Alcohol  – Why is it a Choice Solution for Mental Health?

 Coping with stress and trauma is challenging at the best of times.  Indeed, it is a part of life. Unfortunately, many worldwide have had more than their fair share, of traumas.  They can go back to birth.  Children manage to suppress their feelings and emotions for years. But there comes a point start to notice physical, mental and emotional problems in their adult life.  Why is this?  Because for years, the tensions from those early years are trapped in the body.  When that child grows up and starts to feel the pressure of coping with something that isn’t really making sense, then seeking a solution to mask their feelings, alcohol is the first call for many.

Is it any wonder that during the lockdown, 1 in 3 adults alcohol consumption increased.

 Prince Harry “Heavy Drinking Masked Pain of Trauma”…The Coping Mechanism we should all Avoid

 It’s a well-known fact to most of us that drinking can mask a range of emotions – allowing us to forget the present in a cocktail induced, gin coloured haze of blissful ignorance or attempting to bury our past trauma under a pile of empty (or rather emptied) beer bottles. So perhaps the latest announcement from Prince Harry that heavy drinking masked the pain of grief from losing his mum should not come as a complete surprise. What is perhaps more compelling and indeed thought-provoking is his open acceptance and awareness of what has previously been considered one of our society’s taboos, grief.

Although seven out of ten British adults have suffered at least one bereavement in the last five years, the impact of death and trauma are still largely hidden. Grief manifests itself and pervades us at every secret opportunity – finding our weak spot and taking root of our emotional core. Grief takes no prisoners and plunges even the most emotionally balanced individuals into unchartered and unwelcome waters. We try, as human beings, to find a coping mechanism that will see us through the challenges of our daily life. All too often, alcohol presents itself as our knight in shining armour – dulling the pain, taking the edge, blurring the memories. It comes at a price – and alcohol happily sets a high stake.

In exchange for the fleeting moments of forgetfulness comes periods of shame, guilt and anxiety – with alcohol on hand to help forget those feelings of pain too. And so the cycle begins. For some, the realisation that alcohol is fast becoming the problem and the cure arrives too late. For others, like Prince Harry, the self-awareness and ability to seek help for hidden and buried traumas will be their saving.

 “I was willing to try and do the things that made me feel less like I was feeling” – Prince Harry, May 2021

Coping mechanisms can come in many guises, positive and negative, consciously and subconsciously working their way into your inner self, helping you deal with whatever life challenge you find tough. Alcohol finds its place, nestled in amongst the various pain-relieving, memory blocking, somewhat addictive solutions you could choose from. It builds the negativity without you even realising it – numbing your emotions and affecting your decision making. Somewhere amongst the choices, jostling for the front place, is the mechanism that will help you with real, rather than perceived, benefits.

In the case of Prince Harry, perhaps the very opportunity of being able to release his trauma by sharing has helped. In many other cases, it may not even take words to release the pain and help you move on with your life. For example, The Total Release Experience® releases the trauma energy trapped inside the body, helping you make healing changes and find freedom from physical, mental and emotional pain. Perhaps you feel you will never recover from the trauma – releasing your body’s tension and anxiety can help you with that recovery whilst bringing a sense of hope. It helps remove the temptation of the all too familiar, often reached for solution in a bottle – alcohol – whilst you discover that your body can heal itself with profound results.

“Just because you suffered doesn’t mean that your kids have to suffer, in fact, quite the opposite” Prince Harry, May 2021

Children and mental health

 Perhaps the most poignant part of Prince Harry’s latest omission is the impact that trapped trauma can have upon the next generation. Left untouched and undealt with, relying only upon a negative coping mechanism like alcohol, trauma will leave all those it touches with the same feelings of negativity and confusion. Taking a positive stance and making a change benefits not only you but your children or future children to come. Releasing the trauma and turning your life around in a professional, supported environment will benefit future generations.

 How The Total Release Experience® helps you remove the mask!

 If you find yourself relating to the Prince Harry statement and want to stop using alcohol as your coping mechanism, or if you want to gain control over your past stress or trauma and heal from anxiety, then the simple, practical and empowering 5 Step programme, The Total Release Experience® can help you achieve just that. When the cause is removed, the need for an addictive substance goes with it. Put more than just the empty bottles in the bin this weekend. Learn something that your body knows but your mind has forgotten.