You Are in the Right Place!

You have the Natural Ability to To Heal Yourself from the Effects of Stress from Life and Work on your Physical and Mental Health.

The Total Release Experience® is a to the point effective course that empowers You to Start Healing Yourself.

If you live in or around Dover we have regular workshops and courses so that you can learn everything you in a short space of time.

need to know that Our courses and sessions in Dover, Kent are an opportunity for you to learn how to release symptoms from your stress, anxiety, trauma, and the tension trapped in your body.

Common Benefits of learning the Total Release Experience® mean

You will:

  • Be empowered with simple and easy to learn Home-Practice.

  • Feel Comfortable and Confident to Heal Yourself from past Stress & Trauma.

  • Notice fast changes and improvements in your mental and physical health.

  • Be on your way to gaining a far greater emotional stability.

  • Benefit from greater clarity of mind, peace and calm and gain a new excitement about your future.

  • And much more!

On the Course and Workshops you will gain:

  • Easy to learn & Do Home-Practice to Recover from past Stress & Trauma.
  • Full Support and Guidance from UK's most Experienced Expert.
  • Confidence and Comfort in a Natural, No-Talking, No-Touching Practice.
  • All You Need to Know Education and Take-Away Resources.
  • FREE Continuous Support.

How To Learn to Heal Yourself in Dover

Learn in a Day Workshops


If you are ready to take just 5 hours out to gain all you need to know in a day and/or You have to travel - The Compact to the Point Workshop is ideal for You!

On this one day Workshop - You will Gain:

  • all you need to know in a full power-point presentation.
  • confidence and comfort to practice at home with 2 guided sessions.
  • a full set of takeaway information and guides for a lifetime practice.
  • and some Snacks and Refreshments.
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3 Session Courses:


Over 3 group or private (75 minutes) sessions, you will build understanding, confidence, and comfort with your ability to Heal Yourself.

On the 3 session Course - You will Gain:

  • all you need to know via a series of emails and short video presentations.
  • confidence and comfort to practice at home with 3 guided sessions over 3 weeks.
  • a full set of takeaway information and guides for a lifetime practice.
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Private Workshops or 3 Session Courses

Learning together as a family in a group of friends or colleagues is a powerful platform to bond and support each other in the self-healing process.

As a private workshop or 3 session course, you will learn everything you need to know together or as an individual.

We adapt our message to your situation and challenges so that you can enjoy an even greater appreciation of the power of the Practice.


Private Workshops and Courses

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