Sam’s Story


Caroline Purvey – TRE UK®


This story is of a man and his wife

Who were having trouble with their life.

Sam was full of anger and hate

No one dare cross his garden gate


Susie was sad for she had not a clue

How to help Sam and what she could do

She wanted him to be happy and free

But he smoked and drank, an addict was he


They had twin boys Joe and Billy

One always sad the other quite silly

They used to hide when their dad was near

For his moods would have them tremble with fear.


‘Enough was enough,’ Sam realised one day

‘I must find an answer and pave a way

To sort my problems and find the real me

To be a good dad for my family


He took medication to help him sleep

Which didn’t work at all, for his problems ran deep.

He had untold therapies and talked of his past

But as time went by, the impact didn’t last


One day Susie said to Sam, ‘I’ve discovered TRE UK

If you do their online Course, this will be the way.

That you can heal and release your stress

For holding it in is why you’re a mess


Sam took the step and began to release

Healing his past, he was now finding peace.

His problems, you see, came from his dad

Whose own troubled past made him so bad.


A cruel man he was, and Sam despaired

When he realised how little his parents cared.

But he also got that it wasn’t their fault

Like him, it was also what they were taught


He discovered something about you and me

We all fill our Buckets with History

The challenges of life get stored inside

Tension builds, and good health is denied


Sam was so happy, quite a new man indeed

Susie Released too as Sam sowed a seed

He was now a role model dad for sure

teaching his boys how to release on the floor.


Years passed by now Billy and Joe

Showed their children too, and now they all know

The gift they have inside is pure magic and brilliance

All free of their past with much-needed resilience.


Just like Sam and his whole family

You all can learn to set yourself free.`

Discover and shine your diamond inside

Then help spread a message to reach worldwide


We need to set our children free

Like those learning with team Malawi

Their life will not be lived in the past

As they now have a tool, that forever will last



Being a stress bucket serves no one at all

It is love children need from birth and through school

Let us band together for a health revolution?

The Total Release is the ultimate solution.