Your Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The Total Release Experience® has helped thousands over the past decade to recover from the impact of stress, overwhelm and trauma on their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Q What is Trauma, and how does it impact you and your life?

A.  Trauma is your body’s response on every level to a challenging or life-threatening situation. Every stressful, overwhelming or traumatic experience not only releases adrenalin and cortisol into your body but also draws tension into the Psoas and remains held and undischarged in your muscle memory.  Thinking is that trauma is stored in the subconscious mind, and there is very little attention to the fact that it is stored in the physical body, which indeed it is.

The impact of tension is responsible for physical, mental and emotional imbalances in the body, including anxiety, depression, pain, and fibromyalgia, from panic attacks to Parkinson’s, at worst, C/PTSD.  Unmanaged, battling with the tension from the past can lead to stroke, heart attack, cancer or suicide.  We know that NO ONE wants to take their own life; they want to end their pain.

Q. What is the Total Release Experience®

A. The Total Release Experience® (The TRE®)  is a unique 5-Step Programme that Caroline evolved from over a decade of practical experience.  It is an empowering programme that becomes a self-help practice.  The TAP Process (Thoughtfully Activate the Psoas) initiates the permanent release of symptoms from tension caused by past stress and trauma.

Q.  Can it work if I am physically challenged?

A. At TRE UK® we can confidently adapt to each individual’s physical ability.  We teach to a high level so that all clients feel safe and supported as they learn to invoke their body’s innate tremoring response in a controlled and sustained way.  You would safely and gently release tension and, in so doing, release the symptoms of stress and trauma from the core of your body. When released, what is held and undischarged in the muscle memory brings profound freedom.

Q. How does it work?

A. Chronic muscular tension is released from the core of the body, where the protective pattern of muscle contraction is created.  The body returns to a more calm, relaxed and balanced state.  The somatic technique is easily learned, self-empowering and immediately effective.

Q. Do you have evidence-based research?

A. Yes, indeed, we do.  We submitted data from our online Programmes to Canterbury Christchurch University.  They produced a Validation Report showing the many benefits of the process.  Key findings:

‘We can be 99% confident that the results on the physical, mental and emotional improvements are not due to chance, but genuine statistical effect.’

‘High-level anxiety and depression scores down over 60%.’

Q. How can I learn?

A. Our programmes and courses are available online.  That means wherever you are in the world, you can start immediately.  We also offer a practitioner-led Programme online via Zoom or face-to-face in Dover or a location of your choice (incurs additional expenses).  At TRE UK®, we pride ourselves on ensuring all our clients have access to full education and resources in our four-module Programme. Furthermore, we provide unlimited support as each one progresses on their own healing journey.  We would be there for you too.

Q. How do I Pay?

A.  We offer all options from Stripe, PayPal (they offer pay in 3) or BACs.

Q.  Will it work for me?

A.  Follow our advice and guidance, and yes, it will work for you. Unless there you have a severe disability on any level, in our experience, it works for the majority of individuals. This makes it ideal not only for survivors of extreme trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) but anyone with chronic stress and tension, bringing about a greater sense of well-being.

Q. Will I need to talk?

A. The TRE UK® Programmes and Courses require ‘no talking’, so there is no need to recall specific events or re-experience unwanted emotions or memories.  It is important to remember that children block their feelings, emotions and memories.  That is how they survive.  So how can you talk about something that happened when you don’t remember?  But trust that your body does.  Working with Fire and Rescue, Police, and the Military, many do not want to talk. In the words of Professor Gordon Turnbull, he is a World leading Clinical Trauma Psychiatrist said to me a decade ago, ‘We now know we have to get it out of the body for talking just doesn’t do it.’    

Q. Is it for everyone?

A. Anyone can learn to release stored physical energy and tension from the deeper core of their body.  How do we know that? Because they have a psoas muscle and their body already knows! We work with children from the age of 4 to adults over 80.  It is innate in all of us.  It is a choice we all have – to do it or not.

As one of our clients shared, ‘Everyone should do this – why wouldn’t’ they?’

Q. It sounds a bit scary, is it?

A. We understand you may feel that way; many do. We always have a feeling of fear about the unknown. Ironically the Psoas is your fight/flight centre, where we hold fears and emotions.  However, be reassured there is nothing to be afraid of.  TRE UK® clients get full education and support.  They often cannot believe how calming and relaxing the practice feels because it is so natural. No one can tell you what it will feel like until you do it.  It is the work of the TRE UK® skilled facilitators and practitioners to guide and support you through the practice so that you feel confident and comfortable to continue.  It becomes a tool for life and a life tool.  How can you be afraid of your own body – which has an amazing ability to heal itself?

Q. How long before I feel better?

A. In the first session, you will feel the benefit of a release. When the body does the talking, healing starts straightaway.  Some notice a profound change, others subtle, but that is because each body is different.  You are unique, and your back story is unique.  How your body chooses to heal is unique too.

Regular practice of The TRE® Process has released symptoms that have been endured for years by some clients.  As tension is released from the body, the brain registers a reduction in pain signals, producing new hormones that promote healing from within, bringing about a greater sense of well-being. Sustained regular practice is the key to feeling better. One of the inmates at the prison where we teach said, ‘If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got’.  If you want things to change, you must do something for yourself.  We are there every step of the way with you.

Q. What makes The Total Release Experience® different? 

The TRE UK® programme is unique, for unlike Caroline’s early experience in training it was her dedication to working full time with clients that she learned so much more.  Your body already knows what it needs to do.  Unfortunately, like everyone, it has been suppressed and forgotten. The process activates an involuntary vibration in the muscles.  Individuals do not use the conscious control of their body or brain that most other relaxation techniques and therapies rely upon.

Q. How will I benefit from the TRE UK® Programme?

A. Stress, tension, anxiety, and depression are prevalent in the UK.  Adults and teenagers often experience stress daily, brought on by many factors.  Trauma may have happened from events over which we have had no control as we go through elevated stress levels; our deep core muscles contract, holding the stress in our body.  It is not until we experience pain, discomfort or illness that we associate how we feel as being directly related to our stressful or traumatic experiences.

When you learn with TRE UK®, you learn to:

RELEASE: the many symptoms you may have on a physical, mental and emotional level.

RECOVER: from the cause of your stress and trauma

DISCOVER: A life of FREEDOM from the pain of the past, and free of addictive behaviour as the cause is healed. Most of all, discover who you are when not held back.  Your skills, talents and so much more.  become the person you are meant to be. Live is the life you choose for yourself.

Q. Will The TRE UK® Process improve my sleep?

A. Sleep difficulty is an indicator that our body may be out of balance. Sleeplessness is often a symptom of stress, anxiety or tension.   One of the key factors of stress is a worried mind!  Deep muscular relaxation, which the process elicits, induces our body to activate the rest/digest.  This brings about the relaxation response of the parasympathetic nervous system.  This will allow our bodies to sleep.  Many of our clients report better sleep.

If you have further questions, please get in touch so we can add them to our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page.