Support Partners

Please see below our support partners. We are grateful to them for the support in sharing and caring.

We are delighted to be supporting the YPCS Charity and working in partnership with the YPCS in Yaxley for the young people of Peterborough. Staff and their young people connect with the programme supporting well-being for all and enhancing the impact of counseling services they provide.

  • “I’ve been coaching since 2001. I specialise in training and coaching emotional intelligence skills. What I have come to realise is that the Total Release Experience® is special. Emotions are undervalued and poorly understood and no more so than their physicality.

    No matter how much cognitive, speaking work we do to perform better or resolve issues, the TRE UK programme lets us calm our bodies as powerful and necessary. It works so well as a powerful adjunct to therapy and coaching; I use it myself regularly and strongly recommend it to clients. My body now tells me when I need to shake out stress. To be able to tap into this natural mechanism is quite remarkable, and a gift TRE UK® can share with you”.

    Philip Gimmack , CEO EQworks