If you are asking will The Total Release Experience® help you,

the answer is YES!

Are you Coping with Life?

In these challenging times, individuals and families are challenged on every level. Lockdown created financial difficulties, job losses, business closures, relationship issues, and the loss of loved ones. But, have you taken the time to notice that what you are dealing with impacts your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing?

How are you coping? What are you doing to manage your feelings and emotions? What tools do you have in your box? Breathing? Meditation? Mindfulness? Exercise? Of course, there are paid services too. Maybe you have counselling? How effective are these for you?

How would you like to recover, swiftly and without talking? In fact, you can do better than just cope – you can heal yourself and build resilience. Stress and anxiety relief are yours for the taking!

Trauma and anxiety

Are you Struggling to Cope With Anxiety?

Anxiety is one of the biggest problems impacting the lives of men, women, and children on a global level. At TRE UK®, we empower individuals from all walks of life to safely, comfortably, and confidently release their anxiety. Anxiety caused by stress, overwhelm, or trauma is one of many symptoms; others include tension, depression, back pain, IBS, insomnia, and headaches. With TRE UK®, when you learn to heal, the great news is that it is not just the one symptom that releases; it is all the others too!

Whether you have day-to-day stress or a lifetime of challenges, you can find freedom from physical, mental, and emotional pain. Everyone has their own ‘story,’ and you have yours too. The wonderful thing about the TRE UK® Programme is that you do not have to talk about your back story or relive your experience/s. Instead, like all our clients, you can discover that your body can heal itself with profound results starting with anxiety relief.

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Trauma and anxiety

Proven to be beneficial for all. You can recover from;

There isn’t ANYONE who would not benefit from accessing nature’s greatest gift, the power to release.

‘Powerfully and extraordinarily releasing. The materials were well presented. The support for personal experiencing also felt very warm and calibrated.’      M A. Psychotherapist.


Empower yourself with our unique programme to heal from your past and build resilience. We ensure that your learning experience with us gives you all you need to continue your practice with a life tool and a tool for life. We offer our full and ongoing support when you want it. Be reassured that the unique TRE UK® programme; will give you the best of education, tuition, and support.


Improve wellbeing

Improving Mental Health

If you want to improve your physical, mental, or emotional well-being, then TRE UK® can teach, support, and empower you. With extensive experience working with individuals from all walks of life, we can help you. Mental health is a growing problem. If you suffer, rapidly clear that head fog and get clarity back as depression lifts, and anxiety becomes a thing of your past.

Heal Yourself

Heal Yourself

We work with those who are ready for some more profound healing. Whether that is from the pain and suffering of grief, abuse, work stress, accidents, birth trauma, feeling overwhelmed, C/PTSD, or anything else. You have the innate ability to heal whatever is going on for you. We can offer you a free consultation to answer your questions. We have extensive experience working with individuals, families, organisations, and the service sector. Our Online Course options enable us to reach out to you wherever you are in the world. We pride ourselves on giving you the best education to empower you to heal yourself and build resilience.

We support you every step of the way on your healing journey. Please read what our clients have shared.

‘I am so glad I met Caroline and Daniel! Don’t they say that serendipity dictates who you meet those and needs in your life at a given time? Alongside my life in yoga and meditation, this practice has been so beneficial. Thank you.’