The Total Release Experience®: Helping Teens Recover from Anxiety

Jun 2, 2019

Don’t let you road ahead be long and hard.

Most all of us experience anxiety and stress brought on by everyday life. From the pressure to receive high marks in school to feelings of insufficiency, there are seemingly endless amounts of situations where anxiety may lurk just behind the corner- especially for teens.

In fact, in Kent alone there are 14,000 teenagers suffering from some form of anxiety or depression. As one can imagine, this can sometimes mean difficulty adhering to the needs of every child. All too often, someone falls through the cracks- receiving inadequate help or little help at all.


The More “Traditional” Approach Isn’t Always Best

When seeking the resources needed to combat their anxiety or depression, many teens will be prescribed medications that they’re told will alleviate their woes.  Commonly, these medications aren’t fully warranted and prove to be unhelpful overall.  Worse still, some of these medications may even worsen a teen’s anxieties and feelings of depression.  Sometimes these prescriptions can even lead to addictions that are hard to break.

We believe that with the Total Release Experience®, teens can feel the weight of the world start to rise from their shoulders. By engaging in the Total Release Experience®  and implementing its useful techniques into your day to day life, you can identify and release tensions before they build to a much larger problem.

The TRE Helps Young People Take Their Lives Back

Anxiety and depression needn’t deter young people from the bright futures that lie ahead of them. It isn’t easy being a teen and when anxiety, depression, and stress grab hold of you, it can feel like the grasp will never loosen.

The TRE will allow teens to take their lives back into their own hands. While we’ll give you the tools to fight back against the worries ailing you, the Total Release Experience® is a self-help practice.  So how does the TRE work and how can you, as a teen, benefit?

The Total Release Experience® is a “no-talking” technique which is a welcome change to many teens.  This no-talking technique means that they will be free from the expectations to recall uncomfortable events or to relive the situations they’ve put so much effort into avoiding. Instead, the TRE teaches teens a very simple 5 Step programme.  A physical practice that becomes a life tool and a tool for life.

The programme is adapted to the unique, specific physical abilities of each young person. Inducing a natural response to release the tensions that have been stored since birth.  Upon gaining control over this response, we are effectively combating one of the largest contributors to anxiety.  The participant can then release this tension at a gradual, effective pace and, in turn, alleviate symptoms of stress and tension within the body.  It becomes a life tool and a tool for life.

How the Total Release Experience Can Benefit Teens

The Total Release Experience® for teens has already been introduced to young people within the UK with overwhelmingly positive results.  Whether experiencing the stress of studies and exams or difficulty with interpersonal relationships, coping with Boarding or bullying those who have already learned the Total Release Experience® have reported positive results.

Once learning and utilizing the techniques introduced in the Total Release Experience® programme, you’ll be on the way to healing both the mind and the body.  Finally, you will be able to regain control over your stresses and anxieties.  Gain the many benefits that help you move forward and build resilience for the future for we never know what life has in store.  Working with TRE UK®, you will learn how to maintain well-being in your day to day life and your future.  They can attend any of our Workshops or why not book a Private Family/School Group Workshop and heal together.