Symptoms of a Traumatized and Stressed Individual

June 9, 2018 in blog, Mental Health

Anxiety and Tension lead to problems

Do you recognize the signs of high levels of stress, anxiety, and tension in people who are a part of your life?  With the world becoming a hectic place to reside in with each passing day, it is becoming more and more important to notice the mental health of those around you.  Being able to recognize when a person you care about is suffering internally,  can make all the difference in the world for that individual.

Here are symptoms you will observe in a person who is stressed or traumatized, They maybe silently screaming for help:

Emotional Signs

Emotional indicators of stressed individuals include a feeling of being overwhelmed too often and feeling like things are spiraling out of control. People who are stressed will be moody, frustrated and have difficulty in feeling relaxed. They will tend to avoid the company of people and prefer staying alone.

Physical Indicators

People suffering from a lot of anxiety, stress, tension and trauma will feel like they are low on energy and will experience frequent headaches. They will have trouble sleeping and body aches and a rapid heartbeat will become a normal occurrence in their lives. Stressed and traumatized individuals will be nervous around you and will be prone to shaking and swearing excessively.

Mental Signs

People with a great deal of tension and stress in their lives will have reduced concentration levels and diminished perception. Their judgment will be poor and they will be indecisive in most areas of their life. Individuals suffering from anxiety due to a hectic life will lack in motivation and will display low levels of creativity.

Any amalgamation of these three indicators should notify the presence of anxiety and tension in an individual. Other signs include an increased use of caffeine-containing products, drugs, and alcohol. Keeping people you care about safe from drowning in their troubles by recognizing the issue through these symptoms will make it easier for them to power through the difficult time successfully.

All this tension and anxiety resides in the body and figs the mind.  When it spirals out of control, there is another on the list awaiting support for their mental health.  Current solutions – talking or medication.  No wait before you give up there is something else.  You can take control and heal yourself.  The body remembers and so the body must release.   The Total Release Experience® teaches you how to heal yourself and start to get your life back on track.

Importance of Children’s Mental Health

May 3, 2018 in blog

Importance of Children’s Menat Health

Good mental health is essential for a healthy and robust lifestyle. Whether a child of ten years of age or an adult who just reached fifty years of age.  Consequently, issues like continuous anxiety and tension can have a significantly drastic effect that lasts a lifetime.  A lot of importance should be given to the mental health of children,   The type of childhood they have will impact their entire life and the way their personalities and characters are shaped.

The following features are the two of the most important basis of the good mental health of children and have a great impact on their life as they grow up:

Unconditional Love from Family Members

One thing that should be at the basis of every family life is unconditional love. Especially relevant is to give support, security, and acceptance.   Just some of the things that a child needs as he/she is growing up. The absence of any one feature can cause havoc in both the present and future life of a child, and open them up to bouts of anxiety and tension. Because everyone makes mistakes and they should be accepted and dealt with properly without going overboard.

A Safe and Sheltered Environment

Children are more prone to becoming frightened of something that exists around them or something that is in their minds. The first step to take is to find out exactly what they are scared of and is giving them anxiety.  After finding out attempt to remove the fear.  Childhood fears stay with individuals as they grow up and becomes a permanent part of their life.  Such fears can haunt them for years if they are not handled at the right time. Adults sometimes do not understand the fear or its origin. Dealing with it is the main action to pursue instead of marking their fears as trivial and waving them off.

Getting rid of any aspect of a child’s life that may affect them and mark them for life is an adults responsibility.  It should not be hedged on at any cost.  Even something that seems minute can have an immense impact on a child and mar their innocence and cause their mental health to weaken forever.

Children and the Total Release Experience® (the TRE)

There are limited resources and options for children if they suffer anxiety.  Talking being the main one.  For some talking is not an option for the many children, unfortunately, have endured a history of stressful to traumatic situations often at the hands of the ones supposed to love them.  Freeze is their defense mechanism.  We work with many adults who suffer because of the trauma is held in their body from an early age.  The TRE for children is such a simple yet powerful practice.  Learning the TRE  enhances their chance of letting go of their anxieties and build resilience for their future.  Then they can have the hopeful future they deserve.

