Practitioner and Operations Manager

Daniel learned the TRE from Caroline as one of her early clients and became fascinated by the effects that it was having on him as he started to bounce back from financial and marital despair.

Having worked closely with Caroline over the past four years he studied to complete the TRE UK® Practioner Course.  Daniel has shown natural ability in guiding and supporting clients through the process of learning the TRE.

Daniel understands that we are all just living under stress in everyday work and life.  Stress continues to build up as life challenges continue unless we learn to release the negative energy that accumulates.  Daniel feels that learning how to do something so fundamental and simple which has such amazing effects is perhaps more important to our lives than learning to ride a bike.

Daniel has joined our team and is passionate to help others bounce back and release that negative energy so that they can enjoy life the way it should be.  He brings sensitivity, knowledge, empathy, and compassion to his work.  Thanks to his own regular practice of the TRE Daniel says he feels great, alive, full of energy, confidence and enjoys life, adventures and the challenges it gives him.  He shares the TRE with his clients both in Germany and the UK.