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About Us

At TRE UK® the home of The Total Release Experience®. We are dedicated to addressing the global mental health crisis by offering a groundbreaking solution. Our program is rooted in scientific research and designed to help individuals consciously connect to their core, facilitating deep and lasting healing.

Founded on the belief that true transformation begins from within, our mission is to empower individuals to overcome stress and depression through our unique and effective methodology. Our clients experience life-changing results, gaining the tools and understanding needed to reclaim their mental well-being.

Join us on a journey towards a healthier, happier you. Discover the power of The Total Release Experience® and take the first step towards lasting mental health transformation.

Meet Caroline Purvey

I’m Caroline Purvey, the visionary founder of TRE UK® With a profound passion for mental health and well-being, I have dedicated my career to helping individuals overcome the debilitating effects of stress and depression.

Drawing on my extensive experience and deep expertise, I developed The Total Release Experience® programme. This revolutionary approach integrates scientific research with practical techniques to foster genuine healing from within. My unwavering commitment to empowering others is evident in the transformative results my clients achieve as they learn to connect with their core and change their lives.

My groundbreaking work has earned widespread acclaim, establishing me as a leading authority in mental health. My dedication to making a positive impact fuels my continuous efforts to provide innovative and effective solutions for those in need.

Join me on a journey towards physical,  mental and emotional well-being and discover the transformative power of The Total Release Experience®.

  Meet Daniel

Hello, I am Daniel. Together with my mum Caroline, I work to serve the clients who put their trust in what we share. I learned the Total Release Experience® back in 2012 as one of Caroline’s early clients and became fascinated by its effects on me during challenging times.

The experience was pivotal when I went through a divorce; my whole world was rocked. But, I pulled through and turned my life around. I have never been happier. During my healing journey, I understood why Caroline was so passionate about sharing this with the world, which we are now doing together.

The challenges of COVID-19 led us to evolve our program further to reach clients globally. I use my MBA skills to ensure that our courses are accessible and a stress-free experience.   

As a trained practitioner since 2015, I am both passionate and compassionate in supporting clients on their healing journey from stress, overwhelm, or trauma.  I want others to experience, as I did, that it is possible to turn your life around even when you think you have hit rock bottom. My key focus is working with men, particularly fathers. From my own situation, I know the vital role a father has in his child’s life.

I love supporting fathers in turning their lives around and inspiring them to lead their children. However, one must NEVER give up hope.


We Are Proud to share Caroline’s 2023 Achievements in recognition of her work:

Honoured at The Plaza Hotel in New York by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP):

CEO of the Year in Alternative and Natural Health

Awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Natural Medicine by Azteca International University

Why Choose Us?

  • We share over 20 years of joint experience
  • Over 30,000+ hours of hands-on experience
  • Validated Data Report by CCU
  • FHT National and  International Accreditation
  • Clients receive full support
  • Author of No #1 bestselling book ‘Feel It To Heal It.’
  • The Programme is unique to TRE UK​​®
  • We serve clients globally
  • We provide ongoing FREE support for all our clients
  • Recommended by Professors, Drs and Therapists
  • 99% improves well-being on every level
  • Reduce anxiety and depression by over 60% after four weeks
  • One payment for a tool for life and a life tool
  • We are committed and passionate
  • Our programmes are sustainable, cost-effective and scalable
  • We offer a perfect solution for corporate well-being
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (T&Cs apply)
  • Great testimonials and shared stories

‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together African proverb.

Since 2011 life has taken me on an incredible journey, so that I can share my work with you. You can read my story in ‘Feel It To Heal It.’ 

If you are a professional, know our programme and have discovered the benefits for yourself, you may want to align with us and share best practices.

If so, we would love to hear from you.

Our Core Values


At TRE UK®, we are committed to giving you the essential tools, education and support so that you, too, can discover FREEDOM from your physical, mental and emotional pain. You will know FREEDOM when you start to transform your life and live the life you want and the life you deserve.


At TRE UK® It is important to us that we are honest and open with all our client interactions. We know the power of our work, so we are there to support you to ensure you get the best from your experience with us for as long as you ever need it.

Personal Growth

At TRE UK® we know how our programme has allowed us to grow and live the life we choose. We see the potential that everyone has, but like you never truly discover it because you are held back from the past. So we support you in shining your DIAMOND and being the person you were born to be.


At TRE UK® we want you like us, to know real empowerment. As a result, you will become stronger and more confident, especially as you regain control of your health, well-being and life. 

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