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Below we offer various options for you and your loved ones to learn together and support each other on your healing journey.

We also have our pack of 31 Daily Well-Being Activity Cards – Fun for one or all the family.

You can also order Carolines Book – “Feel It To Heal It” – now a No 1 Bestseller

Our Course and Product Options

For Individuals or Family Groups

Courses for Individuals

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Start now and release to improve your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  Discover your own innate ability to heal yourself as you find physical, mental, and emotional balance.


We have two-course options for you.  All come with our full support to ensure you get the best from your learning.  We want you to have a tool for life and a life tool by feeling comfortable and confident.


Self-Directed Online Course

£ 395

 Practitioner-led Online Course


Courses for Couples

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Healing together with your partner, friend, child, or colleague has a far greater impact as you discover your power together. Learning and practicing together boosts the healing process.

This offer includes programme access for two and one management access for convenience.

Plus options to purchase the course with BUCKET Love cards pack and “Feel it to Heal it” book by Caroline Purvey.

Fully automated course

for couples

£ 677  Saving £130

Courses for Family Groups of 4

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Healing together with your family, friends, or colleagues.   As you heal yourself, you understand the programme and support each other as you go on the journey together.

Hugely beneficial for Parents – This is probably the most powerful parenting tool for leading your children to more than cope with stress.

Our offer includes access for four individuals and a management link for convenience.

Plus, you will see the option to purchase with a pack of BUCKET Love cards and a copy of the ‘Feel It To Heal It’ book by Caroline Purvey.

Fully automated course – for groups of 4 

£ 1,185 Saving £395


Courses for Groups of 5 or more

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Family groups can be any combination, whether all living together or apart.  Whether you all live in different parts of the world, learn to release together, so you all benefit.

Inner peace, happiness, energy, and focus can be enjoyed by you all as you discover physical, mental, and emotional balance once more.

Fully automated course – for groups of 5  

£ 1,778 Saving £197



Feel It to Heal It

by Caroline Purvey

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Discover the amazing impact of the Total Release Experience® programme on our lives and those who joined us in taking control.

With over 15 years of team experience in sharing, motivating, living, and inspiring, this book starts with Caroline’s journey. It is a source of inspirational stories of individuals who have broken free and discovered the power of their own ability to heal.

Plus packaging and postage

£ 14.99


Delightful Pack of 31 Daily Activity

Well-Being Cards

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Beautifully illustrated, these unique 31 well-being activity cards motivate and support to build new habits.

Fun for one or all the family and a great way to introduce Bucket Love’s concept to children.
Perfect classroom resource from primary to secondary too.

Including postage in the UK

£ 14.99

Bulk purchase options available

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