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'I absolutely loved this book. It’s the second time I’ve read/listened to it in 2 weeks. I only discovered Caroline 2 weeks ago after searching for 4 years and spending an absolute fortune before trying to get answers. You CAN heal from your trauma. You truly can. Not just one big trauma but lots of life’s little traumas, stresses and anxieties which are stored in the body. The body remembers all. There are lots of healing books out there but you will truly find none like this one. Trust me. I’ve been there. Everyone should read this book. It’s a Must-have for healing. Your search will be over! All Doctors should know about this!' Val

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I was delighted to have been introduced to Elliott Frisby and Monkeynut Audio Books  by my Publisher Brenda Dempsey at Book Brilliance Publishing.  Having never listened to an Audiobook myself, I had never thought about the benefits.  Now I am converted.

From our first conversation I had no doubt at all about the professional service, I would be getting.  From start to finish I could not be more pleased with the seamless production.  I was especially impressed by the narrator he selected - Angus King, a perfect choice.