How to Cope With Grief and Painful Emotions with the TRE

March 21, 2018 in blog

Grief is intense sorrow caused by the loss of someone close to your heart.  In grief, a person feels a variety of emotions such as loneliness, sadness, distress, and heartache.  There are numerous reasons of experiencing grief such as the death of a loved one, end of a relationship, loss of a job or suffering from a chronic illness or any other tension.

Everyone has a different way of grieving, but if you seek support and take care of yourself you can heal.  Dealing with grief is a challenging task, but it is possible and necessary.  The pain disrupts your physical health and makes it difficult for you to sleep, think and eat. All these reactions are normal while you are grieving, but there are numerous ways to cope with the loss and come to terms with it and move on and live a normal life.

How to Deal with Overcoming Grief

Even though facing a loss is an inevitable part of life, there are numerous things you can do to pick up the pieces and move on with life.  Some of the steps include:

  1. Recognise your pain
  2. Understand that your grieving process will not be similar to anyone else’s
  3. Seek help from people who care about you and share your feelings with them
  4. Take care of your physical health to support your emotional health
  5. Understand the difference between depression, anxiety, and grief

The Stages of Grief

  1. Denial

This is where you are in denial about what is happening with you

  1. Anger

In this stage, you feel angry about why you are facing the situation and find people you can blame for it

  1. Bargaining

In this stage, you try to make deals with God or yourself to do anything in return for taking the pain away from you

  1. Depression

You begin to feel too emotionally drained to do anything

  1. Acceptance

This is the final stage where you come face to face with the reality and are at peace with what happened and finally move on

When in grief you may want to withdraw from everyone and retreat in your shell, but having the support of people is vital for the healing process. You can also find comfort by being around others who are suffering the same or around those who genuinely care about you.  Whatever the case may be you should not isolate yourself.  For the most part, talking is the main option.  Now there is another way.

With the Total Release Experience®  (the TRE) there is another way to learn to heal and very quickly. Those we have worked with although they felt they had dealt with their grief it soon became evident to them in their practice that the body was still holding the pattern.  They have very quickly and without the need to talk, released their long-held symptoms and have been able to move on free of anxiety, insomnia, and depression enjoying the memories of their loved ones but feeling ready to move on.

Relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Adult Well-Being

February 16, 2018 in blog
Relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Adult Well-Being

Adverse Childhood Experiences are those traumatic events that lead to negative and long-lasting effects on the health and well-being of an individual. They can be anything ranging from sexual abuse, losing a close loved one due to a traumatic incident to the divorce of your parents. Such experiences not only increase the odds of struggle but have an adverse effect on the health and behaviour of individuals when they grow up.

There are many short and long-term impacts of cumulative childhood trauma with most commonly reported cases relating to substance abuse and household physical abuse. According to studies, some adults have experienced at least one instance of household dysfunction or childhood abuse before the age of 18.

You can not underestimate the importance of a child’s relationship with the caregiver. It’s through these relationships that children learn to trust one another, interact with one another and regulate their emotions. When these relationships become unstable, it gives them the feeling that they cannot rely on anyone else for help. They start to see the world through a different lens and have a more pessimistic approach towards the things in life as they believe nothing good ever lasts.

Most of the abused or neglected children have trouble building strong healthy relationships with others. They are more vulnerable to stress and may react inappropriately or violently to normal situations. Children who have a history of complex trauma may also face issues with their romantic relationships, authority figures, and friends.

Childhood experiences greatly affect who we become as adults and if not dealt with carefully in the beginning, can lead to serious mental health issues.

There is a strong relationship between adult well-being and childhood trauma. In such cases, mental health strategies should be incorporated to prevent the impacts at the early stages of life such as counseling.

Much of our work is supporting adults wanting to heal from the scars of childhood trauma.  The body has a wonderful way of letting go of the past with the most natural healing practice of the Total Release Experience®  No talking, or interventions and so easy to learn with our support.  A one day Workshop and you can live a different life –with hope.  See what others have said

Self-Care at last

January 30, 2018 in blog

We are told now that instead of queuing up and clogging up the Drs Surgeries we must look to self-care.  What are the options?  Expensive treatment? Talking? Self-medication? Now there is the Total Release Experience® (the TRE)  a liberating “no-talking” practice for everyone and can help to release, even eradicate symptoms of stress, tension, pain, anxiety, and trauma, leaving you more resilient in mind and body.

