The Total Release Experience® 

for Carers

The TRE for Carers

TRE UK® recognises the importance of the role of carers. Caring for others is probably one of the most precious gifts one can give to another. Did you know that

  • * Over 95% of members state that they find it difficult to recruit staff.

  • * Over two-thirds of carers (69%) reported that their mental health has worsened.

  • * 64% of carers said their physical health has worsened due to caring during the pandemic.

The Impact of Caring

Whatever your situation, the caring you do for others is incredible. But I am sure I do not need to tell you it is a demanding and challenging role. Over time, stress and anxiety from the emotional burden of caring will impact your physical, mental, and emotional health. Compassion fatigue can develop for carers when it all gets too much.


You may be:

  • * A young person caring for a parent or sibling,

  • * Caring for your elderly, sick or disabled parent

  • * Caring for your ill or disabled partner or child

  • * A single parent caring for your children


  • The Total Release Experience® Programme unique to TRE UK® has helped carers find release from the symptoms of their stress and anxiety, such that they have new energy and focus as they healed from their physical, mental and emotional aches, pains, and strains.


The Testimonial from a Carer

‘It was a strange and difficult time, and the TRE was as beneficial to me as it was to my daughter Sally! The whole experience was extremely calming and filled me with the hope that the body/mind could heal itself. Caroline has created a lovely positive, unchallenging and supportive space in the centre.

I felt very vulnerable about Sally’s recovery and future, but Caroline’s quiet support and acceptance of her condition made me feel brave and hopeful. Thank you for that, Caroline! It meant the world to me. It felt like an oasis of sanity in a chaotic, frantic and upsetting time. Caring for someone experiencing acute psychosis is a scary and bewildering undertaking. I had always felt uncomfortable with medication as the solution but was told by the professionals there was nothing else they were aware of that would help.

Talking therapies would have been useless as Sally had delusions and could not express herself clearly (although if you knew her, you would recognise themes and concerns in her rhymes and metaphors). The TRE, however, was perfect because it does not need words or concentration or focus. It just happens……amazing! I know it helped us both so much.

Sally is very well. She has just completed her first year of Uni and is off the anti-psychotic drugs she had been prescribed. Thank goodness! She is a better person post psychosis. She is less guarded and cynical. She is more caring and easygoing. It is so much more than I dared to hope for. I honestly thought I had lost her forever, and every time I watch her laughing and enjoying the moment, I am filled with wonder and deep pleasure at her recovery.’

Joan – Kent