3 Session Guided Course

  Total Release Experience®

5 Step Programme.

Simply Transformational!

The Total Release Experience® 3 session course focusses on you gaining confidence and trust in the profound changes in your well-being as you recover from the effects of your past by letting go.

At the start as your body starts to release you will notice profound changes. Our 3 session courses support you in building confidence and trust with this new, perhaps strange but extremely effective process in improving your health and well-being.

On the 3 Session Course - You will receive:

  • Supported guidance over the 3 self-healing sessions by one of our TRE UK® qualified practitioners.

  • Online video programme that ensures you have a strong understanding of your body's natural ability to heal itself and how you can use the practice to heal yourself and you can build resilience for Your future.

  • All the necessary resources to support and guide you in your home practice.

  • Ongoing support afterward if and when required.


On completion of the course you will:

  • Have a clear understanding of the practice including physiology and anatomy.

  • Be able to manage your own practice.

  • Be confident and excited to continue your home practice.

  • Our Course Programme:

3 Session Guided Courses:

  • Full video presentation.
  • Trained expert tuition.
  • 3 practical guided sessions.
  • Resources for personal practice.
  • Free Ongoing support.
Your Options and Prices
  • Group Course: £ 125.00
  • 1-1 Course: £ 210.00
    (plus travel and venue expenses )
  • Online Course: £ 210.00

Regular Releasers

For those that have completed a TRE UK workshop or 3 Session-Course, we offer "Regular Releaser" sessions.

These sessions are offered to:

  • Build regularity of practice.
  • Enjoy group healing.
  • Gain experienced support during the process.
Details for Kent Regular Releasers

Our Course Aims:

We are passionate about sharing this practice with you as we have seen the changes and the difference it has had not just on our own lives but those of others.

We want you to know how to free yourself from the effects of your past stress and traumas and build resilience against what is yet to come. This natural ability to release all those debilitating symptoms from stress and anxiety is innate in us all. We just need to rediscover the power within.

The TRE UK® Course programme focuses on ensuring you get clear tuition and leave feeling comfortable and confident to continue.

Our 3 Session Course can change your life.


We love to keep this accessible so all can learn and understand the practice. Our message and programme are designed to ensure that you are ready to move forward with it in your own time and space.


Our 5 Step programme is a ‘no talking’ physical practice. It does not require any complicated or strenuous activity. The practice can be adapted to all whatever your physical limitations might be.


Once leaned you will discover that this is something you will have for the rest of your life. We provide you with the resources and support to continue at home.


You will receive all the information you need to feel comfortable enough to trust the process. In our three-part presentation and support materials.


So many inspirational people have learned with TRE UK® and shared their amazing stories. Be inspired by their journey as you think about starting out on yours.


This practice does not take long to do. Our programme is compact and to the point therefore saving you time if life is busy. It is also the right thing to do now that we are all encouraged to look to self-care instead of the health care thereby reducing our dependency on health systems.

Who Benefits:

For those with Mental Health Issues

If you are suffering from Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks or Suicidal thoughts. You will derive great benefit from learning this practice.

Service individuals

Facing the dangers and trauma of others can seriously affect your own health and well-being. By adopting this practice, you enhance your ability to save and protect lives but reducing the risk of the trauma of others ruining yours.


Want to feel Even better?

You may say I am doing good, I am fine. That is great.  With this practice, you can feel even better.  Once learnt you will notice that your body operates and functions in a way that you haven’t felt before.  You gain more energy, more confidence and creativity than you have already.  Build a resilience to stay on top of your game.

For those with stress-related illnesses and physical pain.

A very common benefit of this practice is the great relief from tension and pain including IBS, back, hips, neck, shoulders and fibromyalgia. Improvements are experienced very quickly and sustainably


This practice is the most powerful practical thing that you can share with your children and grandchildren. It is a life-tool and a tool for life that will strengthen you and all your family in moving on from the past and building resilience for the future.


Shine to your brightest

If you are on a path of following your dreams in making a great contribution to the world around you and look to make a difference for others as we do, then this is a great tool for your backpack.  This practice will keep you on track when the journey becomes challenging and it will enhance your ability to tap into your natural abilities to excel in your achievements.  Shine to your brightest.



A great passion of ours is to support those that have put their lives at risk for all our freedom and safety. Whether before, during or after training or service the practice is of profound benefit. As Tom said ‘ we didn’t go into battle to end up fighting our own’.     Release to bring physical, mental and emotional balance.




Dealing with Work/Life Stress

Facing life and work pressures is an everyday occurrence and sometimes unavoidable. However, the coping mechanisms often lead to other problems Many find themselves, drinking, smoking or eating more to get by. Short-term relief building longer term problems.  This practice becomes a powerful tool to heal yourself from past stress and build resilience against future stress.  Enabling you to cope well with work and enjoy your free time much, much more!

What you Learn On Our Courses.

  • You will discover your ability to heal yourself.

  • You will have a strong understanding of this simple, natural, practical and repeatable practice.

  • You will be equipped with resources and support to carry on the practice for the rest of your life if you choose.

  • You will be motivated and inspired to build this into your regular routine.

  • You will have experienced support and guidance to help you get comfortable and confident with this process.

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