understandably you want to feel more at ease with your concerns and anxieties as you begin the recovery process.

The TRE is a natural process for releasing symptoms of stress and anxiety, and is something that can be done in the privacy of your own home.

TRE UK®  has helped many with health problems associated with stress and anxiety. Recent studies show the association with childhood abuse and inflammatory bowel disorders including IBS you can read more here.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

I attended a one day TRE-UK introduction course in Dover with Caroline in late October 2014, and have practised these exercises faithfully since—usually twice a week, quite often three times a week, and never less than once a week.

My intent was to de-stress: I had developed various stress symptoms while following through repairs to my previous home following a river flooding. Once the stress had `set in’, I could not shake it off, and IBS was the worst of it. I kept the IBS at bay with herbs prescribed by a TCM doctor (Traditional Chinese Medicine), but had not been able to find a way to throw it off altogether.

It was an unexpected, and most welcome, surprise therefore, at the end of November 2014–ie only a month after I attended my time with Caroline and learnt the practice to find the IBS had gone altogether ie I did not need Chinese herbs any more to control it. More than a year has passed since, and I have never had a return of the symptoms. This is remarkable, and more than likely, it seems to me, due to release of stress in the PSOAS muscle which is the core aim of the technique. All people with an IBS problem need to be aware of the possibility that the Total Release Experience gives of permanent release from the ‘prison’ of this unpleasant illness.

With all thanks .

JPG. Cumbria

 Ehlers Danlos

‘I’ve just completed my 6th Session of TRE!!  I was introduced to TRE by my daughter who also attends weekly sessions! I’m so glad that she informed me of Caroline’s classes.  I have a genetic disorder called Ehlers Danlos-it’s a connective tissue disorder and since connective tissue covers 95% of our bodies it’s it’s a multi-symptom disorder; doctors in general have little knowledge of the condition of which there is no cure!!

I wish I’d known of TRE years ago!!!!  Since attending group sessions I and my husband have noticed a big difference in my well being overall!  I’m less stressed, less anxious, happier ( as TRE actually is helping), sleeping better than I have in the past 10 years!  I feel that my pain has decreased to a more manageable level and my concentration & energy levels have improved and I have far fewer “Foggy Heads”!

All in all, TRE is helping me to manage my condition and hence to improve my quality of life!! My husband said “we’re laughing more”!! TRE is something I’d recommend to anybody for any issues at all whether it’s health issues or just the need to “Unwind”!!!  The NHS are missing out on a treatment for many, many, ailments & conditions!’

From a client who suffered abuse but also Bells Palsy

"Well I’m amazed. Last night when I got home I couldn’t settle and in the end tremored for another 35 mins after which I felt better and went into a deep sleep. I felt just ok this morning but as the day has gone on the left side of my face has been aching more and more. In the last hour the movement has started to come back in my face. For the first time in 3 years I can wink and close my left eye independently. They said with the Bells Palsy that if the movement didn’t come back in 6 to 12 months it would never come back. I know no-one would know to look at me that my face was partially paralysed but tonight has made me feel so much better about myself. It was just something else that made me feel freaky.  I can’t stop smiling at the moment! My face is still aching a lot but it’s worth it. I am truly amazed. I know we joked last night about the movement coming back but I didn’t think it would. What can’t TRE do?"  VC

Headaches and pelvic alignment

‘I have suffered from terrible headaches for the last 10 years or more. They seem to have stemmed from putting my back out, from lifting heavy things, lifting awkwardly and being stressed and tense in my body. I have had chiropractic treatments almost weekly at times and each headache made it really hard to function and would last 24 – 48 hours. I have now been practicing TRE for three months and my headaches have virtually disappeared and my pelvis has become mostly stable. I can lift awkwardly, carry heavy things and still not trigger what I was experiencing before.  I came to TRE UK to release emotional trauma; I hadn’t expected to have released this physical tension, which I had really thought I would just live with for the rest of my life. A week ago I was doing a week of travelling by train; I was lugging a very heavy case on and off the trains, up many flights of stairs and down again and my back remained completely strong. It is so good to be free from the disabling headaches and to be more free in how I move in my body. I plan to keep practising to keep on releasing the tension – and the thought of having my body and mind more relaxed as time goes on, is very exciting!’ 

Kate Westcott, Bath

Dealing with anxiety and panic attacks

“ My journey with TRE UK began on September 20th  2014 with Caroline at a Bromley workshop. At that point I was suffering from very high anxiety problems, Panic attacks etc.

Approaching it with an open mind, Caroline runs the group through the basis of TRE and the impact held in energies has on the body and mind.  It all seemed to make sense in relation to my own symptoms and feelings.  Then came the 1st session of TRE, trigger exercises which Caroline demonstrates before we followed.  Then the real magic begins, 30 minutes of really good tremors followed, the body takes over.   I followed Caroline’s advice and allowed my body to do what it needed to do.  After the group discussed their own experiences, of which mine were feelings of exhilaration and a real sense of a high.  The 2nd session, I experienced more relaxed breathing.  Overall after four and a half hours, I left Bromley feeling totally revitalized and much happier.

I now had the knowledge to continue practice at home, which I have been doing.

After a few Home sessions of TRE, I started to experience the detox process, which Caroline explains will happen, so it’s nothing to be worried about.  For me I felt a sense of sadness, followed by tears (even though I didn’t know why I was upset), but all these symptoms flushed through very quickly and I felt much better after.  As Caroline explains, emotions may surface and the body is releasing what it no longer needs.  Don’t allow the detox process to deter you from continuing your own TRE journey.  Detox can flush out the body after a few days, even weeks, just allow the body to heal from within.  Caroline is always on hand to advise and help you through.

I began to know my own limits, on how much TRE was enough for me do a weekly basis. I now do 1 session a week of 20 minutes, which allows the continuation of detox and helping to ease my own anxiety.  Panic Attacks are now very rare, and very brief if they do surface. For me personally I feel TRE has helped me get back to a calmer state of body and mind. Caroline is a wonderful woman, you will only benefit for her guidance.  You have more to lose by not attending , this experience will change your life”.

Richard – Businessman