Some of us can find ourselves on a downward spiral. Perhaps caused by work stress, grief due to the loss of a loved one, perhaps traumatic events, abuse on a mental, physical or sexual level and the cumulative effects of all that we have experienced in our life, since birth. There is no escape from the pressures of life.

As a result, we can suffer symptoms from stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health problems, panic attacks, IBS, PTSD, CPTSD, at worst cancer, obesity, suicidal tendencies, stroke, heart attack or diabetes. Take a closer look at the Total Release Experience®.  We can all can now take charge of our mental, emotional and physical health by allowing our body to heal itself using its own natural release mechanism, as many others have discovered.

It is not just our own life experiences that affect our health and especially our mental health but those of others that we deal with. This may be colleagues or our opposites in work and life. Which is, of course, extreme for those in the Military also still for the Veterans, Prison service, Police, Fire service, Medical professions and Carers. Teachers too have very stressful jobs.  We often see and hear how celebrities, politicians and some members of our Royal Family face mental health issues from life traumas and stressful experiences.

Stress affects everyone, and we all need to regularly release in order to stay healthy and happy.  Investing in a Total Release Experience® course or Workshop will give you a stress release tool that you can use for the rest of your life. Cost-effective and you feel the difference straight away. Start to break the downward spiral and turn it around.  Once down the only way is up!  Maybe it is time for a rethink when it comes to self-care.

Everyday Dealings of the Service Sector and Their Mental Health

December 21, 2017 in blog

The topic mental health is an extremely popular one. It is talked about frequently. Those suffering from mental illnesses like stress, anxiety, PTSD, and tension are encouraged to come out and be open about their emotions.  They all seek help so that there are no long-term implications. This allows the healing process to be successful.

However, people who are forgotten when talking about the impact of bad mental health are the ones that include all first responders.  Firemen, paramedics, and policemen require mental health assistance the most.  They deal with traumatic incidents and cases on duty on a daily basis.   Not least at this time of year.

Not every firefighting incident is completely successful. Some accidents leave vehicles too damaged to save anyone riding inside. The same way there are robberies and kidnappings that go wrong.  All of these adversely impact the mental health of firemen, police officers and paramedics significantly. Learning to deal with anxiety and tension attached to the jobs of these people is something that is vital and cannot be ignored.

Coping with the daily emotional struggles is a problem.  As one becomes attached to their career, most first respondents end up distancing themselves from such situations.  They desensitize themselves so that they can do their jobs properly.  However, the occurrences still have a negative effect on their mental health which builds up over time and eventually becomes too much to handle for some people.  The high tension and anxiety levels lead to addiction to drugs and alcohol and in some extreme cases to suicide.

The jobs of firefighters, paramedics and policemen entail high pressure and require a great deal of involvement. While some cases may be easier to move past, some incidents stay with the first respondents and haunt them for a long time.  This impacts their work, personal lives and that of those around them.  Worst of all their mental health.

Having mandatory rehab sessions and programs for all first respondents should be a top priority of the authorities if they want efficient and healthy people working to save the lives of others.  The good mental health of these people is essential for the safety of others and their own.  Dealing with mental health issues that come with the stress, anxiety, trauma, and tensions attached to these jobs is crucial.  The Total Release Experience® is a  most cost-effective powerful practice for all service sector heroes.  We have had great results with those we have worked with.  No talking, no medicines, and self-help. Let’s think of them all this Christmas.


Heal Your Mind and Body the Natural Way

November 9, 2017 in blog

If you want to achieve optimal health your mind and body need to work in harmony. Luckily, there are many natural techniques that can help you heal without having to rely on medicine. You can easily have a mind that allows you to experience life and enjoy all the beautiful things it has to offer. Out of these, your own heart and soul come on top of the list.

There are many remedies that can be used to balance your energy so that you feel your best. The most powerful you can work with is the self- healing practice the Total Release Experience and to support your healing journey there are other support techniques you could adopt. There are numerous ways to heal your mind and body with ease so that you can restore them to their natural healing systems. Simple switches like incorporating fruits into your diet or exercising for a few minutes daily can make a huge difference. These small changes add up over time.

The Total Release Experience®

Take control of your well-being and start your healing journey with this self-help practice. Once learned by a member of our professional team you can continue at no additional cost and we are always there to support you.  With a bucket full of stress and tension we teach you how to release from your bucket, heal from the past and build resilience for the future.  Changes to mind and body can be instant.  But as you heal you may need or choose to support yourself with other practices or change habits to ensure you get the best for yourself.

Incorporate Organic Fruits and Vegetables in Your Diet

Many health problems are linked to a high level of acidity in the body. The acidity causes inflammation which in turn leads to numerous diseases and illnesses. In order to have a better health, it’s important to alkalize your body as much you can by eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that are the optimal food items for the human body. What’s even better is making these organic foods yourself in order to avoid harmful toxins. By eating the right meal you can help to improve your physical and mental health.

Get a Massage

Getting a massage is a great way to relax and release toxins. They are bound to make you feel stress-free and release the build-up of toxins and tension in your body. The comfort and soothing effect you feel in your body after a massage aids your body’s healing system in the long run. Consider it a treat to yourself and an opportunity to give your mind and body a boost.

Drink Sufficient Water

You need to make sure that your body is properly hydrated otherwise dehydration can lead to fatigue, headaches and create numerous other discomforts in your body. Water is needed to perform all of the functions of the body, especially when it comes to the digestive system. By increasing your water intake to a sufficient level, you can significantly improve your body’s natural detoxification process.


Exercise is free, a brisk walk on a clear day. A run or jog keeps the limbs moving and the joints from creaking.  You may want to join a class maybe Pilates or Yoga may swim so you keep the body moving.  There are lots of other physical ways to keep your body mobile and flexible as much as you can.

Get proper sleep

A lack of sleep can be detrimental to your health and body. Your body needs time to restore, detox and heal itself. One of the best times for your body to do so is when you are sleeping. If you don’t get enough hours of sleep, you are likely to have health issues and anxiety you wouldn’t normally experience. The cells in our body heal when sleep restfully. Therefore, it is imperative to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night.

Using these and other natural remedies you can find lasting solutions at home and save yourself from developing further mental and health issues.

How to Learn The Total Release Experience® at TRE UK ®

We provide the following options:

Regional Workshops:

Our regional workshop programme in Kent and the South East is the most cost-effective way to learn this practice:

Please see the regional workshop overview at the bottom of this page or visit our upcoming workshops overview for current locations, dates and prices.

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Learn at home - Skype courses:

If you are not able to make any of our regional workshops, due to distance, health or other reasons, we are pleased to be able to provide you with the possibility to learn this life-changing practice from the comfort of your own home.

Please find out more about our Skype Course programme:

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Private Workshops for individuals or Groups:

In only 5 hours you can learn this powerful practice that will be life-changing for you, your family, your team. Whoever you wish to learn this powerful practice with we can tailor our programme to your own group and location.

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Learn how to Release from Grief in Hampshire

April 24, 2017 in blog, Mental Health

The news in the last week reminds us that our Princes William and Harry suffered trauma in their lives as a result of losing their mother, their Mental Health has suffered as a result. They encourage us all to heal from grief.  You can learn how to do this in our TRE Workshop in Hampshire on the 29th April 2017. 

An extremely traumatic experience it must have been for the princes at the loss of their mother Princess Diana and then having to walk in a parade with the coffin followed by the eyes of millions around the world. Of course, they would have to have been extremely brave and very hard for the young princes. Prince Harry has now said that he has had counselling and feels much better for dealing with it. He took his time as he resisted for nearly 20 years he said.

Losing a loved one at some point impacts us all.  Whether a parent, child, partner or friend passes away they would not want us to suffer for the rest of our lives. The princes are encouraging us to take on our grief in that we should actively do something about it.

Unfortunately, counselling is not something that all can or want to use to help them through.   There is another way to can take control of grief with a ‘no talking’ physical practice.

In our Workshop in Hampshire on the 29th April you can learn how to release your symptoms from grief.  You will be guided through the process of activating your body’s own release mechanism helping you get over the physical, mental and emotional pain from your loss so that you can start living your life again.

The Total Release Experience is a powerful solution that helps you to heal.

By joining the TRE UK Workshop in Hampshire you will learn to activate your body’s own ability to release.  Once you have learned how to activate your own body’s release mechanism you will be able to carry on the practice in the comfort of your own home.

We provide you in a one day workshop an in-depth understanding, guidance, and support on how your body can heal itself from your loss,  trauma, stress, anxiety or heal from PTSD and build resilience so that you can deal better with whatever life brings to your table.

We run workshops around the country we are in Awbridge, Hamsphire on the 28th April 2017. Find out how learning the Total Release Experience with TRE UK has helped many others in our shared stories

Don’t suffer for twenty years.

The Zebra Meets a Terrorist

March 22, 2017 in blog

The Zebra Meets a Terrorist

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines “terror” as a state of intense fear. The problem with experiencing terrorist attacks such as today’s on Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament is the lasting physical effect of that stressful event. After experiencing fear, whether as somebody involved in the incident, witnessing it directly, or watching it on the news, we move into a state of anxiety – and this perpetual state of fear lasts longer and causes chronic stress.

The problem is that our bodies respond to fear by activating it for the “fight-or-flight” response. The ability to act quickly in a threatening situation is essential in circumstances such as a terrorist attack. It allows police, for example, to handle the situation quickly and efficiently.

However, when we do not use the body’s mobilized energy for to fight or run, we store that energy inside. And every time we watch the news, we are reminded of the tragic event and our bodies respond with stress. Every time we see more pictures on social media, our bodies instinctively react to the threat and, again, go into stress.

One cannot escape terrific news unless one turns off the telly. One cannot really avoid the anxiety from watching the news. But one can manage the stress with which our bodies automatically respond by releasing it through our innate ability to shake it off. Just like animals do in the wild after a chase through the Serengeti, we can discharge the stress energy that has us all pumped up with nowhere to go.

Granted, we cannot be completely like the zebra – the British do not take to the African heat too well, and neither do we want be oblivious to world news. Yet especially when the terrible news is close to home and heart, we need to activate the zebra part in us and learn to shake off the remnants of stress and fear that we generate every time we look at Facebook. Only then can we enjoy the good news among the bad. By returning to a balanced state, the zebra (in us) can calmly face the terror. (Dr R Vieth)

Strengthen the Mental Health of Children

January 13, 2017 in blog, Mental Health

Strengthening the Mental Health of our Children is an important role of Parents and Grandparents.

For whatever reason, we are living in challenging times. It is not just adults who suffer mental health problems and PTSD but also children.  We are hearing on our news tonight how 1 in 10 children have a diagnosed mental health problem. The Mental Health of our Children is not something we can ignore.

Did you know for all the children suffering, the Total Release Experience® can take them back to some normality in their life?  How do I know this?  Because we work with children.  When a 12-year-old says after one practice that she feels less angry, has not self-harmed in a week and feels happier, then there has to be something in it.  TRE UK®  now teach the Total Release Experience®.

Mental Health In Schools

Schools that are bold enough to take a look at what can help their students through the issues that face them.

Peer pressure, hormonal issues, parental pressure, exam pressure, sibling rivalry, bullying, abuse mental or physical and a whole host of other issues that face them.  If children get the chance to learn this powerful, self-help practice which they love, we would take the pressure of our health services and save young people from taking their own lives.   In 2015 that was 231 young people.  It is heartbreaking.

If children can learn to release their stress on tap - what a different generation of adults we will have in the future and how many lives would be saved?

How to Learn The Total Release Experience® at TRE UK ®

We provide the following options:

Regional Workshops:

Our regional workshop programme in Kent and the South East is the most cost-effective way to learn this practice:

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Upcoming Workshops

Learn at home - Skype courses:

If you are not able to make any of our regional workshops, due to distance, health or other reasons, we are pleased to be able to provide you with the possibility to learn this life-changing practice from the comfort of your own home.

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Private Workshops for familes, individuals or groups:

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