Our Impact on the Lives of others with BIGI

Our impact on the lives of others with BIGI came about a year ago. We were so moved by the Presentation and work being done to support others globally, by Paul Dunn at a conference in Manchester.  We found it a worthy cause to support. With the giving that Caroline is already doing in Malawi, this is another way to further give to others in the Country and more Globally too.

We give to impact lives. For every client that comes to us, we donate to provide water.  Now that we are offering online courses, that will remain the same.  We shall be adding to the fund next week.  Giving is good for the soul and giving to those who have so little brings joy.  Malawi will always stay dear to my heart, and one day I shall return.

BIGI is an amazing way for any business to connect with the world and its broad range of options.  It is not difficult to give to others and impact their lives than in any other way that would not be possible.

Isn’t it a thing too that water – something we take for granted yet is so scarce to others in challenged countries.  Having been to Malawi, I know too well as I was privileged to have an overnight stay with a family.  It was not difficult to see just how scarce it is.  Water has to go a long way; cooking water gets recycled, and so does the water after washing the dishes.  Nothing is ever wasted.

We are delighted to know that the more clients we work with, the more we can support our favourite cause and do something for the good of those who need it the most. Water is a real basic need.