Manage Your Stress To Avoid The Queues.

Jun 18, 2022

Patients waiting in NHS queus are put at risk

“NHS nurse shortages a risk to safety”, says the Royal College of Nursing

The NHS is struggling to cope with record demand, with social care services stretched to the limit and patients’ safety is at risk. RCN general secretary Pat Cullen said patients went without the care they needed because of the NHS’s problems. So with one in ten nursing positions left unfilled, where does that leave you, the patient?

         Patients’ in pain and distress’ are forced to postpone treatment as NHS six-month waits hit a new record.

When the NHS started with much excitement in 1948, expectations were naturally high. It was the first time anywhere in the world that free health care was made available, bringing hospitals, doctors, nurses and dentists together under one service. However, as the decades have passed, chronic understaffing, a growing population, poor retention and insufficient funding, not to mention the recent pandemic, have taken a toll on the services it can provide.

Unable to turn to the NHS for the support we have always relied on, whether it be physical, mental or emotional health and well-being, what next for us?

 “For the first time – literally – substantial, rapidly growing numbers of people have choices. For the first time, they will have to manage themselves. And society is totally unprepared for it.’ PETER DRUKER

Peter Druker, one of the most influential and widely-known management thinkers, identified society’s shift to a knowledge society. Knowledge continues to assume greater importance than ever before – and with the NHS and other healthcare providers stretched beyond capacity, what better time than for society to take the lead on their health care.

     “Self-care is the new health care.”

Taking responsibility for our health is an achievable, substantive action. Patients who self-care have been shown to have an increased quality of life, with improved clinical outcomes and fewer emergency visits. In addition, self-care creates better physical, mental and emotional well-being – even small acts of daily self-care can have a considerable impact.

    “Research suggests self-care promotes positive health outcomes including becoming better equipped to manage stress.”

When you have chronic pain, it’s never far from your mind. Not being able to do some of the activities you want to do creates additional stress – feelings of anger, frustration, and in some cases, anxiety and depression. This suffering will only add to the pain, and the circle of misery continues.

  “Stress causes your muscles to tense or spasm, which increases pain. When you feel stressed, levels of the hormone cortisol rise. This can cause inflammation and more pain over time.”

 So, what are your options rather than adding to the already over-stretched budget and waiting times of the NHS to solve your pain? Expensive treatment? Self-medication? Talking to strangers? Or what if there was another option. One that put you firmly in control, with no need to talk, take medication or face a long queue time.?

   “The less stress you feel, the better your brain will be able to interpret pain signals from your body and help heal it. Unfortunately, a stressed brain can’t filter those signals properly and may perceive a higher pain level than is present.”

 Investing in a Total Release Experience (TRE®) course will give you a stress-release tool that you can use for the rest of your life. Cost-effective, with results you will notice straight away, The Total Release Experience® will break the negative spiral and allow you to heal from the inside out.

‘It is rare in medicine to come across something potentially so cost-effective that it is safe and teaches the patient to be self-reliant. It was also refreshing to see a local Pain Consultant recommending it as it ‘fits very well with our bio-psycho-social model of pain management.’ In trials, Caroline has seen many times over in her clients with fibromyalgia, PTSD, and anxiety, for example. I hope this will convince others to offer this as part of their treatment package. The future looks very exciting!’ Dr Alison Graham, GP

What is the Total Release Experience®?

Our programme is an innovative process to assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma. You learn to safely activate a natural reflex mechanism to release muscular tension, calming down your nervous system. You will learn how to release through our 5-step online course without talking, medication or touching. With our expert education and guidance, you can start the process of healing on every level and discover physical, mental and emotional balance. You discover FREEDOM.

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