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Discover Freedom with the TRE UK® Programme

The TRE UK® Programme is a simple yet effective process that allows the activation of neurogenic muscle tremors from the core of your body. A simple, empowering, powerful self-help practice that promises to be one of the most effective tools you will discover for self-healing.

We are all stress Buckets – and you will know when your Bucket is getting a bit full when you start to notice symptoms such as Anxiety and Depression, increased emotional reactions, lack of concentration or focus, and back, hip, neck or shoulder pain. In addition, behaviour changes and mood swings are common. This can create a downward spiral leading to deeper anxieties that can impact your well-being on a physical and psychological level. If unchecked, you risk relationships being destroyed, careers failing, and unfulfilled dreams.

Did you know trapped energy from stress overwhelm or trauma causes tension and anxiety?

A build-up of tension can result in illness, dramatically affecting your life, work, and play.

We tailor our teaching and support to your needs and physical ability, and At TRE UK®, we want you to know that you have our full support should it be needed at any time as you learn the practice with us.

Just as animals tremor to release stress, so can humans. Tremoring is innate to all of us. TRE UK® teaches you how to feel safe and supported in your environment.

Our clients are empowered to make the Total Release Experience® part of their routine through self-regulation for continuous healing. Heal from your past and build resilience.

Find FREEDOM from physical, mental and emotional pain.

Coping Strategy For Men

Stages of life bring different phases in health and well-being for men. The pressures of work, relationships, finances, parenting and all the other expectations you may feel under pressure to deliver. Men are impacted by menopause, too; you will find more about that in this article.

We work with some of the toughest men, but no matter what you do in life, you are only human. Your stress BUCKET fills as everyone’s does. One BUCKET management strategy is to ‘get by‘ doing what gives you a feel-good factor. That might be drinking, drugs, smoking, overexercising, eating, gambling, or other OCD behaviour. There is then the danger of building an addiction.

Coping strategy for men

One common ‘get by’ strategy we hear of a lot from men is their concerns over the use of technology.

“Understanding Screen Addiction and Responsible Digital Use” offers lots of valuable information such as:


  • How technology use has changed over the years (72% of adults now consider smartphones their most essential device)
  • The impact of COVID-19 on screen time use and digital behaviours (smartphone usage in the UK surged by 30% during lockdown)
  • Understanding screen addictions and how our devices affect our brains and change our behaviours (e.g. dopamine-driven reward loops)
  • Helpful tips and advice for tackling device addiction, managing gadgets and internet use, and creating healthier digital habits.
You can check out the full guide here.

‘After having tried other therapies, mainly ones involving ‘talking’ which haven’t been successful, I decided to give the Total Release Experience a go. I was unsure what to expect but have been utterly impressed with the sessions and feel relaxed. At one point, my heart started racing, which I linked to a pregnancy-related problem and was relieved it passed, and I felt better instantly like the problem and worry had dissipated. 10/10!’

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