• The Story Begins

    I was introduced to the lovely inspiring Ania Jeffries by Daniel working on one of our business projects. I read her email on what she was planning - and has been for two years. An Expedition/Challenge for 14 entrepreneurial women to take their skills to Malawi for 10 days and work with the women and children of Malawi. I picked up the phone to speak with her and it was one of those moments when you know you have made a real connection with someone. All we stood for was parallel.  We were so on the same page. 

    Ania inspired me straight away and was aware of the work we were doing at TRE UK.   She suggested I  think about it but let her no asap.  With only 4 weeks to go I didn't think there was any time.  It was for me already decided.  A chance to share with like minded women who 'get things done'  I was in.......

  • Fundraising

    I soon realised there was quite an expense to this Volunteer Expedition so taking a lead from another of the participants I started something I have never done before - set up a Fundraising Page.

    I am not one to ask but time to put those inhibitions to one side and ask.I was just blown away by how quick people responded. Friends , family, my yoga students past and present and TRE UK®clients. My target is £3,000 - thanks to beautiful people I have raised half of it. Of course there is still time if you feel you would like to support me on this Expedition. 

    What has been encouraging is the wonderful comments shared:

    • I believe in the practice of the TRE for healing and change and wish to support spreading it to others far and wide and to support others who have the passion to do just that.
    • Go Caroline! Your work is life enhancing and miraculous.
    • So inspiring to hear you supporting so many women, and prisoners good on ya!
    • A great cause, they'll benefit from your knowledge as I have :)
    • I have benefited greatly from the TRE so want you to help other people. Good luck

  • First things First

    So I am committed. Flight is booked, jabs organised - going to hurt the bank more than the arm! What is next?  Well day to day life took a bit of a hold.  Workshops all ready in the diary and planned.  I love delivering the Workshops.  They are something super special.  With only one weekend before the off I have two Workshops to deliver - Wiltshire and Somerset.

    I have also been invited to speak again at the Swindon Trauma Conference. Always an honour. Yoga classes keep me busy too.  Just love the life I live and giving hope to those who have none and making those who think they feel great something that makes them feel even better!  In between all that of course the excitement is mounting.  I keep looking at  Malawi on the map and reading all the great info material that comes through.  Lots of lists, checks and things to sort.  But that is all part of the excitement  -  the preparation.

  • Meeting the Team

    Last Tuesday I was well excited, after teaching my fabulous Tuesday morning class yoga, I went back to the office, dealt with the essentials and then prepared to go to London to meet Ania and the team of lovely women I will be going to Malawi with.

    Though I had plenty of time and indeed I should have had, but having been given the wrong directions to get to Bond Street, I managed to try find my way using google maps. the situation seemed to get worse as it appeared I was moving further away from my destination! Gave in a caught a taxi.  Seems i was miles away.  When I eventually arrived my first thought was 'please don't leave me up Mount Mulanji on my own, yo will still be looking for me a week later' !!

    It was a fabulous evening meeting everyone.  The energy was high.  We all got our T Shirts and Jasmina Paul of Wellness TV interviewed us all.  A long night but feel so happy to be taking TRE to Malawi and sharing what I do as well as learning about all the abundant skills of everyone else. 

  • Three sleeps now!

    Becoming reality now as I snatch five to update here. I guess for all of us going we are in the same boat, doing our work and preparing this amazing expedition ahead of us. Last Thursday was delighted that Mandy Winters invited me to highlight the trip on White Cliffs radio.  I know the other ladies have been recording on Kent and Sussex radio. We are all spreading the word and sharing.  Thank you all so much for you giving.

    It is going to be a step into a surreal world for sure, but I go to give what I can and also to learn.  That of course is something we never stop doing.  Still not packed but mostly all laid out.  as I finish each class this week it is feeling real as I know I will not see them for a week or two.  It is wonderful to have so much support and kindness around.  I hope to send some Blogs and Vlogs back to UK to keep an update of the Adventure.

  • Big Count Down

    Just one sleep and then tomorrow we leave. Just decided to review my what I thought was modest packing! My reflections on where I am going is that if the women out there have little then I should go with little.  So a complete review.  If I am going to learn about the real world the women of Malawi  live in then best to get as close to it as I can.  

    Actually that feels good.  I will have enough to get by and to cover my outside and my TRE to keep me good and resilient on the inside.  I am looking forward to sharing my unique TRE programme so women and children can keep it for their future. healing themselves and building resilience. 

    I am looking forward to understanding their way of life and how they work and play.  I think there is going to be a lot of listening and reflection.