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What if you could learn a technique that fully released you from stress and trauma, and you could continue practising yourself for just an hour a week?

Living in an uncertain and changing world isn’t easy. Once we get stuck in a vicious cycle of poor mental health, it can be hard to get out. Occasional tiredness turns into constant exhaustion. This triggers mild feelings of worry to turn into intense daily anxiety and panic attacks. The stress leads to feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness. The light at the end of the tunnel seems further away than ever.

Your body struggles under the pressure of these unrelenting negative experiences. It holds onto the tension in your muscles, leading to aches and pains that no amount of exercise or medication can soothe long term.

Self-medication becomes a habit as you try all the traditional methods of getting better, but respite never lasts long. You’re starting to wonder if this is it. Suffering is just part of your everyday life.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

No matter how long you’ve been suffering, you can return to a place of healthy wellbeing, peace, happiness and bodily strength. What it takes is going back to basics, listening to your body and embracing its innate protective instincts.

Once you’ve learned how to use tremoring safely and effectively, you can rely on it for the rest of your life without further intervention. After unlocking this ability, we all have, a refresher of the resources provided is the only potential extra work necessary.

immobilised by anxiety

Imagine your life if:

Instead of feeling immobilised by anxiety, you knew a way to release and prevent it

Instead of trying to live with the heavy burden of intrusive thoughts, you could take action to relieve them

Instead of surviving at rock bottom, you could live your life to the fullest

Instead of dealing with relentless muscle aches, you could get rid of the tension forever

Instead of depending on professionals to be available to help you when you need it most, your main well-being solution was completely self-reliant

Learn it Once; Benefit Forever

With the Total Release Experience® Online Programme

Our signature programme allows you to unlock the physical practice of tremoring and learn how to use it in your everyday life to release tension and trauma for improved mental and physical well-being. 

By signing up for the course, you get access to:

A scientific well-being method 

This technique is focused around the Psoas muscle, the fight/flight centre, and our innate response to trauma, which is tremoring. Research by Canterbury Christchurch University backs up the effectiveness of this methodology today. 

Convenient teaching that puts you in the driver’s seat

Learn when and where you want, with video teachings and supportive digital resources like a progress tracker. No wasting time in waiting rooms or having to rearrange your whole day for an appointment. If you need extra help, the TRE UK® team is here to support you, ensuring you get the best experience possible. 

Lifelong empowerment

This course teaches you how to help yourself with a timeless technique. As a result, you can be self-reliant moving forward in your well-being journey, and you will always have access to the online course resources if you need a refresher. 

‘By the end of the course, I was a different person. The old Tom was gone, along with the heavy drinking, nightmares and above all, that pervasive feeling of guilt.’

“I feel I have a truly powerful tool to deal with stress, trauma, and tension whenever it may come. The Total Release Experience has dramatically helped me get rid of past trauma, a very calming and cathartic cleansing therapy for mind, body, and spirit. It has also helped me stop comfort eating, and, as a result, I have lost half a stone since starting the Course. In addition, I now sleep deeply on average 6 to 7 hours per night compared to 4 to 5 hours max (of bad sleep) for the 12 months before starting the Course.’

‘I honestly felt like I was being purged of any physical and psychological ailments that had arisen from the week, leaving me free to tackle the week ahead.’

Total Release Experience

Individual & Families

Discover more about all our course options and savings

Total Release Experience

Groups & Organisations

Discover more about all our course options & savings

Please know that living in these troubled times, we know the benefits that our Programme can bring to those traumatised by war.   If you are a Charity or Organisation looking to support victims of war then please talk with us, we can help.


Miracles Are Possible

Through our experience, we are excited to share that miracles are possible. Through this method, your body has more capacity to make biological changes through natural and holistic pathways than most doctors are willing to admit to accepting. Drugs aren’t necessarily the best answer – you cure one problem with a drug, only to create another with the same artificial chemical you are ingesting. Your body knows how to obtain optimum healing capacity through its natural stress response, providing life-long release. But unknowingly, we suppress this response, which could so naturally heal us.

Our method works. It is a powerful solution to the pain and anxiety that you have been looking for.

We share a wealth of experience; having worked with many highly traumatised clients, we follow through with them on their healing journey. That is how the programme we teach has evolved. Our programme is not about exercise for those with physical concerns or disabilities.

We often hear, “I have dealt with my stress; I don’t need it!” But how do you know that Stress is held in the body’s muscle memory and is something you can’t avoid? So ask yourself – have you dealt with it or just blocked it You will continue to face stress as part of life Many we spoke to felt that they have dealt with their stress, but they are still feeling it years later. As one client said:

‘If you think you feel ok, you don’t know how much better you can feel!’

Never be afraid of your own body. We are here to support you every step of the way. You get a complete education to understand what you are learning and why.

At TRE UK®, we also understand that money doesn’t grow on trees, and we do our absolute best to work with you to help you access this life-changing information. Compared to alternative therapies that do not always or cannot always release the cause of your symptoms or require ongoing financial commitment over many weeks or months, our method represents real value. So what price do you put on your health and happiness? We encourage you to think out-of-the-box and consider how you can access the Total Release Experience®. We want you to feel the profound change to your life that is possible, we do payment terms if you need them, and concessions are available – please get in touch. We have a solution for you, whatever you are going through now.

Our Online Courses are convenient and supportive with ‘to-the-point education accredited by FHT and recommended by professionals.

By learning our 5-Step programme, you will soon discover your body has an innate intelligence that can safely and naturally bring about physical, mental, and emotional balance when allowed to release deeply-held stress and anxiety.

Clients Shared Reflections On The Online Programme

“I am very grateful to have met and learned the Total Release Experience with Caroline Purvey. I was one of the first students of their Stress and Anxiety Release Online program, which has been a successful experience of learning.”


“Caroline’s guidance and presence through the process were embedded with warmth and expertise. The TRE UK Course has quickly created deep positive changes in my life, and already during the first month, I’ve been practising the method with regularity. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested, especially during these times of pandemic and uncertainty.” – Julia S London.


“I’d love to thank you very much for developing this online course. Wow, it’s a powerful tool! At times during the release, I did feel unnerved by the emotional outpouring. However, hearing Caroline’s reassuring words helped me to feel safe and to carry on. I’m already feeling lighter this morning. I really can’t thank you enough.” – S J. Carmarthenshire.


“I have continued with the practice on my own following the 3 sessions guided by Caroline, and it continues to offer such an opportunity for shifting energy and trauma in a way that nothing else I have tried has been able to access.” – KD, Professional Health Worker.


“It was excellent, powerful, enjoyable, and safe. Fascinating, and it gives me hope for the future”.


‘I want to let you know how the Total Release Experience helped me in the current situation. I was ill with Covid 19 myself, as well as my husband. The first thing I did after feeling a little stronger was to release, and boy! How it helped me in my recovery!!! Secondly and unforgotten, I lost my dad (not from corona) whilst still recovering from covid19 myself. As I did not have a way to visit him three weeks before his death, the loss is unbearable, but thanks to releasing, my life continues in a calm and relaxed way, and I can process the loss effectively! Wishing you well, and may you always have the strength to help and reach out to many more.’  Sarah

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