Why Take Care of Yourself Before Taking Care of Others?

Take Care of Others By Taking Care of Yourself

Society would have us believe that putting ourselves first is selfish. This is a misconception. Many sources advise us to love ourselves — If you cannot do that, you won’t be any good to take care of others. And the way to start loving yourselves is by taking care of your mental health.

Mental health issues, like physical illnesses, can be dealt with if caught in the early stages. Prevention is even better. That’s why TRE UK®   has outlined some things that, until ready for The Total Release Experience share some things you can do to preserve and improve your mental health.

Paying Attention to Your Emotional State

 One of the major reasons many people struggle with mental health issues is that they are not always aware of their emotional state. Many are so used to feeling pressured, stressed, and upset that they either do not know how to feel differently, or resort to alcohol, drugs, and entertainment to dull the pain.

A better way is to start actively appreciating the positive aspects of your life. The more you focus on these, the less likely you become to fall into places of anger, despair, and depression.  You may never escape such feelings completely.  But by practising appreciation regularly, you’ll eventually find yourself experiencing negative emotions less and for shorter periods.

Going along with that, there are things you can do to facilitate more positivity in the home. First, try to reduce as much physical clutter as possible, since that can adversely impact you. Next, work on reducing mental clutter as well – that is, try to stop being so critical of yourself and others and just embrace each moment for what it is.

Learn to Say No

 Another reason you become stressed out is the idea that you must please others. Being a constant people-pleaser can lead to resentment. Do you feel good about helping someone out or doing a favour? Then do it. Otherwise, Psychology Today suggests just saying no.

Turn Off the News

 Be careful of what you feed your mind. News media outlets make billions by selling fear and outrage — much of it is exaggerated, if not completely false. There are many positive and uplifting stories out there, and despite prophecies of gloom and doom, things today are substantially better than they were even 50 years ago.

Reach Out

 Once you are on an even keel emotionally, consider finding a need in your community and starting a non-profit to address it. Although forming a non-profit is complicated, it offers several advantages. For one thing, it makes it much easier to obtain grants and public funding.

Keep in mind that any corporation, profit or not, requires bylaws covering the organization’s operations, governance, board meetings, elections, and conflicts of interest.

What Else to Do

 Medical science acknowledges the connection between mind and body. Your brain is an organ, just like your heart and stomach, and requires the same nutrients. Avoid refined sugars and carbs, drink in moderation, and eat vegetables. MedicalNewsToday points out that there are many foods and supplements that promote brain health.

Nature is also a great stress reliever. Even a short time spent in the woods can lower blood pressure and promote relaxation. If this is not an option, go to a park or green space for a while.

Pet love

You may also find relief in adopting a companion animal. Dogs especially are non-judgmental and love unconditionally. You may even be able to have a pet designated as a therapy animal.

The key to better mental health is to put yourself first. When you feel yourself falling into a dark place, take healthy steps immediately to feel better. As with anything else, the more you pay attention to your emotional state, the more you will feel consistently better.

Always remind yourself that if you want to take care of others,  take care of yourself first.

At  TRE UK®  we pride ourselves on the continuous change our unique programme The Total Release Experience®  gives our clients as they transform their lives, and we make discoveries about the body’s ability to heal itself. If you have any questions, please let us know!


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