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Feel It To Heal It

In her book Feel It To Heal It, Caroline shares her journey of over eight years discovering the body’s healing power. Sharing her insights from years of experience. A must-read if natural healing is for you.

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About Caroline Purvey
About Caroline Purvey

About Caroline Purvey

Caroline is a passionate, transformational leader. She is continually driven by the results of those that have learned the Total Release Experience®.

Privileged to have discovered the body’s mysteries to heal itself with an innate, empowering, simple, primitive practice, she was inspired to share many stories.

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‘This book is more than one woman’s journey, it is a reflection of a vision, a mission, and a massive higher purpose and the impact that it has on the lives of all who experience it. It’s also just the tip of the iceberg of the lives that the Total Release Experience® will touch upon and transform…..’

Judith Quinn Vocal Confidence Specialist & Voice-Vibration Sound Healer

‘We really do all need to take responsibility for our own wellbeing. The impact? I think needs no imagination!….’

Dawn Pepin – Radiographer

‘It was Caroline’s persistence in encouraging me to use her technique which changed my life. I realised how right she was.. it really has helped me to heal and deal with the whole stressful legal process of divorce, the reality of a new life.. which when you are in your 50s and you think that your future is secure.. to be faced with the realisation that your life is taking an unexpected turn.. is totally overwhelming…..’
Ania Jeffries – Confidence Coach

‘…..This book, full of illuminating and inspirational testimonies of her clients’ positive reaction to the Total Release Experience®, is a potential life changer at a time when physical, mental and emotional issues are dominating news headlines……’

Peter Erlam – Freelance Journalist